Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual

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From Whirlpool top load dryers to Whirlpool ventless dryers to Whirlpool front load dryer troubleshooting, below is a comprehensive Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual to help you fix a range of Whirlpool dryer problems..


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Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual – how to fix a variety of whirlpool dryer issues

Before we begin, let me mention that the fixes below also apply to Whirlpool ventless dryer troubleshooting-The only difference with the vented models is that for the ventless Whirlpool dryer, you will ignore the vent cleaning part.

Whirlpool front load dryer won’t start but has power / Whirlpool dryer not powering on / Whirlpool dryer won’t start / Whirlpool dryer won’t turn on / Whirlpool dryer won’t power on / Whirlpool dryer stopped turning on

For powering on /starting up troubles, begin by checking that you have connected your dryer to an independent and working power source.

To be clear, if your dryer is an electric model, confirm that you have connected it to a 240v AC power outlet.

Next, check that the circuit breaker is not tripped – if it is, flip it on.

Now, if power is not the problem, the next suspect is a blown thermal fuse or thermostat.

So try to test your dryer’s thermal fuse and thermostats for continuity.

If any of them lacks continuity, get a replacement-Keep in mind that we recommend the complete Whirlpool dryer thermal fuse and thermostat kit – it is inexpensive and comes with all the thermostats (High-limit Thermostat and Cycling Thermostat) plus the essential replacement fuses (temperature fuse and thermal fuse) in one package.


Whirlpool dryer control panel not working

Have you checked for power supply issues?

If yes, then Is CONTROL LOCK turned on? If it is, turn it off.

To do that, simply locate the button that has control lock or child lock inscribed below it and press & hold this button for 3 seconds to turn off the CONTROL LOCK.

Finally, the whole control panel assembly (on your Whirlpool electric dryer) could be dead- remember that the most basic reason for changing out the control panel entirely is if it appears damaged.

In short, your final bet could be installing a replacement control panel assembly.


Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting no heat / Whirlpool dryer not heating / Whirlpool dryer not getting hot / Whirlpool dryer won’t heat / Whirlpool dryer stopped heating / Whirlpool dryer stopped heating up

When it comes to heating issues, try the following repairs/tricks:

If it is a gas model, first verify that there is gas supply.

While at it, test the burner assembly components (gas igniter, flame sensor and gas solenoid valve because they often cause heating fault) for continuity – replace any bad part.

Oh, and you can get a complete burner assembly replacement kit on Amazon – it is not pricey and it comes with all three components included.

On the other hand, if you own an electric model, first test the heating element( Read: How to test a dryer heating element).

Again you have to get a compatible replacement if there’s no continuity.


If the heating element is fine, check if both hot wires in your power outlet are functioning properly – test to confirm that each has 110v to 120v AC.

Now, if one of them isn’t working, your dryer might stop heating.

Bear in mind that in the event that one of the hot wires does not have the required voltage, it’s best to reach out to an electrician for further troubleshooting.

Both gas and electric dryers models

Note that the troubleshooting steps below apply to both gas and electric dryers…

Test the dryer’s thermal fuse for continuity

A blown thermal fuse typically prevents your dryer from heating so test it and order a new one if you don’t find continuity (Read: How to test a dryer thermal fuse).

Besides, test the high limit and cycling thermostats-again replace as necessary.

Once again we recommend the Whirlpool dryer thermal fuse and thermostat replacement kit/package.


Brand new Whirlpool dryer not heating

For a brand-new Whirlpool gas dryer, you still check that it is properly connected to a working gas outlet before anything else.

Similarly, if you have a brand-new Whirlpool electric dryer that is not heating, start by checking that you have connected it to a 240v AC power outlet.

Finally, take a look at your venting system – it might be fully clogged hence the heating defect(because of hindered airflow)

Here the solution is cleaning out the clogs (Read: How to clean a dryer vent).


Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual continued-More whirlpool dryer repair ideas

Whirlpool dryer not spinning / Whirlpool dryer not tumbling / Whirlpool dryer won’t spin / Whirlpool dryer stopped spinning / Whirlpool dryer stopped tumbling

When it comes to spinning and tumbling defects, there are a couple of possibilities.

Here they are:

Check the idler pulley

It may have come unseated(from the unit) over time so the belt has become loose(the belt could even be upside down meaning it’s just rubbing motor pulley and won’t grip). All you need to do here is reseat the pulley properly (and belt). Of course, you need to replace your tension pulley if broken.

Quick Tip: You can test idler pulley if it’s bad- it sometimes is leading to spinning mishaps- easily. Just try to turn the pulley wheel. Now, if the wheel is not turning, replace the idler pulley entirely – you can get its replacement on Amazon.


Check the thermal fuse

You already know that you need to replace it.

But don’t forget to look at your drive belt (I have to emphasize this) because there are problems if it isn’t properly sitting (on your idler pulley) or it has snapped(get a replacement).


Check the motor (for clogging)

Many times the culprit is lint (and other stuff) that clogs the motor (making it jam or lock up).

So check if the motor is locked up….it should turn freely (zero resistance).

Now, if the motor is defective (they burn out once in a while), your Whirlpool dryer won’t spin anymore or dry clothes … You can get the Whirlpool dryer motor replacement on Amazon.

Quick Tip: You can test the dryer’s motor for continuity to be double sure it’s the villain before ordering. If it lacks continuity, then it is faulty.


Check the dryer drum

It stops spinning as well if the drum is seized especially if you can hear the motor spin when you press start but there’s no spin from drum.

You might also be looking at worn out rollers /drum bearings.

The good thing is these are easy and super inexpensive to change out (check price)


Check the door switch

These dryers door tend to have spin faults if the door is not completely closed/latched too so open up the dryer and test the door switch for continuity.

Now, if the switch lacks continuity, you will need to replace it (This switch can replace your defective Whirlpool Dryer door switch –if it’s bad-to allow the tumbler to spin once more).


Whirlpool dryer not drying clothes / Whirlpool dryer not drying well / Whirlpool dryer won’t dry / Whirlpool dryer stopped drying

The first – and perhaps the easiest – step is to double check that the dryer’s vent is not clogged(Read: how to know if dryer vent is clogged).

And if you’re unsure how to clean it, read how to clean a dryer vent for the exact procedure.

Speaking of cleaning accrued lint, confirm that your blower wheel is not clogged by lint too.

So again make sure to clean the inside of your dryer with more emphasis on cleaning the blower wheel.

Lastly, the moisture sensor may also be the cause of poor drying –clean it and see how it goes.

However, if it is cracked (remove it and observe it visually), we recommend you get a Whirlpool dryer moisture sensor replacement(Many model’s require 2 sensors).

And by the way, try replacing the cycling thermostat? – The dryer won’t dry right after it dies (it is never warm enough) so get a new one and see if your dryer will resume drying!


Whirlpool dryer not collecting lint

For the most part, this is a sign of restricted airflow.

In other words, your dryer vent might be clogged or crushed (if you are using flexible ducting).

So inspect your dryer’s vent and see if it is crushed (straighten it out).

Otherwise, you will need to clean the vent plus inside the dryer as mentioned above.


Whirlpool dryer not turning off / Whirlpool dryer won’t shut off

Question: Is the Wrinkle Shield™ (Wrinkle Guard) turned on?

If it is, then it is probably the reason why your dryer might not be turning off.

You see, this cycle could continue for up to 140 minutes after your Whirlpool dryer completes a drying cycle.

Now, to turn this cycle off, see your owner’s manual – different models have different ways to turn it off.

Meanwhile, if your dryer won’t turn off even after you open its door, you may be looking at a damaged door switch.

That being so, test the door switch for continuity and swap it if it lacks continuity (here is our recommended replacement).


The other part worth checking if you’re still stuck is the motor relay (located on the control board)…..It could be shorted and hence it’s not sending the stop signal to the motor.

As with the rest, getting a replacement relay (and soldering it in) is the best option.


Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual continued 


Whirlpool dryer won’t stay on

Your Whirlpool dryer could keep powering off because of any of the following:

A failed moisture sensor (we have seen how it affects your dryer previously) so just get its replacement here.

A malfunctioning door latch – this is pretty common when it comes to Whirlpool front load dryers (it makes the door open as clothes are tumbled hence the dryer automatically turns off). So consider getting a Whirlpool dryer door latch replacement.

An overheating motor –If your dryer produces a loud buzzing sound as it runs, then the motor might be overheating. The solution is to reload the dryer since it’s often caused by overloading your dryer.

Clogged dryer vent- Verify that the dryer vent is not clogged – and clean it, if necessary.

A bad motor- if the vent is not clogged, your motor might be on its deathbed so try to install a replacement.


Whirlpool dryer not working / Whirlpool dryer stopped working / Whirlpool dryer stopped

Begin by checking for power supply issues:

·         Has the circuit breaker tripped?

·         Is there power outage?

Moving on, if you are using a gas dryer, check for a potential gas leak and verify that there is gas supply in the gas line.

Next, try out a new moisture sensor (if it appears cracked).

In addition, test your thermal fuse, cycling thermostat and high-limit thermostats (we looked at how to do that earlier)- get the complete thermal fuse & thermostat replacement kit, if necessary.

And have you checked the dryer belt? Is it broken? If yes, get a replacement belt.

What about the idler pulley? Is it cracked? Is the idler pulley wheel spinning? Now, if either the idler pulley wheel or the idler pulley is damaged, again order a compatible idler pulley replacement.

One more question: Does the motor have continuity? It could be the reason -if it is lacking continuity- so we suggest you get a replacement motor.


Whirlpool dryer won’t close

Start with a basic test: have you confirmed that there is nothing on the dryer’s door that might prevent you from closing the door?

If there is none, then it could be a malfunctioning door latch- get the replacement part here (and stop propping the door closed- some close it shut with duct tape)


Whirlpool dryer won’t unlock

First, confirm that the dryer has completed its cycle – a dryer locks itself during a drying cycle and won’t unlock before the cycle finishes unless you cancel the cycle.

If that doesn’t help, try to hard reset your dryer.

To do that, simply unplug your dryer for around 10 minutes.

If the reset did not work, it might be the door latch once more (You can order a Whirlpool dryer door latch replacement part from Amazon).


Whirlpool dryer stopped mid cycle

Begin by checking that it is not due to a power outage (also confirm that the circuit breaker has not tripped).

Next, you will need to check your moisture sensor for cracks. Again, if it is cracked, we recommend this replacement.

If still no luck, open up your dryer and perform the following series of troubleshooting steps.

Step 1:

Test the thermal fuse, cycling thermostat, and high-limit thermostat for continuity.

Of course, if any of these parts lack continuity, replace them because they could be making it shut off mid-cycle (go for the complete thermal fuse & thermostat replacement kit).

Step 2:

Check if the drive belt has broken-get its replacement here– it could have snapped mid-load.

Step 3:

Finally, test the motor for continuity. If it lacks continuity, it could stop your dryer suddenly mid-cycle so replace it (order Whirlpool dryer motor replacement part on Amazon).


Whirlpool dryer stopped after power outage

On some Whirlpool dryer models, you have to manually power on the dryer again and restart the drying cycle so be sure to first try this.

However, if the dryer still won’t power on, chances are that when power was restored, there was a power surge and the thermal fuse inside your dryer blew up.

So test the thermal fuse (we have already covered this) and if it is indeed blown, get a replacement fuse.


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Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does a Whirlpool dryer have a reset button?


In case you want to reset your Whirlpool dryer, you will have to perform a power cycle on it.

Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting manual (Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting guide)– final words

Dryer failure could also be due to a faulty control board.

One way of telling if it’s the main electronic control board is by simply looking for signs of burning or cracks on the control board which means you may need to budget for a  new Whirlpool dryer control board.

That said, this part is very often misdiagnosed so only go down that route if you’re sure of what you’re doing (it’s not the cheapest part).


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