How to reset an LG dishwasher [in 10 seconds]

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When a fault such as an OE error code occurs with your LG dishwasher, you may feel that all that’s needed to make it work properly again is a reset to factory defaults.

Well, on many occasions, strange electronic glitches (like those that may occur after a sudden power outage) are cleared with a quick reset so resetting your appliance is a good starting point once you notice signs of trouble.

Read on for how to reset an LG dishwasher, when it is recommended you reset (and when you shouldn’t), and the troubleshooting steps to try if a factory reset doesn’t help.

How to reset an LG dishwasher

Resetting your LG dishwater is really easy.

Here are the straightforward steps:

How to reset an LG dishwasher – step by step

Step 1: Turn your LG dishwasher OFF (You simply need to press its power button to turn it off)

Step 2: Next, head over to the circuit breaker (to the dishwasher) and turn it OFF.

Step 3: Wait about 10 seconds – you want the dishwasher to forget its previous settings (stored in the memory) so waiting at least 10 seconds after flipping the breaker OFF is super important.

Step 4: Now flip the circuit breaker (to the dishwasher) back ON.

Step 5: Turn your LG dishwasher back ON by pressing the POWER button and proceed to start a fresh cycle.

Voila! That’s all it takes to reset an LG dishwasher.

You can now verify if the error that had made you want to reset it has been resolved.

How to reset an LG dishwasher – alternative method

Another approach that works when you want to reset it back to defaults is unplugging the unit from the outlet and letting it dry completely.

Note that you may have to wait up to 48 hours for your dishwasher unit to dry completely.

You then plug it back in and test to see if the issue that was there has been cleared.

What to do if resetting doesn’t resolve the problem

Of course, if resetting doesn’t make your LG dishwasher function normally again, then it is likely that it requires additional troubleshooting.

Now, the exact repair steps you should take next will depend on the type of error/glitch your appliance shows.

Here are some recommended LG troubleshooting procedures to address the most common error codes:

How do i reset my LG dishwasher – resetting and troubleshooting specific error codes


How to reset LG dishwasher error code AE

AE means leakage error and it indicates there could be an overflow due to either the dishwasher not being completely level or use of wrong type of detergent (or using too much of a detergent).

To reset/clear the error:

Here is how to reset LG dishwasher AE code…

If excessive suds and water has overflown into the base of the dishwasher, the float switch usually detects the overflow and responds by displaying the AE/E1 error code.

Your next step once you see this error is, therefore, checking if there is water in the base (and soaking it up).

To do this:

  • Turn the breaker OFF
  • Proceed to remove the kickplate.
  • Now check in the bottom-middle of the appliance to confirm if you can access the base.
  • If it is accessible, soak up the water using a paper towel (or even a hand towel).

how to reset lg dishwasher

What if there are no visible signs of water in the base? Don’t assume that a leakage is not the cause of the error- it might well have already evaporated!

What to do if the base is not accessible

Now, if the base doesn’t seem to be visible/accessible from the front, just leave the kickplate removed for between 24 to 48 hours.

This should improve evaporation and help water evaporate faster.


LG dishwasher reset AE error code

With the water evaporated or soaked up, you are now ready to reset the AE error code.

To reset the error code:

  • First turn the circuit breaker to the dishwasher OFF.
  • Go ahead and turn the circuit breaker to the dishwasher back ON.

That resets the error code and your dishwasher may function smoothly after this.

Quick Tip: To test if everything is now fine, try running an empty cycle(with nothing in the dishwasher). While you are doing this to clean out the machine, the error should reoccur if the initial problem was not solved making it a good test.

What to do if the AE error code keeps re-appearing

If the dishwasher is completely level and you’re using the correct amount of detergent yet the error persists, it could be that more complex repairs are required.


LG dishwasher E1 error reset

As indicated above, the E1 error has the same meaning as the AE error – there is a potential leak from your unit.

For that reason, this error should be fixed/reset by following the steps we have explained under the “LG dishwasher error code AE” section.


How to reset LG dishwasher CL code

This is not a real error code – it simply means that the CHILDLOCK (or CONTROL LOCK) feature has been activated.

Remember that once activated, this feature makes all buttons/options except dishwasher’s door and POWER button unresponsive.

Of course, the whole idea is to ensure that kids do not play around with the dishwasher’s buttons (children changing the machine’s setting after a particular cycle has been set can be a recipe for disaster!).


How do i turn off the CL code on my LG dishwasher?

Here you are not resetting anything- you just want to deactivate the Child Lock/Control Lock feature.


Press then HOLD “DUAL ZONE” for 3 or so seconds to deactivate or activate the CL- you will notice the CONTROL LOCK indicator illuminate once the lock is activated.

That said, the procedure to deactivate the CL option varies from one LG dishwasher model to another so you should check your model’s owners manual if this doesn’t deactivate the lock.


Wrap up

If resetting doesn’t restore your LG dishwasher to a functional state (and none of the other procedures have worked depending on the error), then it is likely that it requires additional troubleshooting.

Contact LG support centre or call a professional service technician.


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