Keurig stopped working after descaling [Fixed!]

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Why did my Keurig stop working after descaling? Here’s is why and how to fix it 

Descaling is important when it comes to all coffeemakers– not just Keurig coffee makers- otherwise your brewer will take longer and the machine may sound louder.

Coffee might also start tasking awful down the road- not to mention your coffee could start getting cold prematurely.

But sometimes descaling can trigger other problems including your coffee maker stopping working after the process.

If this is your issue right now, below is what to do if your Keurig stopped working after descaling to make it start brewing again.

Keurig stopped working after descaling / Keurig won’t turn on after descaling

If your machine shut off during or after the descaling cycle and it won’t turn on, then your unit has probably failed.

But don’t fret..chances are the thermal switch(powering the in-line heater)  inside has tripped, which is a pretty common issue with Keurig coffee machines.

And that doesn’t mean it won’t make coffee again…all you have to do is reset your entire Keurig machine(that should reset the thermal switch).

Quick Tip: Even before you think of resetting the machine, check if the plug is working- you can do this by plugging something else in and see if it operates.

So it is only after establishing that the plug-in is working fine that you should attempt to reset the coffee marker.

I descaled my Keurig and now it doesn’t work

  1. Power cycle the coffee machine

  2. Ensure water reservoir is seated properly in the machine – also check that all connections are secure.

  3. Prime the coffee machine

  4. Clean the needles- Use a paper-clip or any Keurig approved cleaning tool

  5. Run a complete water-only brew cycle

How to reset Keurig supreme after descaling (if after descaling Keurig not working)

If you own a Keurig Supreme, you will have to disassemble your coffeemaker to get into a position you can push the disk on the switch back to the regular position(using a paper clip)

Keep in mind that it is important you run the descaling process again….


  1. Unplug the machine and take out the screws(get an appropriate screwdriver).
  2. Now take the casing off using a small screwdriver(s).
  3. Locate the unit’s physical thermal switch- check your owner’s manual, if necessary
  4. Grab a paper clip and stick the end(of the paper clip) in there into center hole(you may hear an odd sound).
  5. Next, plug it in to test if it’s starting okay before re-installing the sides(plus the screws at the bottom).
  6. Press power to see if it will come on without an issue- if it does, unplug it once again and put everything back together.

Quick Tip: The switch is typically attached to the unit’s in-line heating tube (look for what looks like a “spiral” heating element).

How to tear down Keurig Supreme without breaking anything


Keurig doesn’t work after descaling- Simpler reset if Keurig not working after descaling

Another simpler way to reset your machine to reboot the computer is by just unplugging it then replugging it after a couple minutes(3-10 minutes)

That is certainly an easier way of resetting the machine without disassembling it(which can be somehow difficult).

There’s another alternative reset method too:

  1. Boil some water
  2. Dump the boiled water into tank
  3. Turn your Keurig on then select a cup-size to brew..
  4. Wait a little (as it brews) then turn it off.
  5. Empty it(the reservoir) and retry


Keurig reset descale light –How to reset descale light if the Keurig descale light stays on

The biggest mistake that makes your descale lights not go off happens during the rinse cycle.

You see, if you don’t let the machine empty, the descale lights stay on(indicating that descaling is not complete).

So the best way of avoiding the problem is filling the reservoir(When performing a rinse cycle) and let it run until it finishes the rinse cycles(fully).

Also, when it signals you to add water, fill it again, and let it completely empty/rinse everything again.

Side note: Your machine is kinda counting how many times it goes empty and when it goes empty twice, it turns off the descale light automatically.

Now, if you made the above mistake during descaling and the lights are left on, below are steps to follow for the lights to go off.


Steps to reset descale light

  1. Turn the machine off.
  2. Next, hold down 8 oz and 12 oz buttons(for about 5 seconds)at the same time. Keep in mind that in some models it is the 8 oz and 10 oz buttons you will need to press.
  3. You can then run 2(two) tanks through- it could turn off
  4. Keep repeating this process until the descale lights eventually shut off.

Quick tip: If the issue of light staying on happens to you, you can try to poke a pin through the needle. There might be a huge coffee grind stuck(in it) and the light could turn off as soon you remove it.


Keurig says descale after descaling

Try the following steps if resetting the unit(start by unplugging it to reset the coffeemaker) doesn’t help:

  1. Turn the Keurig off
  2. Fill in the reservoir
  3. Now press 8 oz and 12 oz (for about 3 seconds)together.
  4. The machine should turn on and the center K should flash. Meanwhile, the descale light should stop blinking (it will be steady on).
  5. Run two tanks of liquid(your descale solution first then water only for the second tank) through the machine- the descale light tends to go out once you do this.

Alternative method -Keurig supreme

  • Turn the coffeemaker off
  • Hold down the two buttons- 8oz and 12oz- simultaneously. The descale light stays on solid (not blinking) and the big K-button should now be lit.
  • Keep hitting the K- button while running water through (in a cup). Keep repeating the process and the descale light should shut off eventually(It can take 2 – 3 full tanks going thru it for the light to disappear).

Keurig won’t turn on after descaling-Useful tips

  • Never reset your machine when powered on(when plugged in).
  • Avoid rerunning hot water vinegar through the system(repeatedly).


Because eventually it can cause the thermal switch/control to overload and it could end up tripping and therefore your machine will not turn on after descaling.

  • To avoid using the long process of disassembling your Keurig(which is not for the faint at heart), make it a habit to descale your Keurig immediately the descaling notifications appears.
  • Always make sure there is water in the reservoir at every step of descaling until the process is complete- the unit can burn out if water empties out


Keurig stopped working after descaling- Final words

Anytime your Keurig won’t turn on after descaling, your best bet is to reset it by unplugging it or following the steps outlined in the first section of the article(if unplugging won’t work).

Additionally, if you see “descale” on the display after resetting your Keurig, then you probably need to repeat the descaling process.

See Keurig descale instructions here



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