Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting guide

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The Frigidaire professional dishwasher has amazing settings, is whisper quiet when running, and saves water usage greatly (and it has lots of other little nuanced things).

That being said, the appliance can occasionally experience problems.

Which is where this Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting guide comes in.

Read on to learn how to fix a great deal of the most common Frigidaire professional dishwasher problems…

Table of Contents

Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting – causes and fixes for common Frigidaire professional dishwasher issues

Let’s dive into our Frigidaire professional series dishwasher troubleshooting tips:

PART A: Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting and fixes for starting and shutting down problems

Frigidaire professional dishwasher not working at all (Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t come on)

Your Frigidaire professional dishwasher not starting and resetting it doesn’t help? (See reset instructions under the section “troubleshooting error codes”)

Now, here is what to do if your Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t start:

  • Could you be having a tripped breaker (or a blown fuse) ? – check and flip it on.
  • Is water supply turned on? – check and turn supply on.
  • Are the cycle settings correct?- they may be set incorrectly (check and adjust)
  • Remove “Delay Start Option”- dishwasher may be set to delay option
  • Ensure the door has been latched/closed properly.

Other things to try if Frigidaire professional dishwasher not turning on

  • Look for a loose connection somewhere under the dishwasher (or inside)- inspect around (you have to take the machine apart to get inside) and fix any loose wiring connection.
  • Test and repair internal components such as the board and drive motor (perhaps a component is dead causing the problem).


Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t stop running

Causes and fixes:

  1. Cycle set to water heating delay- check and change
  2. Delay start option selected- remove the option
  3. Sanitize option selected-change


Frigidaire professional dishwasher buttons not working

If your Frigidaire professional dishwasher buttons stopped working, you may try to reset it (remember to see reset instructions under the section “troubleshooting error codes”).

Next, take try to clean out the ribbon cable (search for a video on YouTube to learn how access the control panel area) and clean off any rust.

Lastly, if the buttons are yet to function, consider ordering a new control panel online.

To add, if your Frigidaire professional dishwasher start button won’t work (and this may be the reason why the machine won’t come on, if it has power), clean the ribbon cable/replace the whole keypad/panel.

Quick Tip: Bear in mind that the above fixes are to be tried for those experiencing the issue of Frigidaire professional dishwasher control panel not working properly (or at all).


PART B: Troubleshooting Frigidaire professional dishwasher drain problems

From the problem of Frigidaire professional dishwasher water not draining to the issue of the dishwasher refusing to stop draining, you can resolve it all.

Here are the solutions we recommend for Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting drain problems:

Frigidaire professional dishwasher is not draining (Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t drain)

Below is what to check if your Frigidaire professional dishwasher isn’t draining (and other Frigidaire professional series dishwasher leaking issues)..

Look for signs of clogging

Access the area under sink (where your drain hose attaches to the “T” in the drain. Remove the line and check for clogging in the pipe. 

You want to remove the clog, hook the hose back, and see if the issue is resolved.

Remove knock-out plug

Check to make sure the knock-out plug was removed (during installation) if connected to food disposer. Also, check that the waste disposer is empty – this often fixes the fault. 

Remove any kinks in the drain hose

Look for and clear any kinks in the drain hose- this is a common culprit for the problem of Frigidaire professional dishwasher leaking from bottom too.

Check for a broken sump (and replace)

If there is water leaking onto the floor, check for a broken sump (and replace)- replace even if it is a part in the sump that has failed because repairing single sump parts is not always easy.

Quick Tip: Also, if you’re close to your dishwasher when the cycle ends, proceed to open the door (to release a bit of the steam). This may help cut down on the water coming to your floors.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t stop draining

While the issue of Frigidaire professional dishwasher not draining is significantly common, the issue of Frigidaire professional dishwasher failing to stop draining is a rarity.

But it has solutions too, if it is what you are struggling with.

Here are some ideas worth trying:

  1. Drain water pooled (if any) in the base and find the leak that could be causing pooling.
  2. Re-install the drain hose correctly(it must not be too low).
  3. Check the float switch and change it, if it doesn’t work properly.


PART C: Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting ideas for other faults

Frigidaire professional dishwasher door not closing

Please ensure that your dishwasher was correctly leveled during installation – this is the first step in having the door latch tight!


  1. Re-arrange dishes- it may not latch securely if any dishes stick out.
  2. Make sure the racks have been pushed in all the way.
  3. Next, check the door latch itself(replace, if defective).
  4. Check for issues in the seal(gasket), hinge, or spring depending on the design of your model (replacements might be necessary).
  5. Check the door itself- Get a new door if it is warped

Frigidaire professional dishwasher is locked (Frigidaire professional dishwasher loc issue)

Your Frigidaire professional dishwasher stuck on loc or your Frigidaire professional dishwasher says loc?

Well, you need to remove the child lock (Frigidaire professional dishwasher child lock prevents unintended operation) by following these steps:

How to unlock Frigidaire professional dishwasher (How to unlock controls if your Frigidaire professional dishwasher stuck on lock)

Press down “DELAY START” until “loc” clears from the display window. That should resolve the Frigidaire professional dishwasher locked problem.

Please try to reset the machine if it is still stuck on lock.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher soap dispenser not opening / Frigidaire professional dishwasher soap dispenser not closing

To rectify the problem, try the following:

Remove items blocking the door

Regarding the soap dispenser not opening, make sure items (in the racks) are not preventing the dispenser door from opening.

Remove hardened detergent deposits

Check for and scrape away carefully any accumulated and hardened detergent deposits on/around the latching mechanism (you can use an ice-scraper).

And yes, a vinegar solution can be applied (with the door fully opened) to help loosen the soap scum before scraping.

Change out the latch mechanism

It can also be that it is the latch mechanism that has been damaged. Try to replace it.

Replace the dispenser door

Ultimately, you may have to purchase replacement dispenser door

Quick Tip: It makes sense too to take a look at the actuator and the springs before going for a new door. Please bear in mind that it is recommended you change out the entire soap dispenser (if these two are defective).


Frigidaire professional dishwasher not washing (Frigidaire professional dishwasher not cleaning dishes)

Try these if your Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t clean dishes (Top or bottom rack not cleaning well):

  1. Change to a fresh detergent – Use a brand designed for professional level dishwashers.
  2. Select another cycle– You may want to try longer washing time.
  3. Try “HIGH TEMP WASH” option– This may cut through stubborn baked-on food/greasy residue on dishes. 
  4. Ensure proper rack loading- You don’t want to nest items.
  5. Make sure no items block the spray arms- This may keep them from rotating
  6. Check home water pressure – Have a plumber troubleshoot water pressure if it is not between 20-120 psi(per square inch).
  7. Check water hardness- Install a water softener if your water is extremely hard (you can also try any detergent specially formulated for excessively hard water, for example, this).

Bonus tips for better cleaning quality

  • Re-arrange the dishes– Large items should be loaded on its bottom rack while small items go to the top rack.
  • Attempt running hot water (at the sink) until hot enough prior to starting your dishwasher- If water coming is at the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you may achieve an improved cleaning performance.
  • Also, always be sure to use the right amount of the rinse aid


Frigidaire professional series dishwasher leaving residue on dishes

and if you are noticing a white film (cloudy appearance) or powdery residue on dishes, check for the following:

  1. Limescale buildup (from hard water)
  2. Undissolved detergent / overloading on detergent.

Suggested solutions

  1. If your home has hard water, consider remedies such as a water softener.
  2. Ensure you’re using the minimum recommended amount of detergent.
  3. Ensure you’re having hot water (120 degrees Fahrenheit) –hot water is required to dissolve detergent fully (running hot water -in your sink- before starting the cycle is helpful)

Finally, to help get rid of the film on your dishes currently, we recommend you add vinegar (a cup) to a cycle, rather than the detergent.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher stops mid cycle

Here you should give resetting it a shot first so go ahead and reset your appliance -Please make sure that door is fully closed (and latched) prior to restarting it.

Other things to check

  • Look if there is a water supply issue
  • Check your cycle settings (wrong cycle could be selected)
  • Check the door- it may not be closed properly hence the fault.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher not drying (Frigidaire professional dishwasher not drying dishes)

What to check if Frigidaire professional dishwasher won’t dry dishes:

  1. Air dry should be deselected (for units with this option) – this tends to result in soaking wet dishes (It’s air-reliant for drying and does not rely on heat).
  2. Manually try to press the “drying” button again after the drying cycle is finished.
  3. Ensure Rinse-Aid dispenser is filled properly- check that it is full to fill line indicator (and use a rinsing agent always such as Cascade Rinse Aid for the best drying performance).
  4. Increase discharge setting (of rinse aid).
  5. Make sure water temp is sufficient (at least 120oF)
  6. Try to use Hi-Temp Wash option- If in hi-temp wash setting, the machine heats water (in main wash) to about 140F (60C) and increases the temp even higher during the final rinse. This increased water temperature aids in drying.
  7. Ensure proper rack loading- items should not be nested (they need enough space to dry). Also make sure cups with concave bottom are loaded in a tilted way (to avoid them collecting water). Other concave items like bowls should be placed facing down.

Other solutions to try to avoid wet dishes:

  1. Add jet dry – it has a better drying performance than most rinse aids and may change the situation.
  2. Select “Heat Dry” option or “Sahara Dry” option depending on your model –also, ensure that heated dry option is selected during the Main Cycle.

Quick Tip: Plastic items such as Tupperware –and plastic plates- may need to be towel dried because water droplets easily cling so they take longer to dry completely.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher no lights

Suggested repairs

  1. Check the dishwasher’s breaker – it should be ON. Also check for burnt/blown fuse.
  2. Confirm if it’s plugged in properly.
  3. Double-check that power switch (to your dishwasher) is actually turned on.

Other repairs

  • Take it apart and check for an electrical short circuit (in the wiring)
  • Check for damaged LCD display panel (replacement of entire panel possibly needed).
  • Check if the control board is fried (and replace).


Frigidaire professional dishwasher detergent not dissolving

  1. The dispenser might have been wet when detergent was added– Dry it then retry.
  2. Insufficient water coming (into the tub)– Check spray arm holes for clogging and unclog.
  3. Water is probably not hot enough (Below 120°F) – run water (In the sink) until it is sufficiently hot before starting a cycle.
  4. Change detergents-Use only a brand of detergent approved for this class of dishwashers. Also, measure the amount of detergent correctly.


PART D: Troubleshooting error codes

Frigidaire professional dishwasher troubleshooting codes

Frigidaire professional dishwasher error codes

Frigidaire professional dishwasher i10 error code

Meaning: Low water fill detected

Solution: Inspect for pinches along the water line. Also, verify if water shutoff had been opened completely.

Frigidaire professional dishwasher i30

Meaning: Leak/overflow in its bottom pan

Solution: Level the unit. Plus, check for possible loose connections around your Frigidaire professional dishwasher water inlet valve (fix them, if found).


Frigidaire professional dishwasher i20 error / Frigidaire professional dishwasher i40 error / Frigidaire professional dishwasher iF0 error

Meaning: Clogged filter (or restricted drain line).

Solution: Clean the filters(Clean sump area too) and also inspect for pinched/blocked drain hose.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher i50 error

Meaning: Drain/wash motor has an issue.

Solution: Reset the appliance (see instructions below)- this typically clears the fault. Change the problematic motor, if it doesn’t work.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher i60 error

Meaning: Water heating system issue

Solution: Reset the appliance (see instructions below)- this typically clears the fault. Change the troubled water heating system, if it doesn’t work.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher iC0 error

Meaning: Electronic control system fault

Solution: Reset the appliance (see instructions below)- this typically clears the fault. Change the failing main control board, if it doesn’t work.


How do you reset a Frigidaire professional dishwasher?

To perform a Frigidaire professional dishwasher reset (this resolves a lot of Frigidaire professional dishwasher issues), follow this procedure:

How to reset a Frigidaire professional dishwasher

Press the “Cancel” button. This shuts it off. Be sure to wait 5 minutes before starting it again.

Alternatively, flip off the breaker (to power the machine off entirely) for 5 minutes.


Frigidaire professional dishwasher diagnostic mode

The other trick you can try to narrow down on whatever is bringing the error code is switching it to diagnostic mode (it runs myriad tests by itself and may point out the real problem during the self-diagnostic process).

To enter diagnostic mode (in most Frigidaire professional dishwasher models):

  • Ensure it is in idle mode.
  • Press “Hi-Temp Wash” button + “Start/Cancel button” for about 1/2 second.

The self-test mode starts.


Frigidaire gallery professional series dishwasher troubleshooting    -A word about main control board replacement

Now, for most of the issues highlighted above, there is one more solution: Replacing the main electronic control board.

Why so? Because it controls every other function and a problem may not go away until it is itself changed (in some cases).

So, should you go ahead and buy a new control board?

Yeah, you can- but it is important for you to exhaust all other possible remedies before performing a board replacement because it is often misdiagnosed.

Note that you can order an OEM control board replacement for most Frigidaire professional series dishwashers at Amazon (nearly all Frigidaire professional dishwasher parts are available here).


How to get more help

Feel free to reach out to Frigidaire online (you can live chat support at or by calling 800-374-4432 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm EST) if you want further assistance.



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