Frigidaire affinity dryer reset [steps]

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If your usually dependable Frigidaire affinity dryer has started having all sorts of trouble and you really cannot tell what’s wrong with it, there’s one trick that often helps: Resetting it.

So below I will explain the Frigidaire affinity dryer reset procedure, if you want to try and reset the appliance (resetting these modern machines typically clears up myriad small bugs/errors that could be causing it to malfunction):

Frigidaire affinity dryer reset [instructions/steps]

Go through the following instructions if you want to have your Frigidaire affinity dryer reset as you attempt to diagnose why it’s acting up:


How to hard reset Frigidaire affinity dryer (resetting Frigidaire affinity dryer step by step)

You go about resetting your Frigidaire affinity dryer by cutting power to the unit…

So I suggest you do this: Either unplug it or just shut power off at your main home’s circuit breaker (for about 3-5 minutes).

You can even wait roughly 10 minutes (It is probably best to wait longer).

You then restore power to the dryer and attempt to start any cycle (Be sure to double-check that the dryer door is securely shut and then select a cycle).

Do the above and see if you will be lucky.

Bear in mind that most false error codes should clear out of the machine’s system once you do a hard reset.

Now, if flipping your household circuit breaker (to its off position)/ unplugging it for a few minutes did not resolve any issue, it is likely the issue cannot be fixed by performing a hard reset.

So you may want to try these basic troubleshooting tips..


Frigidaire affinity dryer – basic troubleshooting procedures you can try (for common drying/heating malfunctions)

Frigidaire gas dryer not heating issue

  • Check if gas supply valve is open.
  • Also, confirm the dryer has enough air supply(to support the burner flame)

Do not forget that an empty gas tank/utility interruption could be causing the problem.

Also, keep in mind that gas models must be connected to a 120V circuit.

Frigidaire affinity electric dryer not heating fault

First, verify that it’s connected to a 240V circuit.

Next, ensure dryer fuse is operational (if the circuit is blown, you might still see the dryer turn but there will be no heat)

Additional tips

Check the temp setting

It may be failing to heat/dry because you selected incorrect temp setting.

Check the load

It could be taking longer to dry because you have overloaded it so check load size.

It’s best to fill the dryer between 1/3 to 1/2(of its capacity). Besides, filling it as recommended reduces wrinkles in your clothes.

Check ventilation

If your dryer ventilation is restricted, then it might have heating/drying problems.

Check exhaust duct

Ensure it is not blocked/restricted in any way.

Also, your duct need to be 4 inches (in diameter), at least for optimal dryer performance.

Oh, and your duct should be made of rigid/semi-rigid metal.

Clean lint filter

Clean the lint filter(always) after every load.

Otherwise, it will be clogged with lint, leading to issues.


Final words

If resetting power did not correct whatever issue, you may have to reach out to a local servicer/repairman to help pinpoint the problem.

You can go to the service locator (on Frigidiare’s website) to find a qualified technician near you (if you do not have one in mind).

Of course, you can just contact Frigidiare’s customer service (call 1-800-374-4432) if the product is still under warranty.

Best of luck!


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