LG portable air conditioner not cooling [Fixed!]

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Your LG portable air conditioner not cooling as expected? Try the solutions in this guide

If your LG portable air conditioner is not cooling, quite a few things could be wrong and you need to check each one of them(you might have to replace some parts for it to start cooling).

In this article, I will take you through what to check and how to fix your LG portable AC if it is not blowing cold air.

Let’s dive in


LG portable air conditioner not cooling (how to troubleshoot your AC)

Reset the AC

For these type of faults, I always recommend you try resetting the AC first ..that’s because the problem could be due to a random error occurring in the system.

And sometimes all it takes to clear such minor issues is resetting your LG portable air conditioner.

With that in mind, below is how to reset LG portable air conditioner (Hint: there’s no LG portable air conditioner reset button)

How to reset LG portable air conditioner 

Unplug the AC then plug it back in (after about 10 seconds) and hold onto the power button until you hear a beep.

That’s how to reset lg portable air conditioner.

Do that and see if the fault is resolved.


You could be looking at a clogged filter (clean it)

A clogged air filter is typically the suspect if your portable LG air conditioner is not cooling.

In other words, there might be an air restriction due to the clogging (in the filters) that is creating a strain on the system, making your conditioner not cool your room.

So first check if the filters are clogged with debris/mold(and thoroughly clean it)- be sure to deep clean where there is mold.

lg portable air conditioner not blowing cold air

How to clean air filters on LG portable AC


Quick Tips

  • Where the filter is heavily soiled, wash the filter in warm water using a mild detergent.
  • Never use harsh cleaners or very hot water to clean the air filters-you risk damaging them
  • When cleaning the aluminum fence, brush following the lines to avoid bending the fins.


A clogged/incorrectly installed vent could be the issue (check and correct)

The other pretty common cause (after dirty air filters) is a clogged vent- and you might be aware that if the exhaust is clogged, hot air will not be exhausted outside properly and hence your house will be warmer.

Here you want to inspect the venting system and clean it entirely, if clogged.

Before that, verify that the hose is correctly installed (there should be no air leaking out at any spot) because that can also impede cooling(fix the installation, if necessary).

Here’s a video by LG showing the correct installation for their portable AC.


The air hose could be too long (check and correct)

You might also understand that the warm air hose should be as short as possible before going out.

So if it is too long, shorten it and also tape up all the unsealed parts.


Check if clearance is ok (obstructions can lead to poor cooling)

If your AC won’t blow cold air, also check if there’s enough clearance around it.

For starters, LG recommends you provide 20 inches(minimum) of open space (around the AC).


You could be using wrong settings (check settings too)

It is also advisable you confirm you have set it to the AC setting -and not the dehumidify or fan setting- on the LCD display.

I’m saying so because it won’t cool if you’re using the wrong setting.


Why is my LG portable air conditioner not cooling / why is my LG portable ac not cooling ? – What else to check

Check the room for insulation issues (poor insulation makes it harder for the ac to cool the room efficiently)

Your LG portable air conditioner is also unlikely to cool your space completely if there are gaps in the windows, doors, or on the walls.


Well, because hot air might be finding its way into your apartment or cold air is escaping resulting in your room not feeling cold enough.

The solution?

Just seal all the gaps –you can, for example, stick a microfiber towel/towel into the gaps.


Check for excess water collection in the water tank

If you live in an extremely humid area, excess water is usually getting collected in the water pan(because the appliance has to work harder to cool)

And this could actually be the main reason why your air conditioner not cooling appropriately.

Now, to ensure that your AC works perfectly, empty the water more often.

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Also, be sure to keep an eye on the display for the “FL” error code- it is the easiest way to tell when it is time to empty the water in the collection tank.


LG portable air conditioner not cooling-further troubleshooting

Check the thermostat (it could be defective)

If faulty, the thermostat will not function as it should(remember it instructs the unit to start cooling once air temp reaches set limit) and that can make your studio remain warm/hot.

Now, to determine if it is broken, you can test it with a multimeter for continuity(If it shows no continuity while the air conditioner is set to cool, buy a replacement and swap it out).


Check for a faulty compressor

If the compressor in the unit is bad, you’re likely to have cooling issues.

Again the only way to be sure is by testing the compressor.

Follow these steps:

Step by step instructions to test the compressor

  1. Unplug your AC for not less than 30 seconds.
  2. Plug it back after 3 minutes.
  3. Now power it on.
  4. After powering on, adjust the setting to your desired setting(cool mode, lowest temp, or highest fan speed).
  5. Lastly, listen keenly if the compressor is engaging and then humming steadily (meaning it is powering on).

If it is not (you don’t hear it engage), then you might have to change it.


Check for a faulty exhaust fan

The exhaust fan blows air into your air conditioner and so when it has failed (sometimes it does), your AC will struggle to blow cool air into the room.

If this is the issue, perhaps the best fix could be to replace the fan.


You might have the wrong AC (in terms of cooling capacity) – check again

Portable air conditioners can only cool the room size they’re advertised for (and in moderate outdoor heat).

For that reason, it will probably not cool your space sufficiently if your room is either too hot or too large for the indicated cooling capacity of your air conditioner.

Quick Tip: If your portable LG ac is short-cycling without cooling, that might be a sign that your room is too big for its capacity.

In short, it is important to consider your area temperature and the size of your room when purchasing an AC.

See the guide below – it will help you judge whether your unit is ideal for the size of the room you want it to cool.

lg r410a portable air conditioner not cooling

Source: amazon.com


Refrigerant might be over

If all the above things are fine, then refrigerant can be low.

In other words, the last thing that’s worth checking is the refrigerant- odds are your AC might have run out of refrigerant and needs to be recharged.

Needless to say, recharging is not DIY thing- instead, you will need to contact a certified technician to do it for you.


LG portable air conditioner not cooling -Conclusion

Whenever your air conditioner is not cooling your room, first check if the air filters are clogged(and clean them deeply).

Otherwise, check everything else we have mentioned in the article if the filters look fine.

I should add that the main problem with these small units is that it can be costly to repair so some manufacturers design them to be disposable and not repairable.


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