6 Worrying disadvantages of front loading washing machine

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We look at the most concerning disadvantages of front loading washing machine in this article……

When it comes to washers, should you buy a front or top load washer?

If you’re in this dilemma, what you need to understand is this: either washer type has its own pros and cons.

In this article, we will train our guns on the cons of each of these washers.

We hope that this will help you make a more informed choice.

Let us dive in.

Disadvantages of front loading washing machine

Front load washers are known for their unarguably superior washing performance and resource(water and energy) efficiency.

That being the case, let us start with the cons of front-load washers.

It is hard to add clothes mid-cycle

Once you close the washer’s door and start the washing cycle, your washing machine will automatically lock the door.

This is useful as it prevents your door from being pried open by the clothes as they spin.

Nonetheless, it makes it harder for you to add clothes after you start the washer.

True…some models do have a pause button.

However, you would still have to wait till the washer drains out the water.

As you can see, this is not cost effective as it would not only mean wasted water but also wasted laundry detergent.


Constant bending to load and unload can be uncomfortable

Now, if you plan on getting a washing machine for your parents or for a loved one with constant back pains, front load dryers might not be a great option on their own.

You see, the constant bending to load and unload the washing machine tends to become uncomfortable for such people over time.

With that being said, if you still feel that a front load washer is what you want to get them, you might as well purchase the washer with a washer pedestal.

It’s a stand you put under the washer to raise the level of the appliance.

But at what cost?

Well, you will have to shell out some extra bucks (they cost hundreds of bucks) for these stands.


They are much heavier than top load dryers

Washing machines are traditionally designed to withstand the vibrations and movements they produce during cleaning.

Now, front load dryers typically use way much less water during cleaning(we saw this previously).

But that brings an issue: Since they lack the additional weight of the water to balance and keep them in position, manufacturers engineer them to be much heavier(by adding concrete counterweights).

So exactly how heavy are front load washers?

Well, they may be as much as 50% heavier than their top loading rivals, meaning it is not easy to move them around when need arises!


They are susceptible to mildew growth

As you well know, wash cycles such as normal cycle use medium heated water to wash your clothes.

Problem is because the door is located at the side of the washer, the evaporated water may lead to mildew growth at the top of the washer.

This can result in your clothes smelling of mildew after every cycle.

The good news is you can prevent mildew from growing inside your washing machine..


The easiest way to do this is to always leave the washer’s door open once you have completed your laundry(You only close the door once you have confirmed that the inside of the machine is fully dry).


How to remove odor from a front loader washing machine


They have longer washing cycles

Generally, front load washers take longer to clean your clothes compared to top load models so you may have to wait longer for your clothes to be clean.

However, the longer cycling times is what makes them deliver dazzling clean clothes.

In fact, they somewhat make up for this longer wait by drawing out as much water as possible from your clothes meaning your clothes end up spending less time in your dryer.


They are a bit costly compared to top load washers

Another drawback of front load dryers is that they are usually a bit more expensive to buy compared to top load washers with the same features.

This is mainly attributed to the fact that front load washers not only clean better but they are also more resource efficient.


Disadvantages of top loading washing machine

Now that we have looked at the drawbacks of front load washers, it is only fair that we do the same for their counterparts – top load washers.

Let’s dive in.

They are high energy consumers

We have just seen that top load dryers use much more water during cleaning.

This equals higher energy consumption since more energy is required to agitate all this water.

Needless to say, top load dryers will drive your electricity bills like crazy, more so if you have a family where you do laundry several times within the week.


They have potential to easily damage clothes

This is mostly the case with the old top load washer models that use agitators for washing.

You see, as the washer agitates your clothes, it can snag and stretch your clothes (especially delicates) thereby ruining them.


They require a lot of laundry detergent and water

On average, top load dryers will use 2X water compared to their front load counter parts.

Subsequently, as their water usage increases, they often require more detergent.

So not only are you looking at higher utility bills…you will also have to contend with a higher spending on laundry detergent.


They don’t deliver quality washes as front load dryers

Top load dryer models that use agitators to clean usually clean clothes less efficiently…

Yeah, the fact that they rely on the spinning of the agitator combined with a lot of water lowers their cleaning efficiency.

Besides, they tend to have shorter cycling times-The reduced agitation time means your clothes spend less time in the washer, hence poorer washing performance.


They do not fully draw out water from your clothes

The agitator in top load washers cannot be able to squeeze out the excess water in your clothes as fast as with front loading machines.

In other words, your clothes will take longer in your dryer before they are dry- and equals higher energy consumption by your dryer too.


They pose a challenge for short people

If you’re not that tall, you might have trouble getting out your last couple of clothes from your top load washing machine.

That said, there is a workaround for this-Simply stand on a chair..you should be in a position to access every corner inside your washer.


Disadvantages of front loading washing machine – final words

Though front load dryers are a bit more expensive to purchase, they tend to offset this price difference by being more resource efficient especially on water and energy consumption.

We have however looked at the most concerning disadvantages of front loading washing machine to make sure you are aware of their other drawbacks when rated against top loading washers.

Choose wisely..



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