Extreme duty landscape rake – top 4 choices [reviews]

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Simply said, extreme duty landscape rake s are the boss of landscaping!

Featuring extra-strong tines, extremely solid head-to-handle connections, and a five-star construction all around, these units have no equal when it comes to grading, removing rocks, leveling, breaking up lumpy sod clumps, and a host of other insanely tough tasks.

And oh, they last for years so this tool may very well be the last landscaping rake you will ever purchase.

If you’re ready to add an extreme duty landscape rake to your landscaping tool collection, read on to discover the options we recommend and why they stand out from the competition.

Extreme duty landscape rake – top 4 choices [reviews]

Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch

john deere landscape rake

The landscape rake is one of the best-selling professional models and one of Midwest’s most copied designs.

Its long, rounded tines provide a trouble-free non-gouging raking action- the space between the tines is 1 inch.

In addition, its striking edge is outstanding for grading- note the edges are quite sharp right out of the box.

A tough wrap-around bracing coupled with heavy-duty double-rib construction helps maximize head stability so you’re assured of long-lasting performance (even under massive professional use).

For extra comfort, the 66-inch powder-coated aluminum handle features a 6-inch non-slip vinyl grip.

Most importantly, the rake is not too heavy (or bulky) to use so it’s a fantastic choice.

Overall, it excels at jobs such as leveling loose material (sand or gravel), raking rocks (including bigger rocks), moving large piles of dirt/mulch clumps, and more.


  • The assembly is a breeze (great instructions).
  • Made of super quality materials.
  • Good weight and width (between tines).


  • A bit expensive



Yard Tuff YTF Landscape Rake – best tractor landscape rake

heavy duty landscape rake

Yard Tuff is renowned for their extreme duty landscape rakes and this rake doesn’t disappoint.

The 24, heat-treated tines (measuring 5/16” by 1”) are incredibly durable and won’t corrode or rust.

This extreme duty landscape rake covers a 48” wide working path so it covers wide areas in less time.

Another great feature is the turnbuckle adjustment- use it to adjust the operating depth as you wish for a smoother and more efficient raking operation.

A pull rope is included with this rake to allow you raise and lower it conveniently as necessary.

Plus, you’ll love it when working close to walls, fences, and other obstacles thanks to the special design.

There is even a metal plate (with a pin that) can you can remove to allow it to swivel.

The first-class construction makes it quite versatile- it does well whether grading, removing rocks, leveling, breaking up dirt clumps, and a lot more.

In a nutshell, this is a great bet if you’re looking for a rake that will withstand heavy use and abuse.


  • It’s super heavy duty.
  • Decent adjustment to lift it off the ground when you want to clear has been raked out of tines.
  • Good wheels.


  • Some muscle may be needed to put it together- It’s heavy.



Black Boar Landscape Rake for ATV/UTV

Who makes the best landscape rake?

This landscape rake – designed for different UTVs/ATVs- is made of heavy gauge 2” square steel tubing along with lots of ¼” gusseting making it exceptionally heavy duty.

Its super rigid design uses entire length of the rake but more crucially, the tines are removable in the event you’d want to adjust the tine spacing.

Still, on the tines, they’re about 1 ½” apart (at the bracket) and it will pick up even small branches nicely.

In truth, there’s no job this won’t do- from removing rocks, raking heavy debris, breaking up gravel driveways (with potholes) prior to grading, to loosening and leveling soil for seeding.

There are landscape rakes that tend to get easily clogged up with weeds/grass if you have mowed before use but this beast doesn’t- the entire operation is so smooth.

And its parallel linkage design helps maintain the best angle as you lower it.

To come to the point, the rake is not only extraordinarily beefy but also amazing on the job.


  • Universal fit implement so it can be mounted on nearly any UTV/ATV.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Scraper and teeth are adjustable.


  • You might need to add weights (on the implement) to make it work well for some jobs.



Bully Tools 16-Inch Level Head Landscaping Rake (Extra-thick 7 gauge steel teeth)– best extreme duty man landscape rake

best heavy duty landscape rake

This landscape rake is built supremely well and can be a wonderful choice for the toughest jobs around your backyard.

This thing is a monster- the rounded steel tines are strong and durable (their build quality is exceptionally solid making the teeth virtually unbreakable).

Additionally, the angle of the teeth side is perfect for dragging the rake behind as you walk around the yard.

You’ll also love the fiberglass handle- it is thick (triple wall reinforced), lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

I should add that its overall weight is ideal for raking things-any heavier and you’d probably dig down the surface a little more than you’d want for most jobs.

To cut a long story short, you can’t go wrong with this premium-quality rake if you’re looking for an easier way of smoothing out your gravel walkway,  spreading topsoil in your lawn,  raking the track (in your indoor riding arena), etc.


  • High quality American made landscape rake with bracing- should last for generations.
  • Perfect weight.
  • Straightforward assembly.


  • Smaller 16-inch head.




When buying, pay attention to features such as the design of its teeth- rounded teeth do not gouge the ground as much as pointed teeth do.

Furthermore, tightly packed teeth capture smaller particles better while longer teeth tend to push deeper into soil.

The other important feature to check is bracing since it makes the head sturdier (remember you may need to move stubborn rocks and heavy soils.

Also, consider the width of the head- a wider head cuts the time you take to rake larger areas while a narrow head is more suited to tight spaces.

Happy shopping!


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