How to clean lint from front load dryer [step by step]

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We look at how to clean lint from front load dryer in this guide

Lint is bad news for your dryer: First, once your dryer vent gets clogged with lint, you will start to notice that clothes are not getting dry quickly enough.

Secondly, lint accumulation can make your dryer overheat due to the restricted airflow, creating a potential fire hazard.

You may also be aware that your units will tend to wear and tear much faster because of lint buildup not to mention you’re likely to incur higher electric bills (since it has to overwork to dry your clothes)

In other words, it is very important that you occasionally remove lint from your dryer.

So below is how to remove lint from front load dryer depending on the model you have (I will explain how to do that in a top dryer in a subsequent article)


How to clean lint from front load dryer [step by step]

As I have mentioned, we shall look at how to clean lint from front load dryer (lint trap and the vent hose behind the dryer in some instances) for the most common front load dryer models.

We shall start with GE front load dryer:

How to clean lint from front load dryer GE – cleaning the lint filter

  1. Start by removing the lint filter by simply pulling it straight up.
  2. Next, run your fingers right across the filter- you might feel some waxy buildup.
  3. Do this to clean this lint buildup: Wash your lint screen in some warm, soapy water.
  4. Lastly, dry it thoroughly and replace.

Quick Tip: It’s best to vacuum the lint out of the lint filter if you have noticed your dryer performance worsening. The popular Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Vacuum Hose Attachment fits most front loading dryers and deep cleanses trapped lint everywhere including deep inside the dryer vent (it has a good reach).

How to clean lint from front load dryer GE

With the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Vacuum Hose Attachment, you will suck out every inch of lint.


How to clean lint from front load dryer Samsung

How to clean lint from front load dryer Samsung

Follow these steps to clean lint from your Samsung front load dryer:

  1. Turn off your dryer.
  2. Open the door then pull the lint filter out.

To clean from inside drum:

  • Open your lint filter- you open it by separating the filter at the top.
  • Now clear any balls of lint (you can just scrape it off by hand scraping then and then deep clean your lint filter itself with a good Dryer Lint Trap cleaner).
  • Close your lint filter then reinsert it into the dryer.
  • Close the dryer’s door.


How to clean lint from front load dryer LG (how to clean lint from LG front load dryer)


  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the door opening(wiping it out repeatedly will eliminate any dirt build-ups and foreign objects that can damage the door sealing.
  2. Clean out the glass door- it’s transparent so this will give you a better view through the glass.
  3. Now open the door then go ahead and pull the lint filter right out.
  4. Clean the filter by following any of these methods:
  • Run fingers across it, removing lint.
  • Vacuuming the lint filter.
  • Washing it in some warm, soapy water. You must dry it completely before replacing.

How to clean lint from front load dryer LG

How to clean lint from front load dryer Maytag

The lint screen here is in your Maytag front load dryer’s door opening and there are two styles you can follow to clean it depending on your exact model….

Method 1

  1. Pull lint screen right up and out.
  2. Next, press down the tab on front and then open the lint screen.
  3. Now roll accumulated lint off the lint screen using your fingers. Maytag does not recommend rinsing or washing the screen to get rid of lint since wet lint can be hard to remove.
  4. Replace the screen firmly into place

How do I clean the lint from my Maytag front load dryer?

Method 2

  1. Pull out the lint screen (you got to get it out of its holder).
  2. Again roll lint off your screen with the fingers.
  3. Replace the screen firmly into place

how to clean dryer vent

Important Notes:

If lint happens to fall off the screen and into the dryer as you try to remove it, check your unit’s exhaust hood and then remove the lint.

Be sure to clean the space/area where the lint screen is, as necessary. And you can again use a vacuum to gently suck out any lint that may have gathered outside of your lint screen.

Where is the lint screen on a Maytag dryer?

More tips on removing lint buildup from Maytag front load dryer

Lint Removal From Inside Dryer Cabinet

You should remove lint every 2 years (or more often) based on your usage of the dryer.

Lint Removal From Exhaust Vent

You should, once more, remove lint every 2 years (or more often) based on your usage of the dryer.

Further cleaning of lint (As-needed)

Consider cleaning the lint screen – a good nylon brush kit will suffice- every 6 months (or even more frequently, if you note it has become clogged from residue buildup).

To clean here:

  1. Roll lint off your screen -use your fingers.
  2. Wet both sides (of the lint screen) with hot water.
  3. Now wet your nylon brush (with hot water + your favorite liquid detergent).
  4. Scrub the lint screen -with the wet brush- to remove the residue buildup.
  5. Rinse the screen (with hot water).
  6. Thoroughly dry the lint screen -a clean dry towel should be enough.
  7. Reinstall the screen in your dryer


How to clean lint from Whirlpool front load dryer

Like with Maytag front load dryer, you will find the lint screen in the dryer door opening.

In fact, the steps of cleaning lint from Whirlpool front load dryer are pretty similar to the steps you use when cleaning lint from a Maytag front load dryer.

So just follow the procedure I have described under the how to clean lint from Maytag front load dryer section.

How to clean lint from Whirlpool front load dryer

How to clean lint from Kenmore front load dryer

So let us now look at How to clean lint from Kenmore front loading dryers:

  • Lift out the lint filter
  • Now hand-scrape lint from the previous load.

That’s it!


How to clean lint from Frigidaire front load dryer

When it comes to Frigidaire front load dryers, you will see the filter below the door opening(it is typically at the bottom).

And all you need is to remove the filter by pulling it straight up.

Once you have done that, use your fingers to roll off the lint.

Finally replace the filter.

Be sure to wash any waxy build-up on the lint filter or/and moisture sensing bars by washing them with some warm, soapy water too.

Dry the lint filter thoroughly before replacing.


How to clean lint from Bosch front load dryer


Pull out the lint filter and then remove the lint(using your fingers).

If you see any additional lint, try to wash the lint filter  under running water gently to remove it.

Now allow it to dry completely.

Re-insert the lint filter into your Bosch dryer


Cleaning exhaust duct in Models like GE front dryer

If you have a GE front dryer and you want clean lint, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off power – you do that by disconnecting its plug from wall socket.
  2. Next disconnect the exhaust duct from your dryer.
  3. Vacuum the duct- you’ll need the hose attachment like the one I had recommended earlier.
  4. Reconnect the duct.

For the exhaust hood, try to check using a mirror . You want to see if the inside flaps (of the hood) are moving freely when the dryer is operating.

Oh, and make sure that no wildlife (insects, birds, etc.) nests inside the duct/hood.


Important reminders

Do not run your dryer if you have noticed that the lint screen is damaged, blocked, loose, or missing as it can cause overheating, which may subsequently damage both your dryer and fabrics.

Also, stop using fabric softeners- It’s not only terrible for fabric but also gums up your dryer lint buildup even more.

Indeed, you can try using  wool dryer balls(you can even get scented ones) instead of dryer sheets- your clothes/towels/sheets etc will all still be super soft with wool dryer balls!

And you should additionally consider replacing the flexible tube leading from your dryer unit to the outside.


It is, many times, full of dryer lint and can start on fire easily.


Final words

When it comes to cleaning lint from your exhaust, you have a lot of options.

You can, for example, just take a vacuum (with lint cleaning vacuum attachment on it) and suck all lint out.

Other practical options include the Deflecto 12-Foot Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit(it can be used with/without a drill), a pressure washer, and even blowing a leaf blower (in it).

Otherwise, you can just go through your owners manual and see what it recommends.



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