How to reset Samsung oven (step-by-step)

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Learn how to reset Samsung oven in a few minutes in this troubleshooting guide

If your Samsung oven has developed a fault, there is no reason to panic yet- sometimes all it needs to get rid of the issue is resetting it to factory defaults.

Read on to learn how to reset Samsung oven, the errors that are often resolved by resetting the unit, and specific troubleshooting steps to consider if resetting doesn’t get it working again (depending on the fault).

How to reset Samsung oven (how to reset a Samsung oven step-by-step)

Resetting a Samsung oven is incredibly easy….

Here are the steps:

How to reset Samsung oven – step by step

  1. Start by turning the circuit breaker to the oven OFF.
  2. Don’t turn it back ON immediately- you need to wait 30 seconds (or so) for the old settings to clear from the memory.
  3. You can now turn the circuit breaker back ON.

Voila! That’s all it takes to reset a Samsung oven in most cases.


Go on and check if this has made it function the correct way again.

Quick Tip: If it doesn’t seem to successfully reset the first time, don’t give up- I have seen guys have it reset on the 5th or 6th attempt so try to turn power off and back on (at the circuit breaker box) a few more times.

Another helpful trick if the oven doesn’t reset the first time is to leave the power off for a little longer the next attempt (let say 3 to 5 minutes) before turning power back on.


How to reset a Samsung oven – alternative method

Another technique that often works when it comes to resetting a Samsung oven is simply unplugging it from the outlet, waiting a couple of seconds (30 or so), and then plugging it back in.

Try the technique if the first method doesn’t quite work.

Again, you can try to leave it unplugged for a bit longer if leaving it unplugged for the suggested 30 seconds fails to make it reset.


How to reset Samsung gas range

The procedure is the same:

Turn the circuit breaker off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on OR Unplug it for 3 to 5 minutes to reset its main electronic control board.

If the issue still returns, you will probably need to take further steps.


Errors that are often resolved by resetting a Samsung oven

Here is the thing: Not all issues are repaired by resetting your Samsung oven.

That said, there is still a significant number of glitches resetting the oven fixes.

Below is a description of some of the faults you’re likely to resolve by performing a quick reset of your Samsung oven so that you know if you’re on the right track (plus some extra helpful troubleshooting ideas):

Problems after a power outage

If power went out and on power restoration you notice issues such as the display not working, a reset to factory defaults will at times do the trick.

How do I reset my Samsung oven after a power outage?

Flip the circuit breaker off and wait for about 30 seconds then switch the circuit breaker back on.

Remember you can repeat it several times if you were not successful the first time.


Control panel issues e.g. Samsung oven buttons not working 

Another instance you should consider resetting the oven is when your keypad stopped working (or some of the buttons started to malfunction).

I should add that resetting the unit should be the first thing you should consider for touchpad problems on most Samsung oven models.

If you’re experiencing these issues, try to the above Samsung oven control panel reset steps and see if the oven will be back to business.

Quick Tip: If turning off the breaker then turning it back does not repair the problem of some buttons failing to work, you may have to replace the entire keypad unit. Consult a professional if necessary.


Common Samsung oven error codes

Samsung oven error codes such as Error SE (means your unit’s touch control panel may be shorted) code can sometimes also be fixed by resetting the unit.

Be sure to explore further troubleshooting procedures if resetting the unit doesn’t fix the error code in question.

For example, for Samsung range / wall oven error codes, the following steps may be needed (depending on the specific issue):

  • bAd LinE error

If it says bAd LinE (meaning the power connection could be plugged in improperly), you need to reconnect the power properly for it to work.

  • error C-24 (samsung oven c-24 fault code)

If it shows error C-24 (meaning that the temperature sensor might have detected the temperature -of the oven- rising at an abnormally higher rate due to a possible blockage), you may need to take measures such as checking if the vent is indeed being blocked (even if partially) and removing the pan (or whatever else is blocking it).

Bear in mind that the error can also be cleared by opening then closing the door (while cooking) a couple of times (for 3 seconds or so at a time).

This allows warm air to be released rapidly and it may force some out (of the vent), potentially resolving the issue.

Another likely remedy for the C-24 error on Samsung oven would be to turning it off (and leaving the door open) for 1 minute (to allow it cool).


How to reset a Samsung oven – Recap

Let’s recap:

So, how do you reset Samsung microwave oven?

Well, first you can reset power to the oven by turning the circuit breaker off, waiting 30 seconds, and then turning it back on.

Of course, the second technique that often works when it comes to resetting a Samsung oven is simply unplugging it from the outlet, waiting a couple of seconds (30 or so), and then plugging it back in.

As mentioned, if the error persists, you can visit Samsung Support Center and request service or reach out to a seasoned professional technician near you.

PS: For the most part, there’s no dedicated Samsung oven reset button in the models on the market today.


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