Maytag centennial washer not spinning [Fixed]

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In this troubleshooting guide, we will look at how to resolve the problem of your Maytag centennial washer not spinning during a cycle.

Let’s do this:

Maytag centennial washer not spinning – What to check to get rid of Maytag centennial washer spin problems

If your Maytag centennial washer won’t spin, first check the following:

Is the washer’s lid open?

It sounds obvious but some folks forget that the lid must always be closed during a wash operation (The washer won’t agitate or spin if the lid is open).

Is the load balanced?

The other thing that comes to mind is load imbalance- if the load is not balanced, you’ll probably have issues so rebalance clothes, as needed.

Did you select the right cycle?

If the right cycle (for the load you’re washing) was not selected, you may notice that it’s not spinning as expected.

With that in mind, try to choose a cycle that has a higher spinning speed (if provided) and see if there will be an improvement.

Can you reset it?

If these basics have not helped, perhaps you should attempt to reset the washer- it might start spinning correctly once you reset the computer (if only it’s a minor error that’s “confusing” the computer).

To reset, unplug the machine then let it sit like for 5 minutes before plugging it back in.

If you’re still out of luck, proceed with the steps below…


Maytag centennial washer not spinning properly– what else to try

1.      Check the drive belt

At times the issue occurs because the belt drive (underneath the rear panel of the machine) is not connected properly to the pulley. 

Check and tighten it a bit (you want it snug on pulley), if necessary and see if this helps.


2.      Get new suspension rods

Faulty suspension rods are another likely cause.


3.      Replace shift actuator

Also, consider replacing the actuator (and splutch assembly) especially if it does agitate but will not spin (the actuator engage agitate while spin is engaged by another component called a splutch).

To be honest, this washer is known to have the shift actuator go bad every now and then.

You have to get the correct part numbers (If buying online from Amazon, you can check if your washer model is listed in the compatibility list on the product page).

Quick Note: We suggest that you only go ahead with these replacements after running self-diagnostics on your washer since you want to be sure they’re the real culprits (more on starting diagnostic mode later).


Maytag centennial washer not spinning fast enough – what to try

Now, if it will spin slowly (like it’s beginning a normal spin cycle but won’t spin fast enough to get rid of all the water and clothes come out still dripping wet), then chances are you have an unbalanced load.

That being so, the first thing to try is redistributing your clothes.

Also, check if the washer is leveled properly (it needs to be level to prevent off-balance condition too)

Another spinning/sensing-related issue is when it starts to make a loud noise like it wants to take off (sounds like an airplane) when it first starts to sense and then every time it is spinning.

If this is what your machine is doing, it is very likely due to bad bearings and you will be better off buying new ones (check price on Amazon).

But if it is making high pitch whirring sounds, you may want to check the wash plate plus the plastic splutch wheel (underneath the unit).

Quick Note: In case of terrible noises, it is always worth checking underneath the machine (where the plastic wheel is). Sometimes that will rub on the bottom of plastic protective housing and cause awful noises.


Maytag centennial washer not spinning or draining

If it won’t drain or spin, here is what you should check:

Check the drain hose- Is it clogged? Is it properly installed?

The most basic cause of the problem is a clogged drain hose.

In addition, there might be draining or spinning issues if the drain hose is incorrectly installed so check the drain hose for clogging and proper installation (see your owners manual for installation recommendations).


Check the washer for excessive sudsing

Find out if there’s excessive sudsing because if there is, you are likely to get draining or spinning faults.

The long-term solution for this is to always measure the detergent according to the manufacturer’s directions (consult your owners manual).

Please note that generally, you need to add less detergent if you use very soft water when it comes to this type of washers.


Check the drain pump

A more probable reason why these washers fail to drain(you will have water sit in the drum) is a drain pump fault than a spin defect.

So check if something could be obstructing the drain pump (an item may be stuck in there)…even a little sand (behind the impeller) can make it lock up.


Maytag centennial washer not spinning clothes dry enough – Further troubleshooting

Run Maytag centennial washer diagnostic mode (it could be your lifesaver)!

If nothing has worked and you still cannot get your washer to spin correctly, the best troubleshooting step to take is running diagnostic mode on the washer.

You see, running diagnostics will most likely result in the washer displaying error codes that will give you a more accurate idea of what’s happening to your washer.

All you need to do after that is check the meaning of the error codes you see in the tech data sheet and take the recommended action (the service sheet has all this information).

Please read through our comprehensive Maytag centennial washer troubleshooting guide to see the steps you should follow to take your washer into diagnostic mode and how to decode the resultant fault codes.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to perform the indicated repairs depending on the error number to try and make your washer resume normal spinning.

Quick Note: If you found out that the shift actuator is the culprit, this YouTube video demonstrates how to do the replacement and should help you do it perfectly.


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