Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start [Repair guide]

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If your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start and you don’t want to have it checked by a repairman, you can try the fixes I will explain in this repair guide.

The best part?

Many of them are not that hard and anybody- even a complete novice- can successfully do them.

Let’s dive in:

Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start [What to try]

Before we look at how to resolve the problem, it’s worth noting that the solutions I will recommend below apply to nearly all Whirlpool Cabrio dryer starting problems including when a Whirlpool cabrio platinum dryer won’t turn on.

Now, the first things I recommend you check in this Whirlpool Cabrio dryer troubleshooting guide is the basics- you want to be sure it is not one of these very straightforward things that’s causing the problem.

So start by verifying the following:


Is it connected correctly to the power supply system?

Your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer may not be plugged in the correct way(the power cord may have come loose or the outlet could be defective).

So push the cord back into the plug strongly and move it to a different outlet, if you suspect the outlet(You also certainly know that 240v is what you need in the outlet).


Is the circuit breaker tripped (and are fuses working?)

Next, you need to be sure that the circuit breaker to the unit is not tripped- reset it if so.

Also, check the fuses(most of these dryers have two time-delay fuses)- if you have a blown fuse, chances are your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer won’t turn on.

Of course, you will want to replace the dead fuse, if that’s the case.


Is the door closed?

Where your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer won’t start but has power (won’t start a cycle), probably you’re looking at a door that is not tightly shut(may be something is blocking it).

It’s worth mentioning that modern-day dryers typically only run when the door is fully closed so check the door and remove anything(could be large items of clothing) that might be preventing it from shutting tight.

In short, ensure the door clicks shut.

Quick Tip: Also, check if your dryer door is open if your Whirlpool cabrio dryer clicks but won’t start (or your Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t start and just beeps).


Could there be an issue with your dryer’s “start/pause” button?

If you have not yet succeeded to make it start a cycle(yet it has power), the next part you need to focus on is the start/pause button.

Here is why:

There are some loads (large ones, for the most part) that won’t get started until you have pressed and held down the Start/Pause button for like 5 seconds.

So press then hold down the button for a maximum of 5 secs and see if it will get to start the cycle.

Besides, the button can be defective

If it is faulty- and I have to say that the plastic parts making the control panel feel quite cheap- then your dryer will have endless starting problems.

Indeed, the plastic paddle (for the power switch) is easy to break and until you glue it back together, your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start.

Question: What are the symptoms that indicate that the start button is bad?

Well, here is a simple diagnostic:

You press every other button on your dryer and you feel a physical button press(you feel the button is physically clicking) but when you come to the start button, you don’t feel anything at all.

If this is what you have found, there’s a decent chance that the switch is broken some way and it is not an electronic issue.

Quick Tip: The plastic piece (to the inside of the start button) sometimes falls off and you have to connect it again for your dryer to start.

Hence you will want to perform the following repair:

  • Unplug its power
  • Pull the dryer out- you want to have enough room to work as you’ll need to access the back
  • You’ll see some screws holding the user console – unscrew them.
  • After that, you just need to pop the user console out- you sort of rotate it gently forward from the back (for many Cabrio dryer models).
  • The user control board is located inside a plastic part – and there are some screws you’ll need to remove now, again.
  • After that, unlatch the clips that are holding it on –a flathead screwdriver will suffice here- and set the part aside.
  • Next, unplug the cord that connects the user control board to the main dryer board -unplug that and take the control panel/board to a table where you’ll be working from.
  • I must add that before the entire control panel/board comes out, you must remove main dryer cycle selector knob first(simply pull the knob off, from the front of the dryer console).
  • You then need to pinch on the small tab that is on the knob connector (on the control board) then rotate the entire connector a quarter turn counterclockwise.
  • Now you need to pop the control board circuit out – you can do that by working your flathead screwdriver carefully into the 3 main tabs across the bottom of the board until it comes out.
  • Check if anything appears burned/bad on the circuit board- you check for any breaks/cracks and you see any, you’ll probably need a new user console circuit board

Quick Tip: You can plug in the dryer back and try to press the start button directly on the control circuit board and see if it responds. If it does, then the control circuit board is fine.

Now, typically the issue is on the plastic housing where the circuit goes so check if the plastic bits where the button goes are cracked/broken/loose/dislodged in any way.

If yes, there’s no contact when you press the start button on the control panel so that’s possibly why your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start.

How to fix it

Take the start button and super glue it to the inside of the start button cover.

After that, once you press the start button on the control panel cover, it will press the start button on the control circuit board making your dryer to start.

Try it.

Quick Tip: Watch this YouTube tutorial for complete step-by-step instructions on repairing the start button.


Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start – advanced troubleshooting

Here is the thing: If your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer wont start even after trying all the above solutions, the culprits are usually the following:

  1. A defective door switch
  2. A blown thermal fuse.


Replace the door switch

Back to the door not closing and I want you to understand that if it won’t shut (won’t click close – you don’t hear it make a click sound when you shut the lid), the problem may be due to a bad door switch.

Diagnosis: Test the door switch(for continuity)

Repair: Swap out the door switch and see if your dryer will be back in business.

Recommended replacement part: This universal door switch works for almost every Whirlpool cabrio dryer

Obviously, you need to check elsewhere if your Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t start just clicks…and that is where the thermal fuse comes in..


Replace the Thermal Fuse

If your start switch tested fine, then you could check the thermal fuse.

Just to be clear, when the fuse is dead(mainly due to clogged ventilation, causing overheating as a result of blocked airflow), your dryer won’t start.

Keep in mind that the fuse self-destructs so you cannot reset it.

The fuse- and it has two terminals- attaches to your dryer’s blower wheel housing.


Diagnosis and how to find the correct fuse model number

After ensuring that your dryer is unplugged, simply remove the back (of the dryer) then find the 2 blue wires leading to the dryer thermal fuse.

Now try and locate the exact model number of the fuse.

As regards diagnosis, if you disconnect the 2 blue wires and then short them together (while someone holds your dryers start button), the dryer will turn on right up if the thermal fuse is good.

Repair (if fuse is not operational): Change out the thermal fuse.

Recommended replacement part: This Whirlpool and Kenmore exact fit Dryer Thermal Fuse is compatible with countless Whirlpool cabrio dryer units


A word on replacing the dryer’s Main Control Board

Though sometimes it is the main control board that is at fault, it is not very common and you should only replace the dryer’s main control board as a last resort.

Needless to say, you must be sure of the specific main control board part # before you order.


Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t start just beeps when I push start

Try the following three-hand starting method(you need a helper):

  1. With one hand, press the dryer’s door close switch(Door is open)
  2. With the second hand, press the start button.
  3. With a third hand(your helper’s) give the drum a spin(through the already open door)


Important note:

Be very careful as you try the above step since if it starts successfully, the drum will immediately start moving so the internal baffles come around, which risks breaking your hand!

Now, if it starts, it is possible the motor start switch has shorted and you’ll need to replace the motor (a whole brand new motor is the way out as the start switch is nowadays not easily available separately)


Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t start sensing light on (Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t start says sensing)

This could point to a failed moisture sensor(it detects the level of wetness in your clothes during a cycle).

That said, the best way to be sure it is the problematic part is to put your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer in diagnostic mode then see if you’ll get any codes indicating a shorted moisture sensor(You reference the service manual)

Remember you are likely to find the sensor behind the dryer’s lint screen.


Whirlpool cabrio dryer won’t turn on – final words

Try the above fixes and see if they will help resolve the problem.

The best thing is that if it works for your model, it could save you a ton of money (repairmen do not come cheap!)

Be sure to order the correct part numbers if you’ll want to do some replacements.

There are also numerous helpful YouTube tutorials that can guide you when performing the replacements so go to YouTube and search for good, relevant ones.



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