Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting (fixes and tricks to try)

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If your Maytag Centennial Washer is having a problem, there are a few things you may want to check before you call in a repair guy or replace the crazily expensive washer.

We will look at what you need to check, basic fixes to try, and some helpful tricks when it comes to repairing washing machines of this style in this Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting guide.

Let’s get started:

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Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting – steps and procedures to try

#1- Reset the washer

A good first step any time you are performing Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting is to reset its computer- this clears a lot of random errors that could be making it malfunction.

So below is how to perform Maytag centennial washer reset.

How to reset a Maytag centennial washer

Simply unplug the washer for about 15 seconds then plug it back in.

This resets the board and it could result in the washer starting to work normally again.

Quick note: Some Maytag centennial washer models are reset by unplugging it then plugging the unit back into an active outlet after about a minute. You then open/close the lid 6 times within 3 seconds.

#2- Run self-diagnostics

Another good step any time you are performing Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting is to run self-diagnostics.


Because the tests the machine performs on itself when running self-diagnostics usually give clues to what is ailing it (you might see error codes/numbers that could point out what is causing the fault you are struggling to fix).

This could help you figure out what parts are causing the issue –and you’ll have an excellent idea of where to start.

That being so, go ahead and put it into diagnostics mode and see what errors pop up.

Here is how you can do that:

How to start Maytag centennial washer diagnostic mode

Beware that the washer should not be turned on (and it also should not be in a mode selection).

The best way to be sure of the latter is by resetting your Maytag centennial washer first (See how to reset a Maytag centennial washer above).

The washer will now be fresh hence ready to do the various self-diagnostics tests after you have reset the board.

Proceed as follows to put it into diagnostics mode:

  1. Turn the dial counterclockwise (left) from wherever it is until it is pointing upward at the 12 O’clock (you can just turn it 360 until it is at the 12 O-clock position).
  2. Now turn the dial to the right (clockwise) and wait ½ second.
  3. Next turn the dial to the right (clockwise) again and wait ½ second.
  4. Again turn the dial to the right (clockwise) once more and wait ½ second.
  5. Then turn the dial to the left (counterclockwise) one time and wait ½ second.
  6. Turn the dial to the right(clockwise) one last time.

That should make it enter diagnostics mode and you will begin to see all the LEDs flash (on the controls) if you got everything right.

If you did not, repeat the dial turning pattern above but this time you should be faster in turning the dial.

Immediately you get there, you turn the dial clockwise one turn to go into error code mode.

You can continue through the other modes by continuously rotating the dial- automatic test mode, manual test mode, calibration mode, sales and demo mode, UI test, software version display mode, factory diagnostics mode, tachometer verification mode, etc.

However, the most helpful modes are the first four so turn it until it’s back to error code mode (with the dial set to the 4 O’clock position – the done light will also be lighting).

As soon as you see you have returned it there, press START- this starts the actual diagnostics mode.

What to expect

You will now again see all the lights begin to blink indicating that you have successfully entered the error code mode.

What to do next

You might want to view the last 4 most recent error codes (the error codes will be in a sequence of green lights) stored in the memory of your washer so turn the dial clockwise and continue to do so until all saved error codes appear (only the Sensing Fill light will be flashing if there are no more error codes).

This is important: Firstly, rotate it to the fifth selection to try and clear the error codes.

If this doesn’t fix the fault, the code will definitely reappear.

Here is what you should attempt next:

Press and hold the START button for about 5 seconds- this ‘erases’ the errors and returns the machine to OFF state so you need to re-repeat the process of entering diagnostics if you want to check for errors again.

Either way, take note of the Maytag Centennial Washer error codes you see persist- they are often very accurate in terms of where the problem is originating from- and check their meaning in the service manual.

So be sure to get the manual out of your washer – don’t forget it is in the manual also that you can find the exact steps of getting it to do diagnostics because even the steps of entering it may be a little bit different in some models.

Which brings me to the question of how to get the technical sheet out of your washer…

How to get the service manual out of the washer

Now, you usually have to open up the lid of this model of washers to reach the service sheet.

So you need to remove the screws at the back of your washer – in most cases, you’ll find 3 screws there- to be able to lift the lid.

Once you have removed the screws (use an appropriate screwdriver), pull the washer top towards the front of your washer then pull upwards then finally backwards (towards the rear of the washing machine).

This motion is important because it unlocks the top of your Maytag centennial washer allowing you to carefully and gently lift the washer top upward.

Depending on your situation, you probably want to put tape on the lid to prevent it from smacking the console top when you move it upwards.

The most essential bit is to be sure to be extra careful- now you should move the lid and console backwards so that you can move the wash tub towards the back and pull out the manual from its slot near the corner.

Bear in mind that your Maytag centennial washer manual could be in a hidden compartment on the sides (inside there) so look around if you did not see it in your case.

Once you succeed, lower the lid back on the washer gently so that you can proceed with your Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting.


Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting – what the error codes mean and how to fix them

To understand what the error code means, you need to figure out the light flashing sequence since they translate to numbers and letters:

The green light flashing on and off indicates the letter while the remaining light points to the error number.

When you turn the dial, you’ll always see the sensing green light then probably more additional lights.

The sensing light will then turn off while the other lights may remain on.

Now, here is how you interpret the lights in general:

Sensing light being green= Letter F

Sensing light being OFF= Letter E

Please note that the “Fill”/ “Sensing” /“Soak” lights are always “F” on the code (the first part) while the second part of the error code (“E”) will not use “Fill”/“Sensing”/or “Soak” Light.

Instead, 8 is usually the “wash” light, 4 the “rinse” light, 2 the “spin” light, and 1 the “done” light.

Now, if any extra lights are ON, you add up the numbers with the letters to get your error code.

Let’s now look at some of the most common Maytag centennial washer error codes, their likely meaning, and potential fixes:


Maytag Centennial Washer error codes – probable meaning and potential fixes

Maytag centennial washer error code F0E2


Over suds (suds preventing spin mode)

Possible fix

  • Clean basket of suds
  • Use HE detergent
  • Check pressure hose.

Maytag centennial washer error code F0E4


Hot water in rinse

Possible fix

  • Water supply lines might be reversed so switch lines.
  • Temp thermistor may have failed (and a replacement may be needed).

Maytag centennial washer error code F0E5


Unbalanced load

Possible fix

  • Redistribute clothes- Clothes are possibly not arranged properly in the washer
  • Check the suspension rods.
  • Level the washing machine.

Maytag centennial washer error code F1E1


Control error

Possible fix

  • Control board detecting a fatal error- test it further.

Maytag centennial washer error code F1E2


Motor control error

Possible fix

  • Check connections and wires to the motor

Maytag centennial washer error code F2E1


Stuck control key (A control key has been pressed continuously for over 15 seconds)

Possible fix

  • Ensure keys are not stuck in place/pressed in- get them unstuck, if any.

Maytag centennial washer error code F2E3


Mismatched board (installed control board is mismatched to the interface)

Possible fix

  • Replace with correct control board model.

Maytag centennial washer error code F3E1


Pressure system error (pressure switch has detected a problem)

Possible fix

  • Check the hose from switch to tub for damage/kink/air leak

Maytag centennial washer error code F3E2


Inlet water temperature issue

Possible fix

  • This could be due to a failed temperature sensor so check and replace as necessary.

Maytag centennial washer error code F5E1


Door switch fault (System cannot detect if the lid is locked perhaps because the Strike/lock bezel may not be installed properly or the door switch is defective).

Possible fix

  • Reinstall the Strike/lock bezel or replace the door switch

Maytag centennial washer error code F5E3


Door unlock problem

Possible fix

  • Check for likely obstructions and remove them (also try to unlock it manually from underneath).

Maytag centennial washer error code F7 E1


Basket speed issue

Possible fix

  • Re-calibrate the washer
  • Check for locked motor
  • Check the harness, shifter, belt, capacitor, wiring, and splutch (It could be loose)

Maytag centennial washer error code F7 E5


Mode shifter issue (mode shifter is unable to move from agitation to spin or the reverse)

Possible fix

  • Check the connectors or replace the entire unit.

Maytag centennial washer error code F7E6


Motor fault

Possible fix

  • Check motor for physical defects (test the motor w/a multimeter and replace if bad). Also, electricity may not be getting to it so do not forget to check the connectors.
  • Capacitors can also cause this so check (The capacitor that is underneath- near the motor- can be bad and it’s not jolting the motor with electricity when it needs to help it start) and replace, if needed (these capacitors are really cheap!). Also check the wiring harness.

Maytag centennial washer error code F7 E7


Motor RPM failure (Motor cannot reach spin/high spin)

Possible fix

  • Check for obstructions.
  • Check motor and capacitor.
  • Rebalance clothes.

Maytag centennial washer error code F8E1


No or long fill

Possible fix

  • Check water supply (for pressure)
  • Check valve filter covers for rust/blockage
  • Test and replace fill valves(if necessary)

Maytag centennial washer error code F8E3


Overflow condition (Pump runs for 15 minutes to attempt to empty water)

Possible fix

  • Check drain pump/hose for problems
  • Check pressure sensor

Maytag centennial washer error code F8E5


Hot or cold reversed (similar to hot rinse error)

Possible fix

  • Water supply lines might be reversed – switch lines.
  • Check Temp thermistor (and replace if needed).


Maytag centennial washer error code F9E1  (Maytag centennial washer won’t drain)


Long or no drain (system is not detecting water draining from the system)

Possible fix

  • Check drain pump or hose for blockage.
  • Check drain hose (ensure it is not sitting too far in the drain)
  • Check pressure sensor


How to check if the errors have been cleared

Now, once you have resolved your Maytag centennial washer problems (by replacing the faulty parts or doing other repairs/maintenance), rerun the diagnostic mode and see if you get any more issues.

You can even run the automatic test mode (turn the dial until automatic test mode option appears)- most washer operations are tested and if anything fails, you will physically see what fails so you can quickly isolate the problem point.

Another important thing to do is re-calibrate the washer especially if you have replaced a major part (such as the board)- recalibration ensures that the new part will be in sync with the washer system.



The best way of starting your Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting is by resetting the appliance (just unplug it for a couple of seconds then plug it back in).

If that doesn’t work, try to run self-diagnostics on your washer and fix whatever error codes you see as described above.

These two tricks often resolve many of the most common Maytag centennial washer troubles.

Good luck with your troubleshooting.


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