How to reset Maytag Centennial washer (steps)

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If your Maytag centennial washer is acting strangely (and won’t wash), try to reset it – resetting often helps fix some of the issues that cause it to act up.

So below is how to reset Maytag Centennial washer (instructions)

How to reset Maytag Centennial washer (step by step)

Simply unplug your washer for about 15-20 seconds then plug the machine back in. You can also reset the breakers again for anything between 20 seconds to 1 minute.

This resets the main board and it might clear the error making the washer fail to function properly.

Don’t fret if this does not reset the computer the first time..

In some instances, it takes two or three attempts for the machine to reset by unplugging it (or resetting the breakers) so keep trying to unplug the washer as described above a few more times.

Another thing you can try is leaving it unplugged for longer – like 5 to 10 minutes before plugging it back in.

If you have tried resetting over and over again but nothing has happened (the issue persists), try to inspect the washer visually for any suspicious issue.

If everything visually looks okay, we recommend you try to re-calibrate your washing machine (re-calibration could be super helpful because components can, on occasion, act up due to wrong parameters)  


How to re-calibrate Maytag Centennial washer

You re-calibrate it in diagnostic mode so you have to enter diagnostic mode in your Maytag centennial washer first.

Below is the entire procedure of entering diagnostic mode and re-calibrate your washer:

Getting into diagnostic mode

There’s a particular dial sequence you have to do to put it into diagnostic mode.

Here is the specific dial sequence:

Before you start

Ensure the washer is off (but plugged in).


Rotate the main knob counterclockwise -from whatever position it is in- to the top (12 O clock) position.

Then, while allowing about a second in-between movements….

Move the knob Right (one click), then Right (one click) again, and then Right one click once more followed by moving it Left (one click) and then finally Right (one click).

Now, if you have done the above sequence properly, all of the lights/indicators on the machine should be flashing (indicating that it has entered into diagnostic mode.


Starting re-calibration cycle

Immediately you’re in diagnostic mode, you need to rotate/turn the knob Clockwise until only the “Rinse” LED light is on.

Once you notice “Rinse” light on, close the lid then press Start.

The washer will now run a calibration cycle –it will turn back on again (by itself) when done.

That could take care of the problem.

It is worth mentioning that re-calibration is particularly necessary after the replacement of a vital component (for example, main control, the actuator, and more).

In truth, the washer tends to continue malfunctioning even after installing a new part if you do not run calibration.


Quick Tips

If you succeed in engaging re-calibration, see if it will be completed without an error.

If it does, you probably fixed the fault.

But if it does not (and it is still acting erratically), you will need to further try to troubleshoot what’s wrong (it simply means there is a bigger problem- the board may, for example, have died).

Keep in mind that you can always try to run recalibration again before going ahead with advanced troubleshooting steps.


Make use of the technician booklet

If the above steps won’t work for your specific Maytag centennial washer model, be sure to check your machine’s technician booklet – it has instructions to get into diagnostic mode, starting a calibration cycle, detailed error code troubleshooting ideas, and more.

The tech sheet /booklet is commonly found underneath the washer’s top lid (inside a plastic pouch) for these washers so try to pull it out from underneath your machine’s lid and follow the instructions.

What you want to do is take the washer through all other described tests –and see if they will complete without issue (you should try the indicated fixes for each issue you notice).


When you should try reset Maytag centennial washer (when resetting is very helpful)

Now that you know how to reset Maytag centennial washer, here are some faults that are typically resolved by resetting this washer:

After a storm– if it has stopped working after a Hurricane (perhaps it was unplugged), it is likely the storm resulted in the overhead wires shorting to high voltage.

There are weird fault codes– if the washer flashes unknown error codes when you try to run diagnostics, resetting it could do the trick.



Final thoughts

So that is how to reset Maytag Centennial washer when it starts having problems.

Remember it is always a nice idea to start troubleshooting these washers by attempting to reset it before proceeding to specific repairs since it often helps resolve a good number of simple faults (so it will save you a lot of trouble).

Don’t forget to try to run re-calibration if resetting the washer has not helped (it won’t budge even after attempting to reset it several times).

Best of luck as you try to diagnose the problem and fix your machine!


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