Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes [Fixed!]

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Is your Frigidaire affinity dryer showing an error code (and won’t work correctly)?

If yes, go through the following Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes (meaning and solutions) guide and see if you’ll be able to fix it.

Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes (meaning and fixes)

Before we start, it is good you understand that while you can easily fix some of the issues causing the error codes, some of them need complex repairs and you may need to connect to a professional repairman.

Here is a list of the most common Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes, what they likely mean, and how to fix each error code (fixes that work pretty often).

List of Frigidaire affinity dryer fault codes (how to read, meaning, and recommended fixes)

How to get error code on Frigidaire affinity dryer

how to get error code on frigidaire affinity dryer

Frigidaire affinity dryer error code E5B


E5B code indicates heater fault(there’s no heating). In other words, there’s no change in the Temperature reading of the control thermistor in a given amount of time


Position the cycle selector to “NORMAL”, the temp selector to “HIGH HEAT” and then touch START.

Next measure voltage across the terminals on relay RL2(heater-relay) on the electronic control.

If the meter reads 240-Volts on electric units and 120-Volts on gas models, go ahead and replace electronic control.

And if the meter reads zero, disconnect power from the dryer.

Next disconnect the wire going to the NO terminal (on the relay RL-2).

You then reconnect power and then measure the voltage drop between the terminal COM on relay RL_2 and neutral.

If the meter reads zero, the wire between the incoming line and the relay RL2 is likely open.

And if the meter reads 120V, troubleshoot other parts of heater circuit.


Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes e52

Meaning: E52 code is normally connected to main motor fault.  Remember the motor is what makes the dyer spin and heat-up.

Solution: The best repair is replacing the motor and the Frigidaire 131560100 dryer motor fits most Frigidaire affinity dryer models.


Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes e61

Frigidaire affinity dryer e61 meaning:

This dryer will show E61 error if there is heater relay failure.

This might occur due to a defect with the wiring (a wire could be shorted), the heater relay, or even the electronic control board.

Suggested fixes

First, see if resetting the dryer helps- simply disconnect its power (unplug the power cord) for between 5-10 minutes.

Probably all potential false fault codes will go after you do this.

If resetting does not work, you’ll need to check each of the above possible culprits one by one (and repair/replace).

What else to try for e61 error

E61 can also indicate a likely line voltage issue- you could have the L2 wire and the neutral either reversed/in the incorrect position.

The solution here is you confirm that voltage is accurate, first at the plug and then at the dryer and that you’re having 240-volts at the unit’s terminal block (on the backside of your dryer).


Frigidaire affinity dryer e63 code 

Meaning: This error code often pops up when the machine is overheating.

Solution: Check if the dryer vent is blocked and unblock it.


Frigidaire affinity dryer e64

Frigidaire affinity dryer error code e64 meaning:

Frigidaire affinity dryer error message e64 indicates a problem with its heating element.

And for the most part, the part is dead.

Suggested Solution:

The best fix is replacing the heating element (I recommend You go for a GENUINE Frigidaire Replacement heater).

Follow the easy installation instructions to fit this appliance part properly.


Frigidaire affinity dryer e65 error code

Frigidaire affinity dryer error code e65 meaning:

Error e65 most often comes up on the electronic control panel if airflow is restricted- and this occurs if the lint trap is clogged up with lint.

Suggested solution

Take out the unit’s lint trap together with its housing (first remove the screws holding it), clean out all lint inside and under it and see if this resolves the issue


Frigidaire affinity dryer Error code e66

E66 error code implies exhaust thermal limiter has tripped or that there could be a wiring failure(in that circuit).

That fuse is located on it’s outlet exhaust tube.

You can check  continuity of  thermal limiter fuse(using a volt/ohm meter). 


Frigidaire affinity dryer e68

Frigidaire affinity dryer error code e68 meaning:

If your Frigidaire affinity dryer has the E68 error code, there could be a problem with its control panel.

And in most cases, it is either a button is stuck or the entire control panel is inoperative.

Recommended solutions

If you suspect a keypad is stuck, try to carefully free the keypad.

To know the button at fault, go to function test mode then perform key(button) test- it will help you identify the problematic button.

 frigidaire affinity front load dryer error codes

Be sure to unplug the machine first.

In the event the error re-appears on restarting the dryer, consider replacing the whole electronic control.


E68 code could mean stuck switch.

This is why…

The plastic nylon-tipped fingers between outside button to the unit’s inside board switch can warp and stick the switch closed resulting in the stuck switch E68 error code.


Simply pull off the board off then take  the switch row out carefully.

You then easily bend the plastic back away -from the switch.

Return the control board and see if it works.


Frigidaire affinity dryer e4a error code

Frigidaire affinity dryer error code e4a meaning:

Error code “E4A” possibly indicates program timeout issue (max drying time for that cycle exceeded).

What to do

Check for all issues that can lengthen dry times.

These are:

  • No proper heat.
  • Restricted vent
  • Broken or loose blower fan blade
  • Bad installation- the dryer may be installed in closed(with solid door).
  • Bad connection in the moisture sensor’s bar circuit.


Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes ad

Meaning: “ad” means the dryer is running in auto dry cycle.


Frigidaire affinity dryer error code loc

Meaning: “loc” means the control lock has been activated (To avoid having anyone accidentally start/stop the

Solution: To deactivate the control lock, just press “Options” and “Select” buttons simultaneously…for like 10 seconds.


Frigidaire affinity dryer R11 code

Meaning: Electronic control board fault.

Solution: Try to reset the dryer control board by unplugging the unit for about 5 minutes. You then reconnect power and start a new cycle(any cycle).

Now, if the R11 code persists, replace the control board.


Error code E66

Meaning:  The heat sensor could have blown from overheating

Solution: Replace the heat sensor(with a fitting part)


Frigidaire affinity dryer error E02

Meaning:  E02 error is associated with thermistor failure

Solution: Replace the thermistor– it’s quite easy to access and replace


Frigidaire affinity dryer error E9E

Meaning: Error e9e could hint at a power supply issue.

Solution: check the power connections (in the back) and see if they’re all good (fix as necessary).


How to reset error code on Frigidaire affinity dryer

If your dryer is showing an error code, you can try to reset it- a hard reset typically clears false error codes.

To do this, either unplug your dryer or flip your home’s circuit breaker for five –ten minutes.

It could work once you reconnect power.

Quick Note: To cancel your current operation, just press the “Pause/Cancel” button twice.


Final Thoughts

If you cannot get the replacement part you require, check if your local parts seller has it.

If you are not lucky, visit–Parts/ – you will find a reliable distributor near you via the link.

And should you need further details/ assistance, just contact Frigidaire at 800-374-4432(Monday – Friday from 8:30am through 8pm EST)

You can alternatively email with your question.


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