LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold [Fixed!]

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Our handy LG portable AC repair guide will teach how to troubleshoot the issue of an LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold.

The good thing is that often, the issue is caused by a minor issue that you can easily resolve.

Read on to learn what you should check if your LG portable air conditioner is not blowing cold air…

LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold- Easy troubleshooting ideas

Here are the areas/components you should check for this error:

Check the air filter

The culprit is, on many occasions, the air filter- a dirty air filter tends to decrease airflow and will reduce the unit’s efficiency.

With that in mind, we suggest that you start your troubleshooting by checking if it’s full of debris.

If clogged, clean it.


To clean the air filter:

  1. Hold the grip (at the top-center of the filter) and pull out the air filter directly.
  2. With the right vacuum cleaner attachment, clean the filter.

Quick Tip: Where the filter is extremely soiled, it is recommended you wash it in warm water (add a mild detergent) for the best results.

Important: Do not try to use any of the following to clean the filter:

  • Harsh cleaners.
  • Very hot water.

In addition, you should not wash it in a dishwasher.

  1. Allow the filter to dry(completely).
  2. Re-insert the filter. When re-inserting, ensure that the bottom (of the filter) is between tabs and coil guard.
  3. Re-install the filter cover. Remember to check that it has clipped into place.

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Note that some units have up to 4 filters (1 at the top;1 at the bottom; and 1 on either side of the AC).  Don’t forget to clean both.

Keep in mind that the cabinet is designed slightly differently in some LG portable AC models. If your unit looks different from the image above, refer to your owner’s manual for the appropriate filter cleaning instructions.

Check the vent

If the air is not coming out as cold as you may want, you need to pay attention to the other common issue- a filthy vent.

Again the remedy is straightforward- simply clean the vent!

And oh, verify that the vent hose is properly installed before proceeding since it may not cool well if incorrectly vented.

Drain the Water

The problem can also be contributed by excess water collecting in the water collection tank, especially for those who reside in very humid areas.

This condensate may need be removed often to enhance its cooling efficiency (for a section of LG portable AC models).

I should add that the best indicator that you need to drain is the “FL” error code on the display.

The Video below shows how to drain the LG LP1419IVSM, LP0818WNR, LP1018WNR, LP1218GXR portable units if necessary


Check the insulation

If hot air is finding its way into your room, the AC might stop blowing adequately cooled air.

The best way to avoid the issue is ensuring that the room is sealed properly- seal the walls, windows, doors, etc.

Check the Clearance

If the AC is struggling to blow cold air, it might be due to lack of sufficient clearance around the unit.

LG recommends that you ensure that there is 20 inches (at least) of open space around it.

Plus, you’re likely to maximize the airflow and hence its cooling performance if you shift the portable AC to the most center point possible in the room.

Why is my LG portable AC not cooling?

Check the settings

Another thing that could be worth checking is the settings.

Specifically, make sure your AC is running in cool mode.

Moreover, check the temperature you have set- make sure the unit is set at a setting cooler than your room temp.

Could it be low on refrigerant?

If it still won’t blow cold air despite trying all the above, there is a chance it may need a refrigerant recharge- there is a sensor in most LG portable units that shuts them off as a precautionary measure on detecting low refrigerant.

Just to remind you, LG portable air conditioner Freon refill should only be done by a certified technician.

Test the compressor

Sometimes, the problem is caused by a faulty compressor.

To be sure, you need to test the compressor.

Here are the steps:

  1. Unplug it for about 30 or so seconds (of course, the unit’s compressor won’t turn on until 3 minutes have elapsed after unplugging it for a minimum of 30 seconds).
  2. Plug it back in (after waiting for 3 minutes).
  3. Power it on.
  4. Adjust to the desired settings- cool mode, lowest temp, highest fan speed.
  5. Listen if the compressor is turning on (you should hear it engaging then humming steadily).

Get a professional to replace the compressor if it has not turned on- a faulty compressor can be a big issue (it usually prevents air from flowing smoothly).

Inner components could be malfunctioning

The other possibility if cold air is still shutting off is a different inner component being faulty/damaged.

For example, if the exhaust fan has completely fallen apart, your AC will struggle to blow cold air.

If this is what you’re suspecting, your next move should be to consult a professional for advanced troubleshooting.

Is the capacity correct?

The final issue that folks often overlook is capacity.

You see, if you did not size the AC appropriately during purchase, you are unlikely to enjoy efficient cooling.

In a nutshell, your AC may not be blowing sufficiently cold air because it is either too big or too small for the room.

I should add that a good sign that the unit is oversized is the AC short-cycling (turning on then off repeatedly) without really cooling the room.

Here is an approximated BTU/Sq. feet sizing table to help you decide if the cause of the problem is truly sizing.

Size Recommended Room Size (interior, Insulated, Residential rooms only)
7,000 BTU 200 Sq. Ft.
8,000 BTU 250 Sq. Ft.
10,000 BTU 300 Sq. Ft.
11,000 BTU 350 Sq. Ft.
12,000 BTU 400 Sq. Ft.
13,000 BTU 500 Sq. Ft.
14,000 BTU 600 Sq. Ft.


LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold – Important tips

  • Proper maintenance is key– In general, the air filter in LG portable ACs need to be cleaned at least once every two weeks. That being said, you may need to clean it more frequently depending on your environment.
  • Don’t turn off the AC during the day– Instead, you should just raise the temperature. This allows the AC to maintain stable temperature and it could subsequently cool more efficiently (once you decrease the temperature setting).

Parting words

Overall, the two fixes that often work when it comes to the issue of an LG portable air conditioner not blowing cold are:

  1. Cleaning the filters thoroughly.
  2. Draining the water.

Also, confirm that the hose is on (and not blowing warm air) before proceeding to the other suggested fixes.

But if you want to reach out to LG Customer Support, send them a direct message via their Twitter handle (@LGUSSupport ) / Facebook Messenger ( visit https://www.facebook.com/LGUSA/ ).

It is important to include both your serial and model number for quick service.


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