Samsung range display problems / Samsung range LED display problems fixed

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Your Samsung oven display flickering? Your Samsung oven blinking dot? Your Samsung oven blinking blue light? Here is how to fix these and other most common Samsung range display faults 

This troubleshooting guide covers potential fixes for common Samsung range display problems (including the most stubborn Samsung electric range display problems).

Read it to the end and try the suggested solutions if you are struggling to repair display-related Samsung range issues:

Samsung range display problems / Samsung range LED display problems fixed

To start off on our troubleshooting tips for various Samsung range display problems, lets us look at the issue of your Samsung oven display flickering..


Samsung Range display flickering (Samsung oven digital display flickering including Samsung Ne59j7630sg display flickering problem)

If your display is flickering (This seems like a common fault among owners of this particular Samsung oven model), you can try the fixes below: 

1.     Check if it is properly plugged in

If you moved it recently, there is a likelihood that some cords are not properly plugged in causing the screen to start flickering constantly non-stop.

Check that all cords have been plugged in correctly.

You can also try to change the outlet it is plugged in- there is always a chance that the outlet you have plugged the range into may develop an issue that makes the display to start blinking.

Quick Tip: A good confirmation that there’s an issue with power connection is Samsung oven bad line message..if you see that on display, try to reconnect power supply correctly before proceeding.


2.     Check it for error codes

Alternatively, you can try to enter diagnostic mode in your unit and check if there are any error codes.

Note that most Samsung range error codes can be cleared by resetting the unit (see the “soft reset” procedure below).


3.     Reset the Range

A lot of Samsung range problems –including some Samsung range display problems- are resolved by resetting the unit.

Here is the reset procedure:

How to reset Samsung range display:

To reset the range, simply power cycle your unit for 2 minutes (at least).  ‌

You can then restore power to your unit and see if the display will still be flickering.


4.     Replace the display on your unit

If the problem still exists even after flipping the breaker, it could be possible that the display is damaged (something may have gone wrong making the part stop receiving signals from the unit’s control board).

The best solution- if you suspect that the LED display is defective- is replacing the part.

The good thing is that it is fairly easy to do (even for those who are not exactly adept at technical stuff) and the part is itself not super expensive.

To be clear, you should order Samsung DE07-00129A LED Display Board (DE07-00129A is the part number) and you can shop for it online at Amazon (Here is the link to the actual genuine OEM part).

The part can also be purchased from the official Samsung Parts site or sites such as appliancepartspros (But Amazon had the best price at the time of writing this).

Bear in mind that the part is pretty small – the Samsung range display board is about 2.75 inches x 2 inches x 1 inches.

samsung range display replacement

Samsung Range display replacement: How to replace led display board on Samsung range

As mentioned, the part is pretty easy to remove and replace (you can take even less than 15 minutes) to change out your range display.

Now, to get started, you’ll need to remove a couple of connectors and screws (from the rear of your oven) and even a small Phillips can work here.

But you have to be cautious not to break anything – be particularly careful with the clips that hold the part in since they might break easily during the removal of your old display. 

Of course, it is recommended that you follow the installation instructions in the owners manual when changing out the part.

Quick Tip: This video can also be handy during the installation.


Samsung Range display missing segments

The other common defect is the display having missing segments..

Now, if some of the characters are not showing up right, you can try to reset the unit as described earlier.

If that doesn’t work, your only workaround could be replacing the display board.


Samsung range display not working after self cleaning

Also, some users experience the glitch of the display stopping working after running a self cleaning cycle on their appliances.

Here is the thing:

If the front display went blank/dark and the oven door remained shut after you run a self-cleaning cycle, what you will probably need to do is change the fuse.


Well, the fuse often blows after using the self-cleaning feature on a few Samsung brand oven models especially when there are electrical issues during the process.

The best news is that the part is really affordable (check the price of Samsung DE47-20037A Thermostat part on Amazon here).

Besides, the installation process is extremely easy- don’t forget that you must first unlock the door to reach the fuse (be sure to confirm the location of the thermal fuse in your specific model before proceeding).

This video will help you complete the entire process (Here is part 1 of the Video).

Let us now proceed to other general issues


Samsung range screen not working

Again try to reset the unit first and if the problem is that the display stopped working after running a self-cleaning cycle, consider replacing the fuse.

As with most display-related Samsung electric range problems, the final remedy you can try is replacing the display board.


Samsung ne59n6630ss display problems

Here now is how to fix Samsung display on the ne59n6630ss model:

1.      Faulty flickering display on Samsung ne59n6630ss

The best workaround is to replace the display board entirely.

2.      Samsung ne59n6630ss display missing segments

The recommended fix is resetting the unit.

If that doesn’t help, it could be worth replacing the display board.

If this is the direction you will take, it is important to ensure you order a compatible part.



Wrap up

Here are some service options if you are still out of luck:

If your range was recently purchased, try checking with your retailer/dealer on their exchange/return process.

If you had an extended warranty, reach out to your retailer/dealer to have them service your unit.

Another option would be to send Samsung a message directly with your full model code (and serial number) to have them verify if your unit is still within warranty or if it’s qualified for any service options.

And if you are out of warranty, your best bet is having a service technician take a look at your unit. 



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