Frigidaire dishwasher diagnostic mode [How to enter]

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Frigidaire dishwashers come with a really helpful troubleshooting option known as the diagnostic mode.

Put simply, this is a truly cool built-in test cycle feature that helps you identify what has gone wrong (or is going wrong) with your appliance when troubleshooting it.

To be clear, once you enter Frigidaire dishwasher diagnostic mode, the test cycle will run myriad tests on the critical dishwasher components – think the water fill, heating element, wash motor, and more.

It eventually displays an error code (or will flash lights) depending on the model you have and the fault it detects, making it easier for you to narrow down on whatever is causing a malfunction.

So, how do you put a Frigidaire dishwasher in diagnostic mode?

Well, follow the steps below if you are having trouble figuring out how to enter Frigidaire dishwasher diagnostic mode:


Frigidaire dishwasher diagnostic mode -How to enter the diagnostic mode on a Frigidaire dishwasher

Instructions on switching to the Frigidaire professional dishwasher diagnostic mode vary from one model to the next, but it’s usually entered by pressing a combination of buttons until self-test begins. 

Below is how to put Frigidaire dishwasher in diagnostic mode (general guidelines):

Press these two buttons at the same time until you notice the test start: 

“High Temp” + “Start/Cancel” 

Question: How do you I that the self-testing process has begun (so that I release the buttons)?


For units without a digital display, observe the indicator lights as you hold down the buttons and let go of the buttons once they light up (that signals the beginning of the self-test cycle).

To add, the indicator lights you should be watching are on the top-edge door controls.

On the other hand, you will notice 01 show up in the display for models featuring a display window – that is the cue you will be looking for here (to indicate the start of the test)


Frigidaire dishwasher diagnostic mode- What exactly happens during Frigidaire dishwasher test mode

Now that you have understood how to put Frigidaire washer in diagnostic mode, you may want to know what goes on in the appliance during the self-test mode..

In a nutshell, nearly every part that is essential to the dishwasher’s smooth running – heating element, drain pump, the water fill, wash motor, etc. -is activated and a series of tests conducted on it to see if it is working properly.

You will actually hear various sounds as the different parts are reached (and activated and tested).

But you don’t need to do anything- just sit back and let the machine do its thing and see if the results will point you to the individual problem that is preventing it from functioning as it has always done.


Frigidaire dishwasher error codes flashing lights

If after finishing the test your washer starts to blink lights, you should check your owners manual for the correct meaning of the error code (and even tips on how to fix it).

However, the very basic thing to do before trying any complicated troubleshooting is resetting the dishwasher by following the instructions below.

Frigidaire dishwasher error codes reset procedure

Option 1

Under this method, you reset the appliance via the StartCancel button- This is the fastest way to reset it because you don’t need to disconnect the machine from the power.


  1. Find “Cancel Button” (on your control panel).
  2. Next, press then hold down the “Cancel Button” for around 3 seconds (minimum)- you can continue holding down the “Cancel Button” until indicator lights go off/change.
  3. Wait about five minutes- it is important to you allow the dishwater enough time to erase all status plus last run details from the memory and restore factory defaults.
  4. Restart the washer –simply press “Start Button” for between 1 to 2 seconds.

Voila! That might reset the errors on your Frigidaire dishwasher and make it start behaving normally once more.


Option 2

In the second option, you reset the Frigidaire dishwasher by first disconnecting it from power (for the previously stated 5 minutes).

You may want to try this method if the Start/Cancel reset trick did not pay off.


  1. Find the breaker (to your Frigidaire dishwasher).
  2. Just turn the breaker off
  3. Wait for the usual 5 minutes.
  4. Turn the circuit breaker back up once again.

Now check if the errors have cleared (and if it has begun operating correctly).

Quick Tip: Needless to say, you can just unplug the dishwasher as well -for 5 minutes- then plug it right back in (instead of struggling to access the breaker)

Either way, we cannot emphasize enough how powerful a simple reset can be- It’s extremely crucial to try both methods before you make that typically expensive repair call.


How to run diagnostic on Frigidaire dishwasher (Frigidaire dishwasher service mode) – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I run a diagnostic on my Frigidaire dishwasher (gallery series model)?

To enter Frigidaire gallery dishwasher diagnostic mode, again press the following buttons at the same time until you notice the test start: 

“High Temp” + “Start/Cancel” 

As described earlier, release the buttons once you see the indicators illuminate or 01 appear in the display then wait as it runs the self-diagnostics.


Diagnostic mode Frigidaire dishwasher – Final words

Keep in mind that your Frigidaire dishwasher will not always return an error on running the diagnostic mode- it may reset on completing its self-diagnosis if no defect was found.

Otherwise, as mentioned, an error code will be shown or the lights will stay on- either communicates about the specific problem you need to fix to make it work properly again.

Be sure to call an appliance technician if you don’t have the skills to repair the dishwasher.

PS: Not all Frigidaire dishwashers feature a diagnostic mode- please check the Tech sheet to confirm if your particular model offers the ‘tool’.

Now, if diagnostic mode is not provided in your unit, you can try to perform a reset on the dishwasher in case you are running into trouble when you attempt to start a cycle.



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