Pull behind rake for lawn mower – 3 best picks in 2023 (Reviews)

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Raking leaves, grass clippings, and other mess isn’t just about restoring a crisp, well-maintained appearance on the lawn- it’s also an essential maintenance chore for the good health of your turf.

The good news is that it’s not necessary to rake by hand (straining your back and spending days doing it), thanks to the emergence of the pull behind rake for lawn mower.

Discover our favorite pull behind rake for lawn mowers and make your pick below.

Pull behind rake for lawn mower – Our 3 recommended picks

Outfit your lawn mower with one of these time and back savers and tackle the mess in your yard like a pro, while giving your tractor a new, purpose:

  1. Yard Tuff 48″ Acreage Rake – best multipurpose model
  2. Yard Tuff YTF pull behind pine straw rake 60″ – best rake for pine needles
  3. Farm Star Landscape Rake – 48in. – best tow behind landscape rake

Here now are our full reviews to help point you in the right direction….

Yard Tuff 48-in Acreage Rake – best multipurpose pull behind rake for lawn mower

pull behind rake for tractor

This popular acreage rake (with a 48-in wide working path) easily rakes up grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, brush, and all other debris into neat rows (for quick and simple pick-up) in no time.

It’s the most versatile pull behind rake for lawn mower of the lot- you can use it to rake or dethatch the lawn if it badly needs dethatching (it’s a wonderful dethatcher as well).

The acreage rake is made up of four (4) tine reels, 20” in diameter- I should add that the tines reel  are reversible, to ensure extended use.

More crucially, the tine reels are free-floating so each side shifts up/down independently so you’re guaranteed a smooth operation whether tackling high spots or depressions.

And thanks to 12” pneumatic tires, the rake travels easily even over tough terrains.

This magical implement is engineered to be towed behind your lawn tractor, ATV, or any other tow vehicle with minimal effort- the pin-style hitch makes hook-up straightforward.


  • Multifunctional- it not only row rakes your lawn but also aerates it.
  • Long-lasting and durable – made of heavy-duty, 1” tubular steel.
  • Store easily and compact (see the special design)


  • Some parts of the assembly instructions not very clear.

Yard Tuff YTF pull behind pine straw rake 60″ – best rake for pine needles

stick rake tow behind lawn mower

Keep straw at bay without break your back using this pine straw rake for sticks.

This fine pull-type pine straw rake is specially designed to efficiently and smoothly rake your pine needles and small tree debris all up easily and is can be a great addition to your gardening arsenal.

The 60″ working width will help you rake more ground at once while the 24 (twenty-four), 5/16” spring steel tines (heavy gauge) show no signs of snagging or bending when raking yard debris.

The rake also earned high marks for its lasting construction- it’s constructed of sturdy steel, which is also powder-coated to resist corrosion.

It’s fitted with 12” pneumatic tires so maneuverability – no matter the type of terrain- is not an issue.

The other nice feature is the lift handle- use it to effortlessly dump your collection, making your task much easier.


  • Gets the job done on pine straw without too much fuss.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Strong tines.


  • Somewhat difficult to put together.

Tip:   Put some cement slab bricks (or other suitable weights) on top of its tines to make the rake heavier. It picks up a lot of more pine straw this way.

PS: If the above Yard Tuff pull behind stick rake hasn’t convinced you, perhaps you may look at its closest competitor, the Field Tuff FTF-60 inch PSR3PT pull behind yard rake for sticks, 3 Pt (Also Amazon’s choice).


Farm Star Landscape Rake – 48in. – best tow behind landscape rake

tow behind rake

This landscape rake is perfect for tasks such as leveling, grading, removing rocks, spreading out ground coverings, breaking up large dirt sod clumps, and more.

Thanks to the unique design, this tool makes raking around fences, trees, and other obstacles less of a hassle.

Plus, it comes with a turnbuckle adjustment to help you adjust the operating depth appropriately.

Add the rope pull lever (to help you raise the unit as needed) and you have a pretty darn good accessory in this garden tractor landscape rake.

Yes, we also love the heat-treated tines (5/16-in. x 1-in.) for their strength and there are more angle positions (5), for situations that need it angled.

Like its peers, this tow behind rake comes with pneumatic tires.

Use the clevis hitch to attach it to your small lawn/garden tractor (it works best with 10-22 HP lawn tractors).


  • Extremely simple to assemble- no power tools required.
  • Unmatched quality and workmanship.
  • Amazing raking and leveling capabilities.


  • Only offers 48 inch width.

Pro-Tip: Light vegetative trash, rocks, or dirt clods can be raked into piles/windows for easier pick-up. You should, however, be careful not to overload rake tines- remove large rocks, limbs, or roots before using the equipment.


Final words

When choosing a pull type rake attachment for your lawn tractor, it’s important to check the specifications of each rake….

Many attach via a 3-point hitch but some require -and don’t come with- a sleeve hitch, meaning an additional purchase.

There are models that work exclusively with certain lawn mower brands and/or particular sizes and horsepower too.

We cannot emphasize this enough: checking the hitch type and horsepower limitations is vital before you bite the bullet.


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