How to reset Samsung washing machine program and make your washer work again

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Discover how to reset Samsung washing machine program in this post

One of the easiest tricks you can try on your Samsung washing machine if it has developed an issue is resetting it.

In fact, Samsung recommends that you reset your washer if you notice issues such as internal control board fault before making a service call.

There are a lot of other defects resetting your Samsung washing machine to factory settings could resolve including the following Samsung washing machine error codes:

  • Error code 8E (Over current error)
  • Error code 9E1/ PH1 (Power error)
  • Error code AE/ 13E (Signal communication fault between the Main PCB and Sub-PCB)
  • Error code bE (Motor issue)
  • Error code HR Heater relay failure

In short, resetting your Samsung washing machine to factory settings can save you a bundle- you and I know that professional service can be pretty expensive.

So, how do you reset a Samsung washing machine?

Below we show you how to reset your Samsung washing machine program when trying DIY troubleshooting:

How to reset Samsung washing machine program and make your washer work again

Of course, resetting your Samsung washing machine program reboots the machine’s programming and it could be the secret to making your washer work normally again.

Luckily, it is really a piece of cake – it is perhaps the easiest troubleshooting procedure you can perform when it comes to Samsung washing machines.

Here are the straightforward steps (they apply to most Samsung washing machines):

How to reset Samsung washing machine program

Method 1: Reset by unplugging it

To start with, you can reset your washer by simply unplugging it.

But you need to wait a while for the washer’s electrical charge to completely clear out– the capacitors on its circuit boards could be holding a charge.

Now, in general, waiting one to five minutes should do the trick.

You then power the machine up again and check if the issue that was causing it to malfunction has cleared.

Method 2: Reset by turning off power (at your home’s circuit breaker)

An alternative method of resetting the machine’s programming is turning off power to the appliance at your home’s circuit breaker.

If you opt for this approach, it is important to note that you still have to wait for a couple of minutes (one to five even now) before powering it again.

That’s it!  Your Samsung washing machine should now be fine if it has not developed any bigger problems.

Quick Tip: The best way to test if all is now well is by starting a new programme (after switching the washer on again). Try it!

How to reset Samsung front load washing machine program

Don’t panic if your Samsung front load washer has malfunctioned – a reset is all it sometimes takes to resolve an error.

Here are your options if you want to do programming reset on the machine:

How to reset a Samsung front load washer (steps)

The easiest way to reset your Samsung front load washer is by turning off the machine and turning it on again.

The other technique of resetting it back to default settings is by resetting the circuit breaker (this works for most Samsung front load washer models).


How to reset Samsung washing machine program – eco bubble models

Follow these steps to factory reset your Samsung eco bubble unit (the method is a little different when dealing with eco bubble units):

How to reset Samsung washing machine eco bubble (steps)

Step 1: Turn on the washing machine

You clearly simply need to press the power button to make it turn on.

Step 2: Press the option button

Next, press the option button on the machine for about 5 seconds. This should take you to the system function.

Once the system function is displayed, tap on Accept.

Step 3: Turn the dial to factory reset

Now you need to turn the dial until the Factory Reset option comes up on the display. Typically, you turn the dial two times to have the Factory Reset option appear.

Step 4: Tap to reset

All you have to do now is tap on the Factory Reset option to reset the machine (Press/touch on Tap to Reset).

A message “all settings will be set to defaults, continue?” is shown.

Turn the dial to ensure that the OK option is selected. Proceed to tap to confirm.

The machine will be reset to factory settings and then be turned off.

Be sure to follow the instructions once the machine is turned back on.

Quick Tip: The indicated steps are demonstrated in the video below (watch it and try)

How do I reset my Samsung washer door lock?

If the door will not unlock, you can try to reset it as follows (Confirm that the door is securely closed before you start):

  • First, turn off your washer by pushing the power button.
  • Next, turn the machine on again and check if it will now unlock


How to reset Samsung washing machine to factory settings – frequently asked questions

How Do I reset WiFi on my Samsung washer?

If you’re having Wi-Fi and other network connectivity problems with your Wi-Fi enabled washing machine, you can try resetting its WiFi and network information- doing this erases the troublesome settings so that it can attempt to connect afresh.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Hold the Smart Controluntil the AP displays (it displays in around 3 seconds).
  2. Hold Temp until the OK option displays(you will wait for about 7 seconds-maximum). The display then goes back to AP.
  3. Now Turn off your washer.

That’s it!


Well, that is how to reset your Samsung washing machine (various models).

Go ahead and follow the above steps to reset your Samsung washing machine- you could get rid of glitches in your washer Wi-Fi settings, calibration problems, annoying error codes, and more.

Keep in mind that some problems require complicated troubleshooting so it is best to call in a professional if everything you have tried so far has not worked.

Another option you may consider if you feel that your machine needs expert servicing is calling Samsung’s customer support team.


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