Fixed: Portable air conditioner not blowing cold but running

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Your portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running? Learn how to fix the issue in this detailed troubleshooting guide

Typically, the issue of portable air conditioner not blowing cold may be caused by problems such as a clogged filter, incorrect temperature setting, fan hiccups, etc.

Depending on your model, here is what you should exactly check if your portable air conditioner won’t blow cold air.

Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running- how to fix a portable air conditioner that is not blowing cooling

Portable AC Running But Not Blowing Cold Air? Here’s Why.
If your portable air conditioner is running but not blowing cold air, it could be an issue with the filters, refrigerant levels or a problem with the condenser coils.

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix a portable AC that’s running but not cooling properly below.

In general, the following are the areas/components you should first check if your portable air conditioner wont cool.


1.   Check the settings

Here you’ll want to check two important settings: The mode and temperature setting.

A word on the mode setting

To begin with, be sure to check that your portable AC is set to Cool mode.

Of course, you cannot expect your unit to blow cold air if it is set to either Dry or Fan settings.

About the temperature setting

Secondly -and this is extremely important- ensure that the unit is set to a temperature value that is low enough to enable it to cool your bedroom or living room.

In other words, your AC can only cool sufficiently if the set temperature is lower than the ambient room temperature.

That being so, go ahead and use your thermostat’s controls to bring the temperature setting as low as necessary and see if your portable AC will start to blow cold air.


2.   Check the fan

The fan may have stopped blowing hard causing low airflow- this could occur if the fan speed is not set high enough.

Other possible causes are dust build up on fan blades (dirt build up weighs the blades down and makes it tougher for your fan to spin).

Suggested solution:

  • Turn up the fan speed (set it to high) using the relevant button.
  • Be sure to clean the fan blades as well- you may need to disassemble it here.

Also, try to turn off the AC and see if fan blade will resume proper operation.


3.   Check the filter

Another common culprit if your portable air conditioner won’t cool is the filter.

You see, if it’s clogged, there won’t be adequate airflow potentially causing the unit to stop blowing cold air.

You, therefore, want to check and clean the filter.


4.   Check the cooling/ evaporator coils

The other reason your portable AC might not be blowing cold air is frost forming on the cooling/ evaporator coils.

For starters, frost forms once water condenses -as a result of lowly temperatures- around its coils (this hinders airflow too).

Obstructed airflow can also cause freezing in the coils.

For this reason, check the coils and get rid of frost.

Finally, be sure to clean the evaporator coil (check them for dirt).


5.   Check if the space around the unit is enough (for proper airflow)

Also, ensure there is enough space around the AC.

This helps improve airflow (move the furniture, flower pots, decoration pieces, and anything else that could be hindering airflow).

And oh, don’t forget to place it a good distance from the window.


6.   Check the exhaust hose

If the exhaust hose is blocked or has kinks, hot air may not be venting out.

Subsequently, you may notice that your portable AC is unable to cool the room.

The solution is simple: inspect the hose and remove any kinks/blockages around it (debris, leaves, etc.).


7.   Check if the refrigerant is leaking

If your portable air conditioner refrigerant is low- it may have been leaking- it may stop blowing cold air.

The only problem, if this is the issue, is that only a professional can confirm this and recharge your AC, if necessary.

Keep in mind that it could be cheaper to purchase a new portable air conditioner than get it recharged with Freon so do your research first.

Troubleshooting specific portable AC models

In this section, we will look at how to troubleshoot the issue of in a few common portable AC models.

Read on:

· Hisense portable air conditioner wont cool

Check that AC has plenty of room, filters are immaculate, and if the compressor will kick in.

Watch this Video for more tips.


· Delonghi portable air conditioner not blowing cold air

  1. Check the AC’s temperature setting- it should be lower than your room temperature.
  2. Check if the fan is actually blowing warm air (from the back).
  3. Check if the compressor is kicking on after starting up (there might be a three minutes delay).
  4. Clean the filter.
  5. Fix any error messages (refer to your owner’s manual for tips about troubleshooting tackling various error codes).


· LG portable air conditioner won’t cool

Try the tips in this guide.


The steps are pretty similar in all the models.


But what if your….

Portable AC blowing cold but not cooling room

Well, if your portable AC blows cold air but the room isn’t getting as cool as you may want, a plethora of issues could be causing it.

Fortunately, most can be quite easy to fix:

Here is what you should try if you’re experiencing this issue:

· Close all open doors and windows


Warm air may be creeping in from the outside into your room making it more difficult for the unit to cool the room.

Also, consider insulating your windows with curtains, shades, or reflective film- this further helps lock the sunlight out.


· Vent its exhaust hose outside properly

Check your unit’s vent hose and ensure it has been properly vented outside and not leaking or twisted.


For the simple reason that if it is not correctly vented, the heat the AC is removing could be slipping back into the room instantly!


· Clear all obstructions

If you have confirmed that the exhaust hose is correctly venting outside but your unit is still struggling to cool the room, go outside and verify that warm air is actually blowing out from the back (of the AC).

If hot air is indeed blowing out, clear any obstructions near the exhaust hose (leaves, bird nests, etc.) as these may be hampering airflow causing the problem.


· Switch off your Electronics and other powered appliances


Because they increase the heat load the unit has to deal with inside your room when they’re running (they’re powered so they definitely add some heat).


Portable air conditioner not blowing cold air but running – Final words

The last thing you should check is if the unit is properly-sized for your room.

You see, if you’re using a portable AC whose BTU rating is designed for a small space in a larger room, it is unlikely to cool efficiently no matter what you try.

Here is a guide you can use to confirm if the AC you’re using is adequate for your space.


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