York rake for lawn tractor – top 3 picks in 2024

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With the right attachments, you can put your lawn tractor to loads of other uses (other than mowing).

One such attachment/tool is the york rake….

Sometimes known as a landscape rake or rock rake, a york rake is generally best suited to tasks such as clearing up debris like rocks and roots, leveling grounds, spreading out base materials, and more often over large areas.

It features multiple curved tines that scrape through the surface to pull out any underlying debris, spread topsoil, grade and smooth, pulverize and mulch, etc. as it’s pulled behind your tractor.

Explore our favorite picks for the best york rake for lawn tractor below…

York rake for lawn tractor – the best 3 picks in the market

Here are the best landscape rakes for lawn tractors out there..

  1. Titan Attachments Landscape Rake – best for budget buyers
  2. Yard tuff landscape rake – best york rake with wheels and best 4 foot york rake.
  3. Kolpin 60 Inch Landscape Rake – easiest to put together

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Titan Attachments Landscape Rake (72 inches and 15.75-inch long tines) – best budget unit

tow behind york rake for sale

We love this 6-foot (72 inches) pull behind landscape rake – it works great, is very well made (it’s sturdy and built tough), and easy to hook-up to a 3-point hitch on the tractor.

Get this: This garden tractor landscape rake is the most impressive of the budget-priced models…

From the extra durable heat-treated tines-they’re about 1.75″ apart and very thick and strong- to the ability to swivel around 360-degrees (to allow for angled and reverse operations when necessary), this has some pretty spectacular features.

The tines won’t easily break – even if you have the misfortune of hitting huge stumps – and if they do or become bent, they are easy-peasy to remove and replace.

Our only gripe is the time it takes to assemble- It’s doable but to be honest, expect to waste some considerable time before you figure the directions out.

Other than that, this is So. Worth. It.


  • Works like a champ.
  • Solidly built.
  • Nice price.


  • It clearly needs better instructions.


Yard tuff landscape rake – best york rake with wheels (48-inch wide working path) – best 4 foot york rake

york rake with wheels

When a company like Yard Tuff invests huge sums into the development of an implement, you know it’s a game-changer.

Whether you’re into gravel driveway grading, seedbed preparation, the removal of roots, rocks, or other trash, or even pasture renovation, this pull type landscape rake is one of the best York rakes MachineLounge editors laid their eyes on.

The York Rake for garden tractor features 24, heat-treated tines that are exceptionally durable and reliable (they measure 5/16”-by-1”) and a handy turnbuckle adjustment so that you can easily set the perfect operating depth.

Plus, there is a pull rope to help you raise/lower the rake conveniently from your seat.

The raking angle is adjustable and it can swivel (simply remove the metal plate to have it swivel).

What’s more, the special design makes raking close to walls, fences, and other objects a walk in the park.

A pin hitch is included for quick attachment to your lawn tractor.


  • Easy height adjustment mechanism.
  • Super heavy duty unit.
  • Excellent maneuverability.


  • The 48” width may not be wide enough for larger properties.


Pro Tip: Because the standard pin-hitch attachments are sometimes extremely stressed when pulling ground-engaging tools like this York rake, consider investing in a suitable sleeve hitch attachment. You bolt it on-to the frame of your lawn tractor around the built-in pin hitch and it will help to shift the load on-to the chassis for the best results.


Kolpin 60 Inch Landscape Rake – easiest to put together

landscape rake for tractor

This landscape rake for tractor has a ton of uses- from clearing trails, grooming horse corrals, maintaining your gravel driveway, raking the beach, and more.

The five (5) position angling will help you get precisely customized results while the 21 extra-tough tines (1-5/16”) are quite stable/rigid besides having enough flexibility to allow you tackle both elevated spots and depressions without problems.

The construction is five star- it’s made of heavy-duty steel, which is black powder coated to prevent corrosion.

Assembly is quick and easy too.

This tow behind york rake is also fairly heavy (particularly after adding the 3-point hitch) so it won’t require repeat passes to get the job done.

Overall, for the price, the quality is good and it works well

Keep in mind that the three-point hitch attachment is sold separately.


  • Wonderful for leveling out materials and moving massive debris.
  • Attractive pricing.
  • Easy to put together.


  • Not ideal for cleaning up small items such as pine needles.



Choosing a York Rake for lawn tractor

Uses, hitch type, and the horsepower of your lawn tractor all affect your final york rake for lawn tractor choice.

  • Applications

Needless to say, york rakes are not built the same – some are heavier duty and excel at tougher jobs while others are designed to be pulled by smaller tractors meaning they fit lighter raking duties.

The total raking width may also be important, depending on your planned application.

  • Hitch type

The hitch type is especially important though most models can be adapted to work with a variety of york rake brands.

To be safe, be sure to read the specs before you take the leap.

  • Other considerations

A product built to last (for example, those constructed of heavy-duty steel) is certainly a plus as is a unit with more positions for angling (they let you easily customize the results).

Another thing you may want to consider when buying a landscape rake for lawn mower is caster wheels- they allow you to effortlessly regulate your working depth as well as “float” the rake.

Wrapping it up

You can use a pull behind york rake to accomplish countless site preparation tasks – and the good thing is that it gives you another opportunity to get more value out of your lawn tractor.

But don’t be too fast to settle on a choice- be careful to, at least, look at the required hitch type.

In addition, look for a unit that will be comfortably pulled by the your mower (have an idea about its horsepower ratings).


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