Charging a lawn mower battery amps (What’s the right amperage?)

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Charging a lawn mower battery amps..we tell you about what amp to charge lawnmower battery at

Your mower may not crank up after sitting in the cold during the long chilly months if the battery got drained.

That’s no big deal if you have your battery charger with you…

One thing that could, however, fail your efforts to recharge the mower battery (and even risk ruining it) is getting the amps setting on the battery charger wrong.

Which is where this article comes in..

Read on to find out the recommended amps when charging a lawn mower battery in winter (and whenever else you find it necessary).

Charging a lawn mower battery amps – what you need to know

Now, while most riding mowers have 12v batteries installed, the optimal amp specification will depend on a couple of variables.

First, the type of battery is essential- smaller 6 volt batteries (available in some older riding mowers and push mowers) won’t be charged at the same voltage level as the 12 volt batteries.

Next, the condition of the battery is really important.

For example, a totally flat battery may not always get charged adequately at the normal rate and you may have to up it and charge for more hours.

Problem is, charging at an excessively higher rate is like playing with fire and the battery may literally blow up on you!

Going too low is not an option either for most lawnmower batteries as it could take an eternity to get the battery up and running.

So, what is the best amps to have for a standalone battery charger?

We reveal this below…

Charging a lawn mower battery amps – recommended setting

In many cases, you should make sure that the battery charger has a 10 amps setting for a 12 volt battery.

In fact, at the 10 amps output, the battery is able to gain enough juice pretty quickly (sometimes in just an hour).

That said, even less than 10 amps could work for these types of batteries even though not as rapidly as when you’re charging at the standard setting.

For instance, this charger delivers just 5 amps per hour but has excellent results when used on 12v/24v batteries.

That said, modern-day battery chargers feature plenty of charging options including trickle charge, fast-charging, and even slow charge options.

This gives you more flexibility when handling low charge problems.

To illustrate, you might want to have it at the slow charge setting if you want the battery to get a truly comprehensive charge.

Likewise, the trickle charge setting is most recommended when you don’t aim to use the mower battery right away.

For example, put it in the trickle charge overnight and it will be raring to go in the morning.

The operation is easy and all you have to do is set the knob to your desired charging rate.


What charger should I use for my lawn mower battery?

The most important thing is to ensure that you’re using a charger that equals the voltage of the battery in your mower.

With that confirmed, there are countless battery chargers that work for small engines like the one in lawn mowers so it’s difficult for us to point out one brand.

But here is the thing: the best battery charger for lawn mower should be all-around in size.

You have multiple options because many come with a range of settings –starting at 2 amps all the way to 10 amps- with some often having higher settings.

Some folks prefer lightning-fast charging and would rather use more amps.

Be careful, however, because using the fast charging options (anything above 10-amps) can damage the battery.

Still there, also check that its automatic meaning the charger shuts off automatically once the battery becomes fully charged.


Charging a lawn mower battery amps- frequently asked questions

A number of questions crop up when it comes to charging lawn mower batteries.

Here we answer the most common ones starting with how long to charge lawn mower battery..

How long should I charge my lawn mower battery?

Once you have set your charger to 10 amps, your battery should be fully charged in 1 hour or thereabouts under normal circumstances.

Needless to say, you’d have to wait a bit longer if you have gone for a setting below 10 amps.

The duration will also change if you have selected other charging modes depending on the choices your charger offers.

It’s best to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Do you have to charge a new lawn mower battery?


Your battery is likely to pack enough juice when coming out of the dealer’s shop and you don’t have to worry about charging it.

Just fix it in your mower and start the mower.

Be sure to clean the battery terminals thoroughly before you connect them to ensure a seamless connection.


Wrap up

As mentioned, most 12 volts batteries will be charged in no time at 10 amps.

If it doesn’t charge – even after waiting for more time (you may allow up to 8 hours for flat batteries)- your battery could be toast.

Test it with a multi-meter to determine if it’s dead or it’s a fault in the electrical system making it not to charge.


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