How to reduce time in Samsung washing machine [Tips and tricks]

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We recently looked at how to fix a Samsung washing machine that is taking 3 hours (or, in general, longer than usual) to wash and you, our readers, were very happy with the solutions we recommended.

As a follow-up, we feel it’s is important to share about how to reduce time in Samsung washing machine..


Because a lot of you seem to be aware that when it comes to your washing machine, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to make it complete washing in reduced time.

The only problem is that you people do not seem to be sure of exactly how …

So below is how to reduce time in Samsung washing machine, just in case you have been wondering…


How to reduce time in Samsung washing machine (How to reduce wash time in Samsung washing machine) -Tips and tricks

Use the right cycle for every load

The first thing that can be your undoing is selecting the wrong cycle.

In other words, not every cycle will be super quick or slow and it all boils down to what you’re specifically cleaning.

Just to give you an idea, for the most part, a normal cycle tends to take more time than a standard quick cycle to complete washing.

Likewise, the delicates cycle is designed to be very gentle on your clothes so it often takes longer to do the job than other cycles.

Overall, your manual will come in very handy- see what cycles are recommended for what load(s).

Quick Tip: If you’re unsure about what cycle to use, check care labels


Avoid overloading it

Another common blunder newbies make is loading too many clothes into your washer.

What you don’t know is that while you’re trying to much as many items as possible to save on laundry time, your machine will in turn have to work longer because the load is too big not to mention it could hurt your washer in the long term.

So stick to the recommended load sizes.

Quick tip: If you have got tonnes of laundry to wash, it’s best to do multiple loads rather than one large load


Sort your laundry properly

Another good practice you people tend to overlook is sorting garments by fabric type and color. 

It is so important you do that (especially do not fail to group by fabric type) because your washing machine will work accordingly(it engages an optimum gear automatically, depending on the cycle you’ve selected for each load), meaning it is likely to wash in much less time.


Try to put lightly-soiled items in there only

If you’re in a hurry, adding heavily soiled items obviously means more work to do your washer, translating to slower washing.

So, can you only wash lightly-soiled clothing first?


Pre-wash your heavily soiled clothes

The next trick that can help you cut your washer’s washing time is prewashing each badly soiled item.

It helps remove the toughest stains and dirt and therefore your washer will still successfully clean them in cold water(saving on washing time).


Large items are a no too

On a similar note, biggies like shoes, belts, and jewelry are tougher to wash- and yes, not only does it result in dragged washing but there’s also a chance they can harm your washer.

In a nutshell, put them aside if you’re worried about it dragging its feet


Too much detergent equals to delayed cycle

Don’t forget excess detergent leads to oversudsing – and will probably make wash sluggishly.

So use the appropriate amount of soap. 

Quick Tip: Also use high-efficiency(HE) detergents


The water temperature matters as well

Hot water, and you know this, requires a little more energy (and time) to heat up so it’s another reason your washer is slow washing.

So go with cold water- if you want it to be fast- it is equally effective at cleaning your dirty clothes, provided you use the right detergent(the correct amount).

And if you must use heated water, do not set too high water temp.


Be sure to thoroughly wash your washer’s lint trap

Always clean the lint trap(filter) after every load- A badly clogged lint trap/filter can cause your washer to start draining slowly, which can consequently lengthen the cycle time.

This also reduces fire risk – clogged filters are a major cause of washers burning.


Use the timer smartly

You can also use the timer function to make your appliance wash faster – use it to choose a shorter cycle when it makes sense(set the specific time you want your washer to finish cleaning, subject to your current situation).

I say when it’s sensible because shorter cycles may not work for some types of loads. A good example is heavily soiled clothes- these, of course, need longer washing to get clean.


How to reduce time in Samsung washing machine – make use of Quick Wash setting

Have you considered using the Quick Wash option(it’s there on many of the best selling Samsung washing machine models)

You see, the sole purpose of this setting is to shorten cycle completion time.

Just keep in mind that the option is primarily for washing lightly soiled clothes so if you’re looking at dirtier items, you may not be in luck.

And how long will it take?

It depends (on your model plus the load) but it is about 15 minutes (or thereabouts).

So try quick wash during your next laundry day if you’ll be washing:

  • Clothes that you have worn for just a few hours(or one day).
  • Clothes you have not exposed to dirtying stuff like grass, mud, food, and more.
  • Clothes you have washed deeply recently and you feel do not need a fresh thorough wash(they’re not stained enough)


A word on Samsung washing machine cycle times

Here now is a table showing the average Samsung washer cycle times for the most common cycles to help you know when your washer is taking longer to wash:

Samsung washing machine cycle Average Cycle Time
Quick Wash 15 minutes
Daily Wash 30 minutes
Super Eco Wash 60 minutes
Super Speed 45 minutes
Dark Garment 50 minutes
Auto Optimal Wash 45-60 minutes
Bedding 60 minutes
Cotton Dry 120 minutes
Synthetics Dry 90 minutes
Air Wash 30 minutes
Samsung 59 wash and dry cycle 59 minutes
Synthetics 45 minutes


How to reduce time in Samsung washing machine front loader  / how to reduce time in Samsung washing machine top loader –Final thoughts

The final tip I want to share is on servicing your washer regularly…there are maintenance procedures you need to be doing every now and then to avoid issues whose end result includes making your machine wash at a snail’s pace.

Be sure to call over a pro if you’re unsure- he/she will also diagnose and fix any faults that might be behind your washing machine’s slowed washing.

Oh, and you can reach out to Samsung customer service if you’re still unhappy about the speed(particularly if your washer is new)


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