Samsung dryer not heating and turning off [Troubleshooting procedure]

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In this post, we continue with our two-part series on Samsung dryer troubleshooting.

We previously looked at how to troubleshoot a Samsung front load dryer that is not heating so now we will look into how to specifically fix the issue of your Samsung dryer not heating and turning off.

Let’s get started.

Samsung dryer not heating and turning off  [Why this is happening and probable fixes]

This normally stems from several possible faults/errors.

It can also be happen once an important dryer component gets damaged.

So for the sake of clarity, I shall take you through all these likely causes individually (plus the fixes that you should try)

Here we go:


The breakers could have tripped

It sounds weird but last time my friend’s Samsung dryer quit heating, it was one of the 2 breakers that had tripped so you want to be sure that it’s not the breakers.


Could be due to a small load

If you put a small load of clothes in your dryer, say 1 or 2 handkerchiefs and set your dryer to sensor dry mode, your dryer is unlikely to heat up and it will instead turn off.

That is because your load isn’t quite enough to relay any moisture to the sensors hence the dryer will sense the drum to be empty and consequently turn itself off.

Recommended fix: Try to increase your load or change the drying cycle to Time Dry. Also, make sure the Eco Dry option is not enabled.


You may have a failed heating element

The heater is a common culprit for issues like no heat (or not adequate heat),taking way longer to dry clothes, turns off too soon, the timer won’t advance, etc.

Bear in mind that there’s no way of testing the part without a meter so get one and order a replacement, if you’d like to switch it out.

Side note: An easier way of testing is by looking very closely at the heating coils (each)- if one is broken, it’ll be obvious meaning it’s a goner. 


The high limit thermostat could be damaged

The thermostat ensures that your dryer’s heating system turns on and off as needed-It achieves this by detecting the temperature inside the drum.

The truth is due to continuous use, the thermostat might fail over time.

The fact is if you turn on your dryer when the cycling thermostat is faulty, not only won’t it heat but it can also turn off after a couple of minutes as the control board assumes your dryer is not in use.

To diagnose whether the thermostat is the culprit, follow this procedure:

  1. Unplug your dryer and open the panel. You will find your cycling thermostat somewhere on the blower housing or internal airflow ducting.
  2. Remove the thermostat by gently pulling on the metal connectors using pliers. Make sure you do not pull on the wiring.
  3. Using the Rx1 setting on your multimeter, test your thermostat for continuity by touching the probes on each terminal.

You should get a reading of either 0 or infinity. If not, your cycling thermostat is very likely damaged and you should consider replacing it (You can get it on Amazon).


The thermal cut-off fuse might be blown

As mentioned earlier, once the thermal fuse blows up, it cuts power to your control board and motor. The next thing you know is that your dryer just turns off.

To diagnose whether your thermal fuse has blown or not, you will need to use a multimeter to check its continuity.

Follow the following steps here:

  1. Unplug your dryer and detach the back panel to access the thermal fuse.
  2. Remove the thermal fuse.
  3. With your multimeter set to Rx1, touch the probes to the terminals to test for continuity.
  4. It should have had 0 ohms-full continuity so your thermal fuse is probably damaged if you get a different reading and you will need to replace it with an OEM part like the Samsung Dryer Thermal DC96-00887C Cut-Off Fuse

Side note: Before we move on, it is important you understand that the issue could be the wiring loose between the dryer thermostat and thermal fuse. That being so, tear the dryer apart and check if the cabling is a tight fit. You can even try replacing it with a new cable and see if it will resume working fine.

If your thermal fuse is in good shape and the wiring as well, then you could be having a broken control board.

So let us have a look at it….


Samsung dryer not heating and turning off –More potential causes and suggested repairs

The dryer moisture sensor might be faulty

When the moisture sensor fails, no signal is sent to the control board.

As a result, your Samsung dryer could shut down after just a few minutes as it will “think” that your clothes are dry.

Put another way, if the moisture sensor is defective or becomes coated with residue(from fabric softener or dryer sheets), your dryer might cease heating and shut off after some time.

Question: How do you troubleshoot your moisture sensor?

Well, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the dryer’s door and locate the moisture sensor. Note that on newer models it is located in the lint filter housing.
  2. Lightly rub the sensor with a damp cloth to clean it (cleaning sometimes helps).
  3. Next, load some clothes into the drum and run your dryer.
  4. Periodically check the clothes to see if they are drying.
  5. Now, if your dryer still turns off too soon or is running after the clothes dry, first try to reset your dryer controller (you can do that by simply unplugging your dryer for about 10 minutes).
  6. If that does not change anything, it could be bad and you should consider purchasing a new moisture sensor(we recommend the genuine OEM Samsung moisture sensor).


You might have an overheating motor

This is another pretty common cause of your dryer turning off only after a few minutes of running.

You see, when the motor overheats, the motor’s protection kicks in and shuts down the motor.

Keep in mind that for the most part, the motor might start after some time- that’s because it has had time to cool off.

However, at some point, it could stop starting no matter how much it cools down.

Now, when you hear a loud and buzzing noise coming from your motor, it’s usually signifying overheating.

In this case, you should replace the motor immediately- You can try the OEM dryer motor by Samsung.


You could be looking at a bad control board

The control board is the epicenter of the operations of your dryer but this should be your last option- only try this if all other fixes do not work.

Of course, to access the control board, you will need to take apart your dryer- be sure to have your manual when opening up the dryer for reference.

Once there, look for signs of any shorted wires, burnt spots, or any other damage.

And the thing is, if you notice any damage, you could try to replace the control board.

You might want to check out the OEM Samsung control board (to replace the bad board).


Samsung dryer not heating and turning off – final words

Now, the above steps plus those in part I (LINK) should assist you in your Samsung dryer troubleshooting.

Try them and see how it goes.

PS: Watch a couple of YouTube videos (just search) if you’re not very mechanically inclined when it comes to replacing the parts- most of the replacement tutorials are very helpful.

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