GE dishwasher diagnostic mode guide [Step-by-Step instructions]

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GE dishwasher diagnostic mode can be a helpful troubleshooting tool-through the tests it performs on the dishwasher, you can quickly narrow down on the real fault.

Learn how to put GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode below and ran through the handy diagnostics – they could go a long way in getting your dishwasher up and running again.

GE dishwasher diagnostic mode – How to enter

Follow these instructions to get into the diagnosis screen on your GE dishwasher (GDF510PGD, GDF520PGD, GDF530PGD, GDF540PGD, GDF550PGD models).

Entering GE dishwasher diagnostic mode

Note that you can only enter the diagnostic mode from the Error Code Display Mode’ in these models.

When the machine is in Stand-by Mode(cycle selection mode & not running a dish-washing cycle), press then hold “Cycle Select” + “Start” buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.

Note that you can only enter the diagnostic mode from the Error Code Display Mode’ in these models.

Once you have verified that it is in Error Mode, press and hold down “Cycle Start” for about five seconds (this activates the tests).

It is important to note that you Press “Cycle Select” each time you want to select/Increment to the next Test (and you press Start to either Start/Stop a test).

Side Note: To Enter Diagnostic Error Mode

When the machine is in Stand-by Mode(cycle selection mode & not running a dish-washing cycle), press then hold “Cycle Select” + “Start” buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.


How to read GE dishwasher error codes

After it is through with the door check, the control performing the tests enters a mode that displays any error codes it has detected during GE dishwasher diagnostic test.

The good thing is that a specific LED illuminates to indicate the error condition that is present.

Below is the meaning of the various errors (depending on the LED that lights up)..

Illuminated LED Indicated Error Possible cause of the error
Start Communications Failure/glitch User Interface control has not been able to communicate with machine control.
Heated Dry Wash Temperature issue Minimum wash temp. of 120°F not reached during three(3) of the past five(5) wash cycles.
Wash Boost Thermistor problem A short/open circuit detected at the thermistor.
Clean Turbidity Sensor fault A short/open circuit detected at turbidity sensor.
Lock Always Illuminated This illuminates to alert you that diagnostic mode is active.

Please note that these error displays are not to be cleared manually- they are cleared automatically by the control upon detecting that the triggering condition is not present anymore (you will have done the required repairs).

Quick Tip: Error Code Display Mode times out after five (5) minutes of non-use.


How to leave GE dishwasher diagnostic mode (GDF510PGD, GDF520PGD, GDF530PGD, GDF540PGD, GDF550PGD models)

To cancel Service Mode (from the Load Control Mode), press then hold down “Cycle Select”+Start” simultaneously 1–2 seconds.


GE GLDT690T dishwasher diagnostic mode (GE GLDT690T dishwasher service test mode)

Follow these steps to enter Factory Diagnostic Mode on GE GLDT690T dishwasher:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher and ensure no LEDs are lighting.
  2. Disconnect power to your dishwasher.
  3. Reconnect power (while the door is open) and swiftly press and hold down the following two buttons at the same time:
  • Delay + ON/OFF pads

Please make sure you press the two pads within 60-180 seconds (of re-connecting power).

  1. Next, close the door.

Just bear in mind that if you perform the procedure correctly, all the LEDs plus the SSD will be flashing every second until you select the next step (Press the Select Button to scroll forward).

How to exit Diagnostic mode on GE GLDT690T dishwasher

If you don’t want to wait for it to finish the self-test results, you can still cancel the diagnostic mode.

Now, to exit the diagnostic mode, you can either press the “ON/OFF” button or simply disconnect power.


GE Triton dishwasher diagnostic mode

To enter the service mode:

Press the “cookware” (or pots & pans -on select models) and “Heated Dry” keypads simultaneously for about 3 seconds.

And to cancel Service Mode:

Press “ Start/Reset” keypad at any time during the test cycle to cancel.



GE profile dishwasher diagnostic mode

PDW8900 Series GE profile dishwasher

To enter diagnostic mode on a PDW8900 Series GE profile dishwasher:

Press and hold down “Cookware” and “Heated Dry” keypads at the same time for about 3 seconds.

And to exit the mode, press “Start/Reset”  at any time.


PDW9700 and PDW9900 Series GE profile dishwashers

To enter diagnostic mode on both PDW9700 and PDW9900 GE Series dishwashers:

Press and hold down the  “Down” arrow + the “Heated Dry” keypad simultaneously, again for 3 seconds.

And to exit the mode, press “Start/Reset”  at any time.

GE dishwasher Service Mode   (a few other models)

The Service Mode (in a few other models) is entered by pressing then holding down “Cycle Select” pad for about 5 seconds (it is possible to switch to the service mode only during Error Code Display/Diagnostic Mode).

To start the test, simply press the “Start” pad (Press “Start” pad too to abort the test or “Cycle Select” pad to stop the ongoing test and be able to select your next planne test).

Don’t forget that the control will only begin testing when the dishwasher door is closed (Start light will be flashing to indicate the door is open).

Here is the sequence of the tests (and explanatory notes):


LED Blink# Load To Control(Test for service) Timeout information and notes
1 Drain Pump Attempts to empty tub automatically. Takes about 75 seconds (from normal level).
2 Water Valve Attempts to fill tub automatically to normal volume. Takes about 1 minute (to reach normal level).
3 Circulation Pump Changes spray arm (through changing the diverter) every thirty(30) seconds. Runs for 2 minutes(maximum).
4 Heater Turns the heater on (for 2 minutes-maximum).
5 Detergent Module Turns on soap dispense solenoid (for 15 seconds-maximum).

Exiting GE dishwasher Service Mode

To exit service mode at any time during the Load Control Mode tests, press and hold down Cycle Select + Start simultaneously for 1–2 seconds.

Finally, like the GE dishwasher factory test mode, the service mode times out after 5 minutes (approximately).

GE dishwasher diagnostic mode – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I put my GE dishwasher in diagnostic mode?

While the dishwasher is in stand-by mode, press and hold down the pads – Cycle + Start – at the same time for about five seconds.

The door status will be checked first (for 10 seconds) with other error checks following.


Wrapping it up

If you did not find the instructions applicable to your specific unit, look for the service brochure (check behind the kickplate) or search for it online with your model number (some manuals are also helpful).

Reminder: A simple way of resolving some of the common issues is removing power from your unit(for a couple of minutes)- This usually resets the main board and occasionally fixes simple errors.


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