Landscape rake for rocks- 8 amazing picks

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As far as yard and garden landscape maintenance goes, a landscape rake may not sound like the most exciting of purchases.

But as a means of removing unsightly rocks (of different sizes/shapes) from a yard/garden with a lot of them, it’s hard to beat.

Fact: A landscape rake (also known as a rock rake) is, first and foremost, designed for rock removal jobs and is perfect even for extremely rocky situations.

Of course, I am not talking about those giant boulders that stick like a sore thumb out of the ground- these may need you to dig them up  with a shovel or it may make more sense to break them up if too big.

Here we are handling the smaller problem rocks that any homeowner occasionally needs to gather into a pile and remove.

With that out of our way, here are my picks for the best landscape rake for rocks out there…

Landscape rake for rocks- 6 amazing picks

Whether you are preparing to plant flowers/crops or re-rocking your driveway, these units will ensure that every unwelcome rock is removed from your yard and soil.


Agri-Fab Ground-Engaging Sleeve Hitch Landscape Rock Rake attachment,Black,Large – best stone rake for tractor

heavy duty rock rake

This sturdy workhorse could just be what the doctor ordered for roughly baseball/softball rocks to slightly bigger.

The highlights are the 48-Inch working width making it perfect for large areas that are full of rocks and the extra strong ¼” heat-treated steel tangs.

Reverse raking action is easy with this implement because it rotates 180 degrees without problems.

Plus, you can angle it 24 degrees either to the right or left to make windrows, regardless of the conditions.

It works from behind nearly all garden tractors with a sleeve hitch.


  • Very durable – heavy-duty gauge steel construction.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Highly effective.


  • Bounces off a bit without weights.



An option for tractors: Titan Attachments 5 foot landscape rake

best implement for removing rocks

In the world of landscape rocks for rocks, this tow behind rock rake is really quite good as well– the tines, spaced 1.75-in apart certainly does a wonderful job.

And if you want the larger rocks to pass through, simply put in just half of the tines.

It’s an absolutely rugged must-have tool that is so impressive once hooked to compact tractors (via a Category 1, 3-point hitch).

It’s another rake to swivel 360 degrees meaning you can use it anywhere you need.

In truth, apart from the fine rock raking features, this 60-in wide implement is a gem for tasks such as dethatching fields, prior to plowing or overseeding, smoothing gravel roads, and more.

What a find!


  • Sturdier tines and frame.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Does a fantastic job on rocks.


  • Assembly instructions a little wanting.



King Kutter landscape rake for rocks – 5ft – best for sub-compact tractors

tow behind rock rake

This 60 inch landscape rake works fine as well, especially for sub-compact tractors.

From dragging rocks up to head-size out of the garden area to skimming/raking hard grounds to eject rocks hiding below the ground, this will do it all for all rocky climates.

And while the entire engineering seems generally very well thought out, there are a couple of things that make it stand out.

I particularly love that you can make the heat-treated spring steel tines less or more rigid when raking by simply lowering or raising the uniquely designed and adjustable stabilizer bar.

The spacing of the tines is also precise and helps prevent rocks (but the smallest ones) from slipping through the tines.

It connects effortlessly to 3-pt hitches but it’s most ideal for tractors 18-25HP.


  • More forward and reverse options (5 each).
  • Built extremely well.
  • Good width- 5 foot (60 inches) fits larger spaces.


  • Difficult to engage the quick-hitch system while sitting in the seat.



For utility tractors, UTVs, ATVs: Yard Tuff YTF-48LSR Landscape Rake for Rocks

what size landscape rake for tractor

This is yet another alternative that appears to have been well thought through, at least from the first impressions.

For example, it comes with 24 tough, heat-treated tines that won’t bend on hitting rocks- I should add that they measure 5/16” x 1”.

Besides, a pull rope has been added so you won’t struggle to raise and lower it as you rake up rocks.

What’s more, it features turnbuckle adjustment to help you maintain the perfect operating depth.

Its other notable uniqueness is that it fits behind countless utility tractors, UTVs, and ATVs.


  • Helpful and practical height adjustment mechanism.
  • Superb close to walls, fences, tree stumps, and other objects.
  • Great customer service by the vendor.


  • Reduced raking width- just 48-inches



Best for ATV/UTV- Black Boar Landscape Rake Implement for Rock Removal

best rake for removing rocks

Also, consider using this professional-grade landscape rock rake to banish rocks from your landscape- whether it’s the small ones that get in the way of your garden projects or large ones that you fear could break your lawnmower when trimming grass.

The superior rigid design makes use of the entire rake length, meaning rocks won’t amass in the center neither spill out the sides.

Along with that, each tine can be removed as desired to let you adjust the spacing of rake the best way to trap rocks.

Personally, I highly recommend this for owners of ATV/UTV vehicles- no rock rake is easier to install on utility vehicles than this.


  • Very heavy duty construction.
  • Pulls up rocks in a few passes- also evenly distributes rocks/dirt.
  • Universal fit for different ATVs and UTVs.


  • Nothing noteworthy.



An option for Utility Vehicles: Titan 4 ATV UTV landscape/York Rake

stone rake for sale uk

This extremely versatile 4 foot (48 inches) landscape rake also connects to your ATV/UTV and allows you to adjust the raking angle to easily direct heaps of rocks where you want them.

Here is one thing I’d like to point out: while it’s a fairly heavy duty landscape rake, it may struggle to move large rocks (it’s just not heavy enough for most larger rocks).

But if you’re tackling softball size rocks, it is hard to top.

You can put the strong tines at a suitable angle too and windrow the stones to one edge for removal!


  • Angles terrifically.
  • Easy-to-replace tines (24).
  • Convenient gauge wheels.


  • May need to be modified to fit some vehicles.



Honorary mention: RockHound Landscape Rake– Best For skid steer

rockhound attachment for tractor

The RockHound Landscape Rake is one of the pioneer skid steer implements designed to remove rocks and – get this- picks up rocks/stones as small as just ¾” as well as nearly all rocks larger than 8-inches.

In a nutshell, if you own a skid steer, and you have loads of rocks to deal with, you’ll be lucky to get a better tool for the job!

Plus, it’s exceptionally versatile and will be handy when you’re clearing other types of debris off the yard or even when leveling ground to lay sod.

And oh, this is compatible with tractors too- simply use the optional adapter plate to connect it to a tractor still via a 3-pt hitch.


Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch – best hand landscape rake for rocks

landscape rake for rocks

Yea, you’ll love this landscape rake if you are looking for a hand rock rake that can do a fine job.

I like the striking edge of this rake, because it helps the rake dig a few inches below the ground to extract rocks.

You then draw it through the soil to have the tines sift through the dirt and seize any rocks.

Pro Tip: To make your life easier here, first use your bow rake to remove bigger rocks, if present.



Final word

As a rule, landscape rakes work amazingly for rocks- both small and big ones.

However, for quality results and to make your job easier, it’s best to pick a rake that allows you to take tines off as necessary to catch differently-sized rocks.

Final tip: If you’re for any of the three-point hitch implement models without wheels, make sure you get optional gauge wheels- they keep the rake from digging in too deep and are really convenient but pricey.


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