Steam dryers pros and cons [Full list]

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Are you planning on buying a dryer but you’re not sure about steam dryers pros and cons versus conventional dryers?

If yes, you have come to the right article- I will take you through the most prominent steam dryers pros and cons, how it works, and even a steam dryer vs regular dryer comparison.

To start with, allow me to remind you what a steam dryer really is before we delve deeper…


What is a steam dryer?

A steam dryer is simply a clothes dryer that has a steam drying option(so that’s the only unique thing about it).

So, why do they add the option (which you can use or choose not to use)?

Well, the feature helps eliminate wrinkles, odor, and static from your garments.

For that reason, your clothes will keep looking and smelling fresh!

Remember steam is introduced into your appliance at ideal times during a cycle. 

You can now clearly see that a major benefit of steam dryers is that your clothes will be wrinkle-free.

So, what are its other pros and cons.

We look at this next…


Steam dryers pros and cons

Steam dryers pros

  • Does more work than a regular dryer (for example, getting rid of wrinkles, static, and bad odor) thanks to the added options/settings.
  • It, tends to, in general, consume the same energy as a conventional dryer.
  • It saves water because no rewashing is needed for your lightly worn clothes(Light odor can be removed without washing).


Steam dryer Cons

  • As much as they remove wrinkling, you may still need to do some ironing.
  • A steam dryer tends to costs more than a regular dryer.
  • The steam setting is not useful for all fabrics- you can only use it on washable fabrics.


So, are steam dryers worth it?

Well, here are some of the reasons why steam dryers could be worth it:

  • This dyer makes clothes feel softer – You can use it in place of dryer sheets to help lessen static and help your garments come out of the dryer looking super fresh.
  • It’s a good idea if you iron clothes often- The steam typically penetrates fabricates to also gently clear wrinkles, which means some may not need ironing


How does a steam dryer work?

Just like ordinary dryers, steam dryers use hot air to dry clothes.

However, with the steam option, steam is injected directly into the dryer (others just spray a fine mist of cold water that finally mixes with the heat in the dryer to create steam).

That way, your fabrics will come out with minimal (or zero) wrinkles, static, and odor (thanks to the hot steam).


What kind of hookups does a steam dryer use?

When you decide to buy a steam dryer, you may think that you’ll need a special hook-up..

Well, you’re not alone- a lot of beginners think the same but I have some good news..

Steam dryers don’t use special hookups – you just need to connect it to the same water supply as your washer.

In other words, you only need a “Y” hook to connect the dryer to other washing machine water sources.


When should you use a steam dryer?

If this is the question you have in mind, here is when it is best to use a steam dryer:

  • You can use it when you are drying those fabrics that typically get wrinkles again thanks to the steam option (We have already seen that steam greatly reduces wrinkles and static).
  • When you don’t have to wash clothes that have sat a bit and you want to freshen them up very quickly.
  • When you can’t unload your laundry immediately the cycle is over- in this case, you can opt to go for(select)a wrinkle prevention cycle to prevent wrinkling (this option tumbles your clothes with steam (for even hours) after a cycle is completed.

Steam dryer vs Regular dryer

One thing I would like you to know is that the steam dryer works largely the same way as a conventional dryer.

However, there are a couple of differences I need you to understand:

Here they are:

Extra steam cycle/settings

The extra steam cycle/setting is obviously the biggest difference when it comes to steam dryers.

Regular dryers do not normally have this feature.


On Drying Technique

As you probably know, a regular dryer applies heated air to your wet clothes making your clothes dry by evaporating the moisture.

On the other hand, a steam dryer uses hot air together with steam to dry and additionally soften your fabrics and, of course, reduces wrinkles.


On upfront cost

Regular dryers are way cheaper than steam dryers – it appears like manufacturers spend more to make steam dryers as they are still very expensive.


On energy use

When it comes to energy use, regular dryers consumes the same energy as steam dryer yet steam dryer has the added advantage of using steam to tackle odor, lessen wrinkling, and combat static.


Steam dryers pros and cons-Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Can a Maytag steam dryer be used without water?

The answer is YES…

Maytag steam dryer can work without water but there is a big caveat:

Cycles specific to your Maytag steam dryer won’t run properly so you may not get the full benefits of the steam technology.


Winding it up

It is clear there are more steam dryer benefits than downsides so it can be worth buying one for your laundry room.

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