Best coffee maker for small spaces- 3 compact choices

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Not all coffee makers are compact so if you live in a tiny apartment or condo (or even a small townhouse), you will want to go for a coffee maker that has been designed(specifically) for small spaces.

Likewise, some of us work in compact offices so it is more practical to buy a small coffee maker for office.

To point you in the right direction, below are our 3 top recommendations for those shopping for the best coffee maker for small spaces including small-ish college dorms.

We are sure our reviews (we have reviewed each) will help you make the right choice.


Best coffee maker for small spaces- 3 compact choices including the best cheap small coffee maker

Here are the best small coffee makers we recommend most for those with limited footprint/low overhead space(you could be looking for a short coffee maker for low cabinets)..

Cappresso 5-Cup Mini Drip – best cheap small coffee maker

short coffee maker for low cabinets

This model is super affordable and the good thing is that, unlike other cheap models, it has a fairly solid feel(the construction is sturdier) and works pretty well.

Most importantly, it gets your coffee going quickly and, in general, brews hot coffee perfectly (Coffee actually tastes great).

We especially like the green light (it indicates that the coffee maker is on or programmed to run at a pre-determined time).

I must add that this small coffee maker with timer is very easy to set to automatically brew at your preferred time.

Indeed, the LCD panel (on front of the maker) for current time / later-brew setting features an easy-to-read larger black print.

We also liked the way its lid locks down and unlocks (when done brewing).

The one major downside is the top of its decanter is a little narrow making it a bit hard to clean.

The other drawback is that because the lid is hinged, the condensation might run down the back-of the machine- when fully opened if you do not keep it at 45-degree angle(or less) to make it drip back into its water reservoir.

One more thing: Be careful about the class carafe though –it’s a bit delicate so handle it with care if you want it to remain serviceable for long.

Summary of key features

  • Functional timer and auto shut-off
  • Easy-to-read water gauge
  • Drip-free carafe (Carafe has a no-spill spout)
  • 2-hour heat plate
  • Reusable filter.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Polyprop
  • Capacity: 5-cups (25-oz)- It should give 2 mugs for 2 people.
  • Size: 8 inches x 6.25 inches x 10 inches


  1. The coffee brews super nicely!
  2. Keeps the coffee warm for about two hours.
  3. No messy spills


  • Cleaning its mesh filter is harder as it is round-shaped(as opposed to cone).



Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Drip coffee maker –  runners up

best cheap small coffee maker

We also absolutely love this little brewer because it typically makes perfect coffee (Coffee comes out tasty and hot not to mention it makes coffee quite quickly).

And yes, there are no frills / fancy features but this drip coffee maker has all the essentials- a brew pause feature, “no drip” feature, a permanent filter, simple ON/OFF switch (so making coffee is straightforward), and good technology.

Like the popular Cappresso 5-Cup Mini Drip coffee maker, it has a glowing green indicator light that shows you when the machine is on/off.

It’s a truly wonderfully priced option- and you now know why (Extras like a timer, auto-shutoff, and auto brew definitely drive pricing up and they’re missing here).

Besides, it’s a no brainer to clean(The carafe lid swings up when you press the lever-and it’s removable too for cleaning purposes).

Of course, it’s wonderful in weight and countertop footprint/under a cabinet size (the dimensions are 10.1 inches x 7.25 inches x 11.8 inches) making it perfect even for campers and trailers.

Keep in mind that it’s best for brewing small amounts of flavorful coffee(it’s a 4-cup unit and if you use a large cup, you’ll end up getting two servings, not four like when you use small standard-sized cups).

Summary of key features

  • Pour while brewing feature (be careful if you’d like to pour while brewing as you could burn yourself)
  • Stain-resistant hot plate
  • Manual, Permanent Filter(Reusable)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 4-cups
  • Size:1 inches x 7.25 inches x 11.8 inches


  1. Plate stays hot so coffee stays hot
  2. Incredibly simple to use
  3. small, unobtrusive size


  1. Putting the basket into the brewer requires some care -it is not so easy to insert.
  2. Most convenience features missing.



Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee-Maker, 12 Cups – Best coffee maker for small spaces for those who want more coffee

small coffee maker with timer

This can make 12 standard cups so it’s the best option if you have several coffee connoisseurs in your small office, dorm, house, etc. (It can brew a ten-cup pot)

It’s a really fantastic product overall..

You see, it’s a front-access brewer so you can easily add coffee and water- You can actually fill its filter basket/add water without having to slide it out from under cabinet (if you use a measuring cup).

Note that you will probably have to move everything out -before adding water- If you use its carafe)

Obviously, the front loading design also makes it easy to clean.

Turning to brewing, setting time is very easy to and re-set.

Remember you can even adjust brew strength (for regular / bold) depending on your taste- And the coffee will taste great, whatever you choose.

Oh, and we love the aroma button in this coffee marker – nothing beats waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning.

I should mention that the sturdy glass carafe (with a plastic top rim is way easier to handle / pour than other models).

Summary of key features

  • Cup storage tray
  • Front access coffee maker
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • Reusable filter
  • Auto pause& pour
  • Cleaning cycle reminder
  • Larger water view window
  • Material: Glass
  • Brewing: 3 Brew Strength Options
  • Dimensions:9 inches x 7.95 inches x 13.9 inches/ 7.95″(D) x 12.9″(W) x 13.9″(H)
  • Capacity: 96 Fluid Ounces(12-Cup Coffee Carafe Included)


  1. Can be operated without moving it
  2. Awesome tasting coffee- there’s a strong brew option!
  3. Programmable!


  • The programming instructions aren’t straightforward and you may have to do a bit of trial and error at first.




Best coffee maker for small spaces- wrap up

If you’re looking for the best small coffee maker with grinder for your small dwelling, we suggest that you go for the BLACK+DECKER Mill and Brew 12-Cup unit– it is relatively compact and the “grind and brew” capability works flawlessly.

Otherwise, you can pick your best coffee maker for small spaces from the three top choices we had recommended earlier.

Happy brewing!


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