Samsung washer blinking light – meaning and fixes

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“So, why is my Samsung washing machine flashing?…

We often receive this question via our email or social media channels from frustrated owners of Samsung washing machines.

If you have the same question, this article will tackle what you need to know – from what your Samsung washer blinking light means (Hint: it usually means there is an error with the machine) to how to resolve the faults causing the issue.

Let’s dive in:

Samsung washer blinking light – meaning and fixes

Now, some Samsung washing machines lack a digital display and will flash lights to communicate an error code that needs your attention- Of course, models with a digital display simply display the error code.

And so you may have reason to worry if you notice lights blinking on your Samsung washer.

The good news is that not all the faults that bring the issue require a professional- troubleshooting some is fairly straightforward and can be done by anyone.

I should add that lights usually blink during regular use and you should only assume that the blinking indicates an error code if your washing machine is acting up (for example, stopping mid-cycle).

Below is a list of things to check if you observe abnormal blinking of lights on your Samsung washer:

Samsung washer blinking light – what to check (and suggested solutions)

The secret to solving whatever glitch is plaguing your washer is watching the combination/pattern of blinking lights- different combinations point to distinct error codes.

To get you started, here are the recommended Samsung washing machine troubleshooting steps, depending on what blinking lights appear on your washing machine.

Try them and see if the problem is fixed.

Blinking Light: Extra Large or Extra High or Large or High

Indicated Error: Not filling error (Water isn’t entering your washer correctly)

How to troubleshoot the error

  1. Check that water-supplying hoses are securely connected to the right inlets(hot to hot/cold to cold)on your washer.
  2. Check that the water supplying hoses are not kinked/bent.
  3. Ensure that water supply valves have been completely opened.
    Quick Tip:Avoid using flood safe hoses.
  4. Check that the drain hose has been inserted properly into the drain pipe- Bear in mind that it should never be inserted deeper than 6 inches.
  5. Ensure that the drain hose isn’t kinked too.
  6. Check that the screw holding the drain hose onto the washer(on the rear of the washer) has not been removed. If removed, screw it back together with the holder.
  7. Reset the washer- simply unplug it or flip its circuit breaker. Then, power it again and proceed to attempt to run a new cycle.

Blinking Light: Hot & Small/Hot & Low

Indicated Error: Hot/cold error. This simply means water from cold water supply could be extremely hot- it happens if supply hoses are exchanged(cold to hot while hot goes to cold).

How to troubleshoot the error

Correct the connections- ensure cold supply connects to cold inlet while hot supply goes to hot inlet (Match blue to blue/red to red).

Blinking Light: Small / Low

Indicated Error: No drain problem- Water might not be draining from the machine at the right speed(or is not draining at all).

How to troubleshoot the error

  1. Make sure the washer is level- washer is unlikely to drain correctly if machine isn’t level.
  2. Check that the drain hose is correctly installed- incorrect installation may cause draining problems.

Specifically, confirm that the drain hose:

  • Is inserted not deeper than 6 inches(and less than 8”) into standpipe/sink
  • Is correctly secured to prevent it from slipping down farther.
  • Isn’t kinked/bent/damaged
  • Is not forming an airtight connection
  • Isn’t using drain hose extension kit’
  • Is 18 inches high(minimum)-24inches for wash basins
  • Is not more than 96 inches high(35inches for wash basins)

What does flashing se mean on a Samsung washing machine?

Image courtesy of Samsung.

  1. Clean pump filter(for front loaders models).

If you have not cleaned the pump filter recently, do it- you and I know that a dirty/clogged debris filter hampers drainage.

  1. Turn the washing machine back on then start a cycle. The washer will drain at the start of your test cycle.


Blinking Lights: Tap C0ld, Cool, Medium(or Mid)

Indicated Error: Overflow error (means too much water is in the washer)

How to troubleshoot the error

Repeat the troubleshooting procedure for “No drain problem” above.

Blinking Lights: Cold, (or Eco Warm)

Indicated Error: Jammed button fault (a button on the machine’s control panel is stuck/pressed in).

How to troubleshoot the error

  • Power off the washing machine.
  • Now touch every button (on the panel) individually- be sure to work back each button back and forth to help it get released (while touching it).

Blinking Lights: Hot, Hot & Extra High, Hot & Extra Large, Hot & Large (or Hot & High)

Indicated Error: Door error(it seems the door is not closed and locked)

How to troubleshoot the error

  1. Verify the latch is fixed securely.
  2. Check that no laundry(or other items) have been caught in its door.

Blinking Lights: Hot & Warm

Indicated Error: Unbalanced Load Error (Your load is not balanced inside the tub).

How to troubleshoot the error

  1. Pause the cycle (if necessary).
  2. Confirm the machine isn’t overloaded(should not be more than 3/4s full) or under-loaded(less than 1/3rd full).
  3. Redistribute the load to have the weight balance evenly inside the tub.

Also ensure the cycle you have selected matches what you’re washing. You can then resume/restart the cycle.

That’s it– the above procedures may help clear the issue behind your Samsung washer blinking light.

Try them and see if the machine will resume normal operation.

But before I go, there are two more issues related to the matter of light indicators on Samsung washers I need to tackle.

Find them below:

1.     Samsung washer self clean light blinking

This is not really an error- the self-clean light typically blinks after a set number of washes (varies between models and size of washer) so there is no cause for alarm.

That said, it is recommended that you make it a tradition to run a self-clean cycle at the earliest available opportunity instead of waiting until the reminder pops up.

2.     Samsung washer spin light blinking

For the most part, this is due to improper installation of the washer or failing to balance the load.

For that reason, work on balancing the load size (as explained earlier) and ensure the selected type of cycle matches what you’re washing.



Winding it up

If you noticed different Samsung washer lights blinking (other than those covered above), it is likely that sensors or in-built electronic components are to blame.

Here are some examples and their interpretation:

  • Hot & Cold (or Hot& Eco Warm)– Motor issue
  • Warm– Communication issue
  • Hot& Tap Cold (or Hot& Cool)– Mems Sensor fault
  • Hot & Medium(or Hot& Mid)- Heater problem

Now, the best place to start troubleshooting these issues is resetting the unit- all you need to do is power it off for 2-3 minutes then power it once more and finally restart the cycle.

PS: Feel free to reach out to Samsung Support Center for expert help if your issue persists.


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  1. Thank you for creating this site. We have a Samsung washer , the cold water led was flashing, the user manual said it was a button malfunction and to call for service. I followed the remedy indicated above, now the washer is working again.

  2. All lights are blinking the whole time the washer and dryer are running. Both machines work just fine but lights blink the entire time. What’s up with that?

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