Dethatcher for lawn sweeper –best recommendations

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There are loads of ways to de-thatch a lawn that’s being choked to death by thatch.

You can, for example, hire a professional or power rake the backyard yourself to remove thatch.

A more time-saving and less stressful approach is dethatching and sweeping in just one step– all you need to dethatch while simultaneously clearing the trash left behind is a compatible dethatcher attachment for your lawn sweeper.

If you want to take this route and you’re shopping for the best dethatcher for lawn sweeper, our top-rated picks will point you in the right direction.

Here they are:

Dethatcher for lawn sweeper – best picks in the market

  1. Agri Fab Dethatcher Attachment for Lawn Sweeper (42 in)– best overall for tow behind sweepers.
  2. Craftsman Universal dethatcher for lawn sweeper – best universal fit unit.
  3. Brinly Dethatcher Kit – best for Brinly STS-426LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42”

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1. Agri Fab Dethatcher Attachment for Lawn Sweeper (42 in)– best overall for tow behind sweepers

lawn sweeper dethatcher attachment

This dethatcher turns your lawn sweeper into a labor-saving, time-saving workhorse that quickly handles matted thatch in big yards.

We love that each pass loosens and lifts huge chunks of thatch to the surface of the lawn for instant pickup.

Yes, the 14 spring tines (heat-treated for longevity) remove thatch pretty quickly (and it’s worth adding that the tines are easy to replace).

The anti-scalping wheels are also handy and helps keep the dethatcher from going too deep..

Remember that you can raise the unit for transport when necessary.

To keep it protected, the unit is coated in scratch-resistant powder coat paint.

The product easily attaches to most leading lawn sweeper brands including Agri-Fab 45-0331, 45-0320, 45-0337, and 45-0326 sweeper models.

In fact, both the assembly and hook-up to the sweeper (it goes to the front) takes less than an hour, on average.

In sum, somebody must have put some serious thought into this implement during the design phase- use it to get rid of thatch for revitalized lawn growth.


  • It really works nicely when de-thatching (and sweeping up the debris).
  • Fairly quick to put together and attach to the sweeper.
  • Excellent customer service- in case you need a part replaced.


  • Some modifications needed for it to work with some lawn sweeper models.


2. Craftsman Universal dethatcher for lawn sweeper – universal fit

craftsman lawn sweeper dethatcher

Now you can dethatch and sweep your yard at the same time with this 42 in.-wide dethatcher.

Designed for your 42-inch lawn sweeper, this wonderful equipment uses its 7 extra tough steel tines (heat-treated) to uproot dead grass and any other underlying debris to be brushed effortlessly into the hamper.

And because it digs up, sweeps, and collects dead grass in just one pass, this high-performance dethatcher cuts the time you spend on the job in half.

The heavy-duty steel it’s constructed from provides lasting durability while the black paint ensures it matches your other lawn care tools.

Like the Agri Fab dethatcher attachment, it’s a breeze to assemble (the instructions are very well written), attach, and use.

And the good thing is that it is universal and easily fits a variety of lawn sweeper brands/models.

Overall, we feel that it’s another super inexpensive alternative to regular tow-behind dethatchers.


  • Universal attachment- fits most sweepers perfectly.
  • Durable unit.
  • Well built wheel.


  • The tines ride a bit close to tires (a tire plugging kit may be necessary).


3. Brinly Dethatcher Kit – best for Brinly STS-426LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42”

brinly dethatcher kit for lawn sweeper

Another smart way you can undertake dethatching and yard cleanup operations at once to save time is by installing this dethatcher kit on your Brinly lawn sweeper.

Make no mistake: it’s not difficult to mount and it functions brilliantly- it’s actually enhanced with two rows of 12 independently-flexing tines for maximum efficiency.

The high-velocity lawn sweeper brushes then picks the thatch right up on the first pass.

Plus, the design allows you to move the tines to the “up” position when you want to use your sweeper independently.

It’s fully adjustable too.

Keep in mind that this fits the popular Brinly STS-426LXH sweeper model only (It’s not compatible with the STS-427LXH without significant modifications).


  • The spring-loaded tines have the perfect amount of tension – they do the job without tearing the yard.
  • Solidly constructed.
  • Easy to adjust positions.


  • Limited compatibility- Exclusive for Brinly STS-426LXH sweeper.


Final word

Adding a dethatcher to your sweeper could be another smart way of getting more value out of your significant investment in a lawn sweeper.

Needless to say, it’s important to check the compatibility specs for each model lest you end up with a useless investment.

It’s also vital that the model you choose works gently – it should bring the stubborn thatch to the lawn’s surface without gouging the grass out.

One last thing (Okay, a reminder, in fact): our most recommended product is Agri Fab Dethatcher Attachment for Lawn Sweeper – it’s durable, fits countless lawn sweeper models, and performs brilliantly.



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