Samsung dishwasher diagnostic mode (how to enter)

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“How do I put my Samsung dishwasher in diagnostic mode?” Discover the steps in this guide…

Many Samsung dishwasher models have an automatic electronic diagnostic feature.

This feature simply automates Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting somewhat -it searches for and corrects minor issues as they come about during the test.

For example, you can turn to your Samsung dishwasher diagnostic mode when fixing issues such as an abnormally blinking light.

So, how do you put your Samsung dishwasher into the diagnostic mode?

Well, below are the steps to follow to switch to the Samsung dishwasher diagnostic mode.


Samsung dishwasher diagnostic mode – how to put Samsung dishwasher in diagnostic mode

Here is how to put a Samsung washer in diagnostic mode..

To be clear, these are general steps (they apply to most Samsung dishwasher models).

Step 1: Turn on power (to the unit).

The first thing you should do is power the machine on.

Step 2: Press Delay/Start button on the control panel

Your next step is pressing the “Delay/Start” button until the display reads “17H”.

Step 3: Press then hold High Temp button

Now proceed to press and hold the “High Temp” button until the screen/display reads “AS”

Step 4: Press then hold the Start button

Once you see “AS” appear on the screen, go ahead and press the “Start” button – be sure to release it almost immediately.

Voila! The unit will now begin the test cycle (and you should notice the time left counting down on the display).

What should I do next?

Now, there is nothing else you should do once the cycle starts – just sit back and let the machine go through the self diagnostic process.

Bear in mind that during the test cycle, all the functions of your Samsung dishwasher are going to be tested to make sure they are all working properly.

And how will I know that my Samsung dishwasher is working fine?

Glad you asked.

Now, if the self diagnostics do not find any trouble with your Samsung dishwasher (and every function is running without incident), you will see the symbol “Ot” appear on the screen.

That simply signifies that 0 time is left (indicating that all tests have finished successfully and no error was found).

Otherwise, an error code might be flashed on your Samsung dishwasher display communicating the part/function that was detected as having problems.

Of course, you need to investigate what is causing the displayed Samsung error codes and research the recommended fixes.

Just take into account that some of the errors are quite easy to fix and you really do not need to pay a pro.

For instance, if your Samsung dishwasher flashes the 9E error code, it means there is inadequate water in the machine.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest issues to put right- you can correct the problem by emptying your Samsung dishwasher, adding detergent, and then starting a normal cycle.

On the other hand, some faults are more demanding and you need to be an experienced hand to repair them (if you are not, you need to reach out to a technician).

Here is a useful Video by Samsung showing the steps.

We shall now turn to the procedure to follow to enter test mode on specific Samsung models.


Samsung Waterwall dishwasher diagnostic mode (Samsung dishwasher dw80j7550ug diagnostic mode)

To start us off, here is how to enter Samsung Waterwall dishwasher test mode (DW80J7550UG model):

Step 1

Press on the “Power” button together with Zone+Booster button (under the lower rack button set).

Note that the three buttons should be pressed simultaneously.

Once you press the three buttons (at the same time), you will hear the unit beep.

Step 2

Press the “Power” button again.

You will again hear the unit beep and the screen will now display “00:00”.

Step 3

Under the Cycle set of buttons, press the “Auto” button twice in succession.

The machine will now display “dC”.

Step 4

Press “Power” button once more and close the door.

That’s it!  Your Samsung Waterwall DW80J7550UG dishwasher will run a series of tests (and the display will keep on showing the time counting down for each test).


Samsung dishwasher dw80k5050us diagnostic mode

The steps are pretty much similar to the procedure above:

Step 1: Turn on the unit.

Step 2: Press the “Delay” button until 17h appears on the screen.

Step 3: Press then hold “Hi-Temp” wash until the display says “AS”.

Step 4: Press the “Start” button.

That should take the machine to test mode.


Entering test mode on some older Samsung models

On older models (such as DMT800RHS/XAA, DMT800RHB/XAA, and DMT800RHW/XAA), you press ‘”Heavy” + “Delicate’ + “Power” buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

All the LEDs are light up for the first 2 seconds and then the Software Version will be indicated. 

Note that you change the mode by again pressing “Normal” button (If the Normal button is pressed during this mode, the machine changes to next mode). 

Remember that the door needs to be closed if you are activating the mode while running the dishwasher.     


Wrapping it up

If running Samsung dishwasher diagnostic test cycle does not resolve the issue, perhaps you should consider reaching out to a repairman.

The other option is to contact Samsung customer care (Here is the link)- they will help you troubleshoot and fix your Samsung appliance (you can also call 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)).

Don’t forget to watch this Video by Samsung – It demonstrates how to enter Samsung dishwasher self test mode (step by step).



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