Maytag washer water level problems: How to test water level on Maytag bravos washer (Test 6)

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Below is how to test water level on Maytag bravos washer

Maytag washer water level problems: How to test water level on Maytag bravos washer (Test 6)

This test will check water level sensing parts on a Maytag bravos washer.

Before we go to the steps, it’s worth mentioning that for the most part, once the pressure transducer has malfunctioned, the machine generates a long fill(or long drain error).

How to test water level on Maytag bravos washer- procedure

  1. For a start, check the pressure transducer for normal functionality by trying to run a smaller load cycle.
  2. Check if the valves turn off automatically -after sensing correct water level (in the tub)- they should automatically turn off if the pressure transducer is okay.

The following steps will assume that the above step was unsuccessful:

  1. Drain the tub completely –you want to drain it until all water is removed.
  2. Unplug the washer (or disconnect power).
  3. Remove the console to gain easier access to the main control.
  4. Check the hose connection between pressure transducer (on the washer’s main control) and pressure dome (attached to the machine’s tub).
  5. Next, check to verify the hose is routed as required(in the lower cabinet) and that it isn’t pinched/crimped inside the console(or by the appliance’s back panel).
  6. If you have done that, proceed to verify that there is no water, debris, or suds in the hose as well as the dome.
  7. Just disconnect the hose -from main control- and blow into the hose to clear any water, debris, or suds in there.
  8. Proceed to check the hose for possible leaks and replace, if needed.


Final thoughts

If the above steps did not fix your Bravos Maytag washer water level problems, replace the main control.

If that’s the way you will go, remember to run service diagnostics(to test  and confirm the repair, you specifically want to Run fill cycle).


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