Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing front load [Fixed]

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Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing front load [Troubleshooting ideas]

So your Whirlpool front load washer door locked and has some lights flashing and won’t open no matter what you try?

Well..don’t fret..below is what you can do to make the door open again including how you can prevent the issue from recurring (there are some diagnostics tests you can run to determine what exactly is causing  the problem)

Let us dive right in.

Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing front load – what you can try to make the door open again

Power cycle your washing machine

For the most part, resetting your washer is usually the best (and quickest) fix (your washer could be might be having an electrical glitch, hence the problem).

Now, to reset your washer, disconnect it from the power outlet and let it sit for 10 minutes – plug it back in after the 10 minutes are over and try to open the door once more.

If this does not fix your Whirlpool washing machine door light flashing error, then try these other common fixes……


Turn off the control lock

If pressing any button on your model results in an indicator (in particular a red one) blinking yet nothing is happening, then probably the control lock feature is active.

So the next thing to try is turning off the control lock – you might be aware that control lock (or child lock in some brands) make it impossible for kids to accidentally change the washer’s settings.

Now, to turn the control lock off in your Whirlpool washer, simply locate a button that has control lock* inscribed beneath it(on the control panel).

You then press and hold on this button for 3 seconds- the light should no longer be flashing – meaning that you have successfully disabled the control lock.


Check the actuator motor

If all of the above fixes have not worked, then chances are that your washer’s actuator motor has some loose wires or it has gone bad.

Now, when it comes to the actuator motor, there are three tests that you should perform to check on what might be wrong with it.

Let us have a look at these tests:

Test 1: Run a diagnostics test

This is the easiest test to run.

If you are unsure of how to run a diagnostics test on your washer model, you can always confirm from your owner’s manual(You can also Google it using your whirlpool washer model number).

If you get an actuator sensor error code (the codes vary from model to model and again your manual will explain what the code means), it could mean that your actuator’s sensor is dirty.

So you need to wipe it.

To do that, just open up your washing machine and locate the actuator.

Next, gently wipe your actuator(using a soft piece of cloth).

Once you’re done, reassemble your washer, calibrate it and see if it can open.

Otherwise, you should move on to test 2 below if you’re still struggling with Whirlpool washing machine door lock problems..


Test 2: Check for loose actuator

Because of the frequent shaking of your washing machine during laundry, wires connected to the actuator may work themselves loose over time.

Subsequently, your actuator might stop working as it should and your door lights could begin flashing.

Now, to check if this is what is ailing your washer, you have to open it up, locate your actuator, and visually inspect the wires connected to it-If any of them is loose, tighten it up.

Lastly, if you can’t see any disconnected\loose wires try the final washer actuator test below.


Test 3: Test for continuity

This tests whether your washer’s shift actuator is bad because they occasionally crap out, leading to door lock issues(The red lidlock light also tends to flash).

For this, simply use your multimeter and test the actuator for continuity-  replace it with a compatible replacement part if it lacks continuity

The good thing is that the component is not overly expensive and replacing it is mildly mechanical(There are quite a few YouTube tutorials that show how to do this).

The above solutions usually fix most of Whirlpool door locked and wash blinking issues.

However, we shall also look at a few more fixes because there’s a chance it could be something else bringing the problem.


Whirlpool washing machine door light flashing (Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing front load )– what else to check

Check your lid switch

Due to the frequent nature of opening and closing the door, its switch may become faulty over time, resulting in your washer not detecting a closed door even if it is indeed closed.

Consequently, the door lights will flash indicating an error so it’s worth testing your door switch for continuity too.

Now, to test a Whirlpool washer door switch for continuity, simply follow the steps below:

Whirlpool washing machine door light flashing

In the event the door switch is faulty, your best bet is swapping it out (recommended replacement part).


Check for water flow issues

The truth is water flow issues can also lead to your front-load Whirlpool washing machine door indicator blinking so it’s important to check if there are clogs in the system because it’s majorly what triggers door locking issues here.


Check the inlet hose (for kinks/clogging)

Inspect the inlet hose for any kinks or clogs – they sometimes make a locked front-load Whirlpool washer door lights flash.

Obviously, if you find any kinks, be sure to straighten them- also clean any clogs that you notice.

Note that the inlet hose may occasionally also be damaged beyond repair (you can get it here).


Check your drain pump

Your washer door is programmed to open only after all the water has been completely drained out.

Now, if the drain pump happens to be clogged, it will not be able to drain out the water. In turn, your door lights will begin to blink indicating that something is wrong.

So, you will need to check the current state of your pump. If it is clogged, simply unclog it and remember to calibrate your washer before running a wash cycle.

On the other hand, if the pump is damaged, you should get a replacement (order it on Amazon).

Keep in mind that replacing it is pretty straightforward – and again YouTube can come in handy.


Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing front load – final words

That’s it.

That is how you fix a front load Whirlpool washer that has a locked door with blinking lights.

Good luck!


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