Landscape rake with gauge wheels – 5 great picks

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When grading properties with a landscape rake, gauges wheels can be invaluable if you’re looking for a more consistent appearance over un-even or undulating terrain.

To be honest, it’s very difficult to accomplish a flawless grading job if your landscape rake is missing this crucial feature.

Confession: Like most, a couple of years ago when I bought my rake, I figured I could do without the wheels. I was so wrong!

I bit the bullet just a few weeks later and bought a compatible aftermarket wheel kit.

What a massive difference it makes!

Question: Do you really need the wheels all the time? Of course, NO but you’ll find them extremely useful most of the times- and you’ll appreciate this when you have them.

Now, you don’t want to make the same costly mistake – I forked out over 300 bucks for my set of wheels- so here are my recommended landscape rake with gauge wheels (5 best picks for tractors/ATVs/UTVs, etc.)- to point you in the right direction.

Landscape rake with gauge wheels – 5 best picks on the market

  1. Titan Attachments 48 inch (4ft) ATV UTV Landscape Rake – best for UTV/ATV
  2. 72 inch Landscape Rake 3-Point – best for large properties
  3. Yard Tuff Landscape Rake w/wheels – works with ATVs, UTVs, or utility tractors
  4. 60 inches Landscape Rake w/Wheels 24 Tines – great for ATVs
  5. Tarter landscape rake – an alternative for tractors

Below are the full reviews of each landscape rake with wheels..


Best for UTV/ATV –Titan Attachments 48 inch (4ft) ATV UTV Landscape Rake

This is perhaps the best bet for those who prefer a model they can comfortably pull with their ATV/UTV vehicle- it hooks up to UTVs/ATVs with a single pin.

A lot is going for this all-round landscaping and ground maintenance tool- from the perfectly adjustable angle that allows you to direct debris with ease to the fine grading capabilities, this is outstanding in so many ways.

Landscape rake with gauge wheels

It’s engineered stronger and non-breakable than most UTV/ATV compatible rakes and should have little problems sifting rocks, glass, twigs, and other unwelcome items from the soil.

The implement is even sturdy enough for jobs such as clearing out branches and other trash that often shows up in your garden after a massive storm.

And oh, the gauge wheels look pretty solid.

Keep in mind that this 48 inch wide rake comes with 24 spring steel tines (replaceable).



Best for large properties – 72 inch Landscape Rake 3-Point

This landscape rock rake from Titan Attachments is unbeatable when it comes to removing rocks and debris like brush and twigs from a site.

Like most landscape rakes, it’s a super versatile tool and very helpful for other general maintenance tasks around your yard, garden, or park including fixing gravel parking areas and driveways.

What do gauge wheels do?

This cool landscape rake is 72-inches wide and comes with 15.75-inch long tines, spaced about 1.75inches apart.

It’s worth noting that the tines are easily replaceable and heat-treated for enhanced durability.

More significantly, the rake is designed to swivel 360degrees so you can easily rake at your desired angle or in reverse for impeccable results.

The two wheels will, of course, keep it from pulling itself too deep into the soil when towed behind your tractor (It’s great for any compact tractor with a Category 1, 3-point attachment).


Yard Tuff Landscape Rake  – Works with ATVs, UTVs, or utility tractors

A gem of a tool for all kinds of landscaping jobs, this rake outshines most of the competition when working around difficult spots-  walls, fences, base of trees, and other obstacles.

It covers good width with every pass- its 48″ wide- while the twenty-four, heat-treated tines (they measure roughly 5/16″ by 1″) hold their ground even in tough environments.

landscape rake with wheels

An adjustable turnbuckle facilitates depth adjustment while a pull rope is at hand to help you raise and lower this rake without leaving your seat.

The other plus is that it can fit the back of numerous utility tractors, ATVs, and UTVs thanks to the built-in pin hitch.


Great for ATVs – 60 inches Landscape Rake w/Wheels  24 Tines

Not only does this work amazingly well raking up debris, preparing seedbeds, sprucing up your drive, and in tons of other yard maintenance tasks but also has fantastic guide wheels.

To be clear, the wheels are incredibly easy to adjust (to different heights) and swivel nicely, allowing you to rake the right way.

The working width is 60 inches or 5′ and it also comes with 24 reinforced tines (again replaceable).

Landscape Rake with Wheel Kits

Moving on, it attaches easily to any ATV (Honda, Cub Cadet, Polaris, Grizzly, Yamaha and more)– in fact, it’s built specially for ATVs.

We also appreciate that it needs just minor assembly to get started.

Like every other product we have featured here, it’s very well made and should be a handy companion for your ATV for years.


An alternative for tractors- Tarter  landscape rake with gauge wheels – Category 1 quick-hookup

Ideal for raking, smoothing, or contouring soil surfaces, this is another viable option if you own a tractor but it’s important to note that  it generally needs tractors rated up to 19-40HP.

landscape rake with gauge wheels

It rotates full 360-degrees and offers 5 reverse and 5 forward settings to give you more control for an immaculate job.

The high carbon tines (replaceable) and the lasting, corrosion-inhibiting powder coat finish make it a durable choice.

Needless to say, the gauge wheels allow you to vary your working height appropriately, depending on the terrain.

It can even be used without wheels.

A super capable attachment overall!

Final thoughts

Just like when buying other garden/landscaping tools, you’ll need to keep a couple of things in mind when shopping for a landscape rake with gauge wheels.

The key features to look out for include suitable teeth spacing- to help you capture differently-sized materials- and ideal tine length (depending on how deep you need to dig).

Also, take into consideration the width of your landscape rake- most of the gauge wheel equipped rakes are between 48 and 72 inches wide.

Of course, a wider working width means you can complete the job in less time (since you can cover more ground with each pass) while a narrower width is better for getting into tight spaces.

One last thing: Not all gauge wheels are of good quality so don’t trust the ad- check if they’re truly well designed and made.



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