Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash [Fixed!]

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Read this if your Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash

If your Samsung washer is taking too long to wash your clothes, chances are something is wrong you’re your washer(a setting, a part, or you’re not doing it the right way).

In this article, we will discuss some common reasons why your Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash and how to fix the problem.

We shall dive right in….


How to reduce time in Samsung washing machine?

Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash -How to fix your washer

You may be overloading your washer

If your Samsung washing machine is taking too long to wash, it might be because you are putting more clothes in it than is recommended.

Now, when you overload your machine, it becomes unbalanced during the washing cycle.

As a result, your Samsung washing machine will try to redistribute the laundry automatically which may take some time- that can extend its drying time.

Recommended fix:

Before anything else, re-load the washer- and you also do want to mix light and heavier garments in the same load.

Quick Tip:

The load sensor system adjusts cycle settings depending on the weight of your laundry in your washer and it may have malfunctioned, leading to bad weight estimation.

Remember everything is automatically calculated based on the weight of the load sensed- from the fill level, number of rinses, spin speed, total washing time, etc.

In short, a bad load sensor could be wrongly lengthening the cycle time to 3(or more hours).

That being so, another viable fix is calibrating the weight sensing sensors.


Samsung washer takes too long? Probably you have put too much soap in your washing machine

If there is too much soap in your Samsung washing machine, it may also start washing for many hours.


Well, because excess detergent can make your washing machine work extra hard to get rid of the excess suds.

What you need to know is that this process can slow down your washing machine (and it might end up adding more wash time in the light of the additional rinses).

Recommended fix:

Use the recommended amount of soap in your washing machine at all time.

Additionally, clean your washing machine regularly.


There could be low water pressure

There might, as well, be low water pressure-that too can make your washer take 3 hours or more to wash.


Because when the water pressure is not enough, your Samsung washing machine tends to take longer than it is required to fill in the washer.

Recommended fix:

Call a plumber to work on water pressure problems for you.

Also consider replacing the water inlet valve as sometimes your Samsung washing machine can be taking longer to fill because of a faulty water inlet valve.  


Your Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash ? Your washer may be using a wrong setting

It may sound ridiculous but you could have selected the long setting unknowingly(washer cycle times depend on the program and can lengthen/shorten washing time).

Recommended fix:

Also, use quick wash (also called Super Speed) any time it makes sense(it works a lot of items).

That said, use long wash for tougher things (think Bed sheets, towels, and the like).

And don’t run it on eco mode(unless energy and water efficiency are your number 1 priority).


Quick Tip

If you are using a top quality laundry detergent, wash on Cold (30C/75F)for the best cleaning results- washing at higher temps doesn’t really clean any better(it just cuts your clothing’s lifespan).

There’s an exception though: Oxygen bleach(OxiClean)for whitening-this typically work way better at higher temps but not quite enough to make you raise the wash temperature(except occasionally for whites).


How to reduce washing time in your Samsung washing machine

You can improve your Samsung washing machine time by implementing the following easy tips:

Balance your load

Always follow the loading instructions in your owners manual to a tee to avoid washing problems


Always sort your laundry

Sorting your laundry into smaller loads can help reduce cycle time.

Below are tips to help you sort your laundry easily:

  1. Place the small load in the middle(for example, polyester).
  2. For bulky items like towels, wrap them around the clump of clothing rather than bunching them up in one large ball(the latter makes your clothes take longer to wash).


Check water pressure

Always ensure that the water pressure is good- your Samsung washing machine won’t wash quickly if the water pressure is not sufficient.

Remember your machine will take longer to fill if there is low water pressure.


Don’t load wet clothes

If you fill your washer with wet clothes(because of pre-soaking), the washing time may be longer than usual.


Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash-FAQs

How long is a normal wash cycle for a Samsung washing machine?

A normal wash cycle usually takes between 50 minutes to 1 hour to complete in a lot of washing machines.

However, the wash time and the actual number of rinses your washer will take to clean  are adjusted automatically according to your load.


What is the quick wash setting in a Samsung washer?

The Quick Wash setting on your Samsung washer offers a faster washing operation- it spins your clothes faster and extracts more water from them quickly so it helps wash clothes faster than other cycles.


Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours to wash (Samsung washer takes too long) -final word

Remember that the total wash duration usually depends on the program/setting you have selected.

In fact, if you are using an Eco program, your washer will always take super long(but these programs save you good money- they are more energy and water efficient).

So there’s nothing wrong with your washer if it is taking three hours to wash –it is perfectly reasonable if it’s in Eco mode. 

Still there, when it comes to other programs, the more your laundry, the longer the washer takes(the washer weights your  laundry and adjusts the washing duration accordingly).

PS: You can try the short program (super speed) that takes about 39 minutes- it is there in some models. This program never checks the weight of laundry inside your machine and instead uses a fixed duration to wash. 


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