Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems – how to troubleshoot Samsung twin cooling freezer problems

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With a Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer, you can easily convert the freezer into a handy fridge to keep all your delicate foods fresh for different seasons/special occasions.

And so the last thing you want is for your appliance to start acting up when you most need it.

Let’s check a couple of tricks you can try on the unit to quickly eliminate typical Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems:

Common Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems and potential fixes

Some of the faults you might have with Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer include:

  • Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not working at all
  • Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not freezing
  • Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan not working
  • Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan making noise

Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not working at all

If your Samsung Twin Cooling unit is not working at all, try the following:

Check if the appliance has been plugged in properly– If it’s not, disconnect the plug (from the socket) and then reinsert it.


If properly plugged in, test if the plug is working by plugging a different item into the socket.

If the item you have just plugged in does not work, it is worth trying to reset the circuit breaker (for this particular outlet) as it may be having power issues.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not freezing

For the issue of Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not freezing, there a couple of quick fixes that could work.

Here they are:

Reboot the unit

The first thing you should consider doing is rebooting/resetting it.

Simply unplug it for 30 seconds then plug it back in (you can also reset it by flipping the circuit breaker to the unit off then back on after a few seconds).

This could reset the programming to defaults and clear possible onboard computer errors.

Quick Tip: Try to unplug it for longer – you can even wait at least 30 minutes- before plugging it in again if unplugging it for 30 seconds does not bring any joy.

Proceed with the steps below if there are no signs of your Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems getting resolved after power cycling it..


Turn on power freeze (and wait 2 hours)

The next thing you should consider doing is turning on power freeze and leaving it on for around 2 hours.

Check back after the 2 hours lapse and see if it will start to freeze properly.

Quick Tip: To turn on Power Freeze, hold down the “Freezer” button for about 3 seconds. Keep in mind that Power Freeze icon lights up when it has been turned on. 

Now, if the freezer doesn’t appear to be working even after you have done this (but the fridge is working alright), try to adjust the set temp for the freezer lower.

Mostly, it kicks in too once a lower temp is set.



Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not cooling

For the issue of Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not cooling, start by checking that it is not in “demo” mode

That is because it is unlikely to cool if in “demo” mode (also called “Display mode”, “Exhibition mode”, “Cooling Off mode”, or Shop mode in some models).

Set it appropriately.

Secondly, check that both the refrigerator and freezer are 1/2 – 3/4 full.

Usually, the refrigerator won’t cool as intended when empty.


1.      Reset the appliance

Unplug the unit for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then plug it in once more.

As mentioned earlier, unplugging then plugging the appliance back in may reset it to a functional state.


2.      Clean the condenser coils

Typically, the fridge won’t work the right way when condenser coils are covered with dust.

Try to clean the coils with a rag (or a vacuum cleaner -with the correct brush attachment) and see if it will help.

Quick Tip: Sometimes you may need to get the freezer section (the entire part) out and clean it to make the unit work well again.


3.      Lower the temp control settings

Another step that can help is lowering the temp control settings in the refrigerator and freezer.

Next, allow the refrigerator to run for a few hours and then check the temp afresh- you may find it has dropped and the unit cooling food perfectly once again.


4.      Move the unit

If your unit is placed in direct sunlight (or is located close to a heat source), move it back farther.

Keep in mind that there should be good clearance – at least one inch- between a wall and the unit for proper cooling to take place so check this as well.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer has started to unthaw everything

For the most part, this has a potentially super easy fix (you may notice blue bars scrolling on the temperature control area).

Recommended action:

  • Unplug it for like a minute then insert it back.
  • Once plugged back in, hold the “freezer temp” button down on and the ice button for a few moments.

You can now test if it will work fine.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer ice maker not working

The main cause of the problem is the icemaker freezing up- and it is a pretty common fault in these models, especially in areas with frequent power outages.

Consequently, the best bet to have your icemaker up and running correctly again is to try to get it unfrozen then restarting everything.


  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Pull the ice bin/ tray/bucket out of the icemaker area. You will probably notice huge ice buildup in there (I should add that the ice can build up to an extent that the entire icemaker and ice bin freeze up together).
  3. Use a hair dryer to melt the ice buildup and frost in the area- you want to get it to totally de-ice. Note that you can an awl to break the ice off as well. Other alternatives include an ice pick or a hand steamer.
  4. Reset the unit (here you may push the reset button on icemaker though the precise steps vary by model).
  5. Now put the ice bucket back in place.
  6. Turn the unit back on.

Quick Tip: Rather than use a hair dryer- I have seen it warping the plastic on the unit- try to engage the “forced defrost” mode (available in some twin cooling fridge-freezer models). Needless to say, your specific Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer manual should describe how to activate the forced defrost mode.


Now, if the ice buildup is not that bad, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Turn off the icemaker (You do not have to turn off the whole unit).
  2. Remove the cover (to the icemaker).
  3. Let it sit for 2 hours. By the end of the 2 hours, the ice buildup should have defrosted enough for excess ice to be dislodged easily.
  4. Next, reset the unit (you can power cycle for 30 seconds).
  5. Now turn the icemaker back on.

Voila! It should now make ice without glitches.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan noise problem

This is again routinely due to ice buildup around the copper pipe- some units just make grinding noise while others get really obnoxious.

To get rid of the noise (and get your fridge freezer going again), try the following solutions:

Set the unit in “Demo Mode” to have it defrost

You can set your unit in “Demo Mode” and let it sit for like 2 hours– “Demo mode” turns the compressor off while leaving other functions on.

This may defrost it, getting rid of the fan noise.


Shut it off and allow it to thaw over time

As an alternative, you can first allow the food supply in there run low then keep it in coolers.

You then shut off power supply and let your fridge freezer thaw (on its own) – you may have to leave it for a few hours.

Try to see if the noise persists after it has thawed completely.

Quick Tip: If there was a massive accumulation of ice, let it sit overnight to completely defrost (after using hair dryer).


Force defrost it

You can “force defrost” the appliance from the front panel (check your manual for force defrosting directions).

The only downside to this fix is that it may quiet the fan noise just only temporarily (and it may return).


Disassemble and remove trapped ice

The area around the fan might be packed with ice meaning the best remedy is to disassemble and manually remove the ice trapped in there then blow dry it.

As mentioned earlier, a  hair dryer/ hand steamer could be indispensable here (Look for a good YouTube video to guide you on disassembly).

Quick Tip: Also, you don’t want the fan vents blocked by dust/grime so be sure to clean the vent(s) behind the appliance. In addition, vacuum the coils.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan not working

If the fan has stopped working, try these fixes:

Check if it might be loose

The fan -on the fridge- could have gotten loose and wedged, as a result.

The solution is to tighten it back up then check if everything is okay.


Check for ice build up

The fan blades may be blocked by ice buildup.

If this turns out to be the case, the unit is going to need “deicing” for the fan to spin again.

Follow the defrosting techniques explained previously.


Replace the fan motor

In extreme cases, the fan motor may be burnt and you need to change it out.

The part (check for compatibility before ordering) is generally inexpensive and YouTube tutorials can be helpful if you want to go ahead and replace the fan motor.

Quick Tip: Like other Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer parts, you can order a replacement component from websites such as Amazon,, and more.


Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer?

Before we proceed, I should mention that many random Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems can be resolved by performing a hard reset of the unit.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plugging the appliance back in.

Don’t forget the alternative reset procedure:  You just flip the circuit breaker off then back on after 30 seconds.

That should reset everything back to factory settings.


Wrap up

We hope this helps you out tremendously (and saves you the cost of a repairman coming in to get to the root of your problem).

But if none of the above actions resolve your Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer issues, it could be wise to contact Samsung Customer Service or a repairman for further troubleshooting.



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