LG washing machine cycle times explained

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We recently wrote a detailed guide explaining the different LG washing machine cycles (Read: LG washing machine cycles explained) to help you know what setting to use to wash clothes, depending on what you’re cleaning.

Now, as a follow-up, below is an explanation of how long each LG washing machine cycle takes to wash- of course, some cycles take longer to wash, and it again comes down to what you’re actually cleaning.

Let’s dive in:

LG washing machine cycle times explained (how long is wash cycle on LG washer)

As I have mentioned, the time each LG washing machine cycle takes to complete tends to vary depending on what cycle you selected (what it is washing) and also the specific model.

Just to give you an idea of how long you may have to wait for it to do the job, below are the approximate times of a few of the most commonly used LG washing machine cycles.

LG washer Normal cycle

Cycle time: Normal cycle typically takes approximately 58 minutes to complete washing.

What to use it for: use it for your everyday laundry


LG washer Bright whites cycle

Cycle time: In general, bright white cycles takes about 75 minutes to finish washing.

What to use it for: Use this setting to wash your whites as well as other light-colored fabrics Pristine


LG washer Delicates cycle

Cycle time: Unless something is not right with your washer, this cycle is quite fast- it should be done in just about 34 minutes (some models take 42 mins)

What to use it for: Overall, this cycle is best for silk and wool (that is all your delicate fabrics) so keep that in mind.


LG washer Towels cycle

Cycle time: If you have loaded the washer right and everything else is fine, your LG washer should be done washing your towels in approximately 73 minutes

What to use it for: Well, you guessed it right- this cycle is specially designed to wash your dirty towels super clean. That said, it’s also great for all your other heavy fabrics (it does well even when they’re heavily soiled). These include extremely dirty cotton fabrics, bed sheets, your work clothes, jeans, overalls, your sweatshirts, and even your heavy blankets.


LG washer Small load cycle

Cycle time: This is fairly fast (has one of the shortest wash times) and finishes cleaning in about 50 minutes (or thereabouts)

What to use it for: This is another cycle whose name gives you a huge hint regarding its best use- it is for your small loads (mixed) especially when you want to quickly wash (helps protect your clothing items and save energy).

To be clear, this is great if you want to wash 2-3 lightly-soiled garments.

Here are examples:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Tank tops
  • Lightly-soiled workout clothes
  • Bras
  • T-shirts
  • Delicate fabrics (think of silk or wool)
  • Pajamas


LG washing machine cycle times – other LG washer cycle times (both LG top load washer cycle times and LG front load washer cycle times)

Wash cycle Cycle time Comments
Tub clean 60 minutes Run it once a month to remove mildew, moisture hence prevent mold
Drain and spin 20 minutes For wet clothes needing to have excess water removed
Speed wash LG speed wash cycle time:15 minutes Lightly soiled garments/small loads
Rinse+Spin 20 minutes Remove excess water too. Best for removing excess water on delicates(lingerie or silk).
Handwash /wool 34 minutes All garments labeled “Hand washable”
Cotton/wools 58 minutes For cotton, linen, shirts, towels, jeans, mixed loads.
Permanent press 34 minutes Dress clothing/Poly or cotton blends/table clothes/ wrinkle-free clothing
Cold care 63 minutes Small loads of: Towels, shirts, jeans, mixed loads, sheets, linen, cotton
Baby wear 120 minutes Baby wear (lightly soiled)
Sanitary 105 minutes Heavily soiled items e.g. work clothes (also undergarments, cloth diapers)
Bulky/large 105 minutes Large items (Comforters and blankets)
Heavy duty 100 minutes Heavily soiled items(cotton fabrics)
SteamFresh 20 minutes Freshens lightly-wrinkled items (or slightly worn)
Allergiene 113 minutes Removes household allergens (use it for underwear, cottons, pillow covers, bed sheets, baby wear)


LG washing machine cycle times explained – what else you need to know

Do not forget that the above cycle times are approximated- the actual time your cycle will take will always vary based on factors such as:

How big is the load – a bigger load than recommended tends to take longer to complete regardless of the setting.

The water temperature- you might be aware that higher water temp tends to make a machine take a little longer to wash because more energy is taken to heat the water to the set higher temperature(meaning the washer has to run for a bit longer to make water heat).

The soil level – Needless to say, it will take more time to clean heavily soiled garments compared to not so soiled clothes.

How to reduce time in LG washing machine

A good way to make a cycle take reduced time(adjusting regular cycle time) is by using your washer’s “Quick Wash” option.

Yeah, that often helps and it can sometimes cut wash time by as much as 25%!

Try it next time you’re doing laundry and see if it will help (all other factors remaining constant).

LG washing machine cycle times explained – additional tips to help you get the best out of your LG washer:

Follow care labels

Always check the care labels before washing your clothes.

Yeah- they are put on your garments for one important reason: to help you know the right cycle to use and the best settings when doing your laundry.

Be careful when adding detergent

Use the recommended amount of detergent.

In other words, stick to LG’s recommendation when it comes to the quantity of soap to add- Too much and your clothes are likely to have residue when coming out, too little and your machine is unlikely to clean them properly.

Be sure to wash the lint trap

Always wash the lint trap/filter after every wash- this can help prevent potential fires and make your washing machine wash efficiently.

LG washing machine cycle duration (LG washer cycle times) -Final words

You now know how long your washer will take to complete washing depending on the cycle you have selected.

Good luck when doing your next laundry.


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