Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On [Fixed!]

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There is nothing more frustrating than waking up early ready for a freshly brewed delicious cup of coffee only to find that your Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on.

The good news is that, for the most part, the issue is not caused by a major fault and you can fix the coffee maker.

With that in mind, below is how to troubleshoot the issue of Cuisinart coffee maker not turning on

Cuisinart coffee maker won’t turn on [How to troubleshoot your coffee maker]

Why your coffee maker won’t Turn On and how to fix it.

The outlet is not working

Why could the outlet be not working?

  • Because the coffee maker isn’t plugged correctly into the outlet.
  • Alternatively, the outlet may no longer be working- it may be damaged.

Ways to test if your outlet is working

You need to check if your outlet is working and you can do this by either:

  • Plugging other appliances into the same outlet to see if the appliances will turn on.
  • Plugging in the coffee maker into a different outlet and see if it will come on

These two tests will help you figure out if the problem is from the outlet or not.

The coffee maker isn’t plugged in correctly

If the outlet is fine, the next probable cause of the fault is if your Cuisinart coffee maker isn’t plugged in correctly into the outlet (it could be the power cord is loose)

How to fix this:

Just pull the cord out of the plug then plug it in back properly.

If this was the problem, then it should certainly turn on.

The Power Cord may be disconnected internally

Have you plugged your coffee maker correctly into the power but still it is not turning on?

If yes, it might be down to a common issue- a damaged power cord itself.

How to fix this:

Before anything else, check the power cord for any signs of damage.

When checking, you might see copper and colored wires exposed on the damaged area(look for  frays / cracks).

That said, sometimes the damage isn’t visible and you have to take a chance by trying it out with a new power cord.

That means you have to unclip the power cable from the unit’s bottom panel(you likely need to flip the coffee maker upside-down and then unscrew the  screws on its bottom in some Cuisinart coffee maker models).

In fact, there is always a possibility that the power cord isn’t connected properly/tightly to the main circuit board so you may have to check the point where it connects to the circuit board.

Side note: When the power cord seems perfectly okay, then the problem could be your coffee maker’s circuit board(it may have gone out)- keep in mind that this can be a DIY replacement in some models though you may need to send it to a repair center for others.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On – how to fix the issue on specific  Cuisinart Coffee Maker models

When it comes to Cuisinart Coffee Makers, there are a variety of models and sometimes the troubleshooting steps vary a little.

So let’s now look at how to troubleshoot the problem of a Cuisinart Coffee Makers that  won’t turn on for specific models.

Cuisinart Keurig Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On

Possible Reasons why it won’t turn on

  • The machine is not plugged in correctly into the outlet.
  • The outlet is damaged
  • The power button is turned off.

Troubleshooting Procedure

  • Verify that the machine is plugged correctly into the kitchen outlet.
  • Find out whether other appliances sharing the same outlet are working- if they are not powering on, there might be a problem with the outlet but to be sure, try to power on the coffee maker from another wall socket.
  • Check if power supply is actually present- Depending on your findings, you might want to reset your home’s main circuit breaker.


Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On

The commonly known reason why Cuisinart single serve coffee maker won’t turn on is because it doesn’t have power even though it is plugged in. 

What to try:

  • Plug the coffee maker into another independent outlet(a different outlet).
  • Make sure it is very securely plugged in.
  • Reset your circuit breaker.
  • Confirm that power is indeed turned on – the LCD should be illuminating.


Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Button Won’t Turn On

Whenever the CLEAN LED indicator lights up, it shows that your Cuisinart Coffee Maker needs thorough cleaning to remove calcium buildup.

So, what should you do if the clean button does not turn on meaning you risk lowering the efficiency of the coffee maker –by using it past it’s cleaning due date- because you are not sure when it is time to clean it?

Remember the taste of coffee coming out of the machine will worsen when used without Decalcification..

Now, the best way you can continue enjoying great coffee is to clean it at least once every 6 months(you may want to do that more frequently if you’re brewing with hard water thanks to its higher mineral content)


Further troubleshooting: Cuisinart Coffee Maker Suddenly Stopped Working

Here now is what to do if you had brewed a pot and turned off the coffee machine but it won’t turn back on anymore).

  • Unplug power for about 1 hour or more.
  • Next, plug it in and see if it will power up again.
  • If it doesn’t, there is a chance you are looking at a faulty control board- and this needs to be replaced entirely (you can take the coffee machine in for fixing or purchase the replacement and swap it out yourself).


Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On – bonus tips

When it comes to troubleshooting your Cuisinart coffee maker, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. Always unplug from the outlet when not in use.
  2. Always allow it to cool before putting on or taking off parts and before cleaning the appliance.
  3. If the clean light is not turning off, that does not mean it needs repair – it could mean the cleaning cycle is not fully completed so wait.

PS: If the above troubleshooting did not fix the problem, you may want to contact the company directly (Go here: for professional advise


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