Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting guide and tips

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Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshootingDelonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting -the ultimate guide

Common Delonghi portable air conditioner faults include failing to blow cold air, causing an unpleasant smell during operation, and a tendency to keep shutting off.

This comprehensive Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting guide will help you repair most of the common issues with delonghi portable air conditioner.

Read on.

Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting guide

Whether your AC doesn’t come on or the device isn’t cooling the room sufficiently, the solution may be easier than you think.

If your Delonghi portable air conditioner is not working, check the air filter, condensate drainage hose,  remote control settings, and more

Below is everything you need to try, depending on the issue.

 Try these troubleshooting tips on your Delonghi portable air conditioner before you make a phone call to a technician- some repair procedures are so simple that even pros feel embarrassed about billing for them (honestly!)

Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting – the full list and step by step instructions on how to fix nearly every issue

Needless to say, the best place to start your repairs is by consulting your Delonghi portable air conditioner manual- the troubleshooting section has a list of useful tips and ideas.

That said, here are our suggested fixes for typical glitches:

Delonghi portable air conditioner does not come on

Possible causes:

  • Absence of current.
  • Unit not plugged into mains.
  • Internal safety device tripped.


  • Wait!
  • Plug it into the mains.

Delonghi portable air conditioner works for a few minutes only

Possible causes:

  • There are bends/kinks in its air exhaust hose.
  • Obstructions are preventing the unit from discharging the air.


  • Position the air h0se properly- keeping it short and free (of curves) as much as possible to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Check and clear any obstacles that could be obstructing air discharge.

Delonghi portable air conditioner not blowing cold air (it works, but won’t cool the room)

Possible causes:

  • Doors, windows, and/or curtains open
  • Heat sources such as oven, hairdryer, etc. are present in the room
  • Air exhaust hose has detached from the AC
  • Dust filters are clogged
  • The appliance’s technical specification inadequate for the room it is located.


  • Close windows, doors, and curtains
  • Eliminate all heat sources
  • Refit the unit’s air exhaust hose (in the housing) at the rear of the appliance
  • Clean the dust accumulated on the filter using a vacuum cleaner or replace the filters (see replacement steps in the error codes section).

Delonghi portable air conditioner smell bad

Possible causes:

  • Dust filter and (where applicable) electrostatic filter clogged.


  • Clean the filters (as described above).

Delonghi portable air conditioner does not run for about 3 minutes after it has been restarted

Possible causes: the unit’s internal compressor safety gadget prevents the AC from being restarted immediately after it has been turned off and three minutes have to elapse since it was turned off before it can restart.


Wait! As mentioned, this delay cannot be canceled for it to operate normally.

Delonghi portable air conditioner keeps shutting off

This means the compressor keeps stopping.

Possible causes:

  • Wrong temp setting
  • Exhaust hose disconnected or has kinks or bends
  • Filter is clogged


  • Check your setting and ensure the room temp is warmer than what the AC is set at.
  • Check the exhaust hose connection- connect it to the appliance properly and ensure there are no kinks/bends in the hose.
  • Clean the filter (if clogged).
  • Always check to ensure empty tank symbol is not showing on the AC’s display. Drain the unit, if shown.

Delonghi portable air conditioner error codes

The appliance is equipped with a self-diagnosis system to help you identify a couple of malfunctions and the good news is that the system shows a variety of error messages on the display to point you in the right direction.

Here are the most common De’longhi error codes and practical troubleshooting ideas:


Delonghi portable air conditioner error code HL

Meaning: HL means high level and it simply indicates that the internal tray is full.

Recommended troubleshooting: Empty the unit’s internal safety tank.

Follow these steps to empty the tank:

Step 1: Pull out the tank

The water tank -installed at the bottom- is removed by simply inserting your hand thr0ugh the door just above the word PULL (see figure 13 below) and pulling it out as far as possible.

delonghi air conditioner beeping

Step 2: Detach the drain hose

Detach the tank’s drain hose (located on the left of your tank as shown in figure 40-41) and position the end in a jug/bottle to act as a recipient.

delonghi air conditioner error code hl

common issues with delonghi portable air conditioner

Step 3: Drain the tank

First, replace the sp0ut cap(G) with the drain h0se + cap(U).

Now remove the cap then run off the water until completely empty.

Replace the cap.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the tank can contain up to 2 liters of water.

Delonghi air conditioner error codes – meaning and how to fix them

Delonghi air conditioner error code LT

Meaning: Low Temperature (so the integrated frost protection device is trying to prevent excessive formation of frost)

Recommended troubleshooting: No action needed-the appliance automatically starts up again when defrosting is complete.


Delonghi air conditioner error code CF

Meaning: Change filter

Recommended troubleshooting: When this error is displayed, you need to change the water filter.

Follow the process below to change the filter:


  • Buy a replacement filter.
  • Empty the tank and the internal tray as earlier described.
  • Turn off the AC and un plug it from mains.

Step 1: Lay it on the back

Lay the AC on its back (see figure 17).

delonghi portable air conditioner keeps shutting off

To avoid scratches/damage, the appliance should rest on a towel/piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Unscrew the filter cover

The filter cover is removed by first unscrewing the 4 screws (see fig. 17 again).

Step 3: Remove the filter

You can remove the filter delicately- loosen the 2 ties while ensuring the 2 hoses connecting your filter won’t slip inside the AC.

Step 4: Install new filter

Fit your new filter- just follow the above procedure in reverse (see figure 16/15).

delonghi portable air conditioner reset button

How do I reset my DeLonghi portable air conditioner?

Quick tips:

  • Water can leak out as you replace the limescale filter. To avoid this, perform the procedure in an ideal location.
  • Wait an hour (at least) after replacing your filter before starting the appliance again.
  • When the filter is replaced, turn off the alarm by pressing the “ON/STAND-BY” button (15) for about 10 seconds. The unit produces a beep.


Delonghi air conditioner error code F1

Meaning: Failure 1

Recommended troubleshooting: The appliance normally continues to function properly in air-air mode when the F1 alarm/error code is shown. But you can reset the alarm by unplugging the AC then plugging it in again.


Delonghi air conditioner error code PF

Meaning: Probe Failure (so the sensor is damaged or probe is damaged)

Recommended troubleshooting: If this error is displayed, talk to your local authorized Delonghi service centre.


How to reset Delonghi portable air conditioner errors (there’s no Delonghi portable air conditioner reset button!)

Sometimes the only way to get rid of an error code is to hard reboot your Delonghi air conditioner.

To do this:

  • Turn off the AC or unplug it.
  • Allow it to for about five minutes.
  • Plug it back in.

You can now try to use it- the unit resets errors when the control board loses power for a few minutes.


Wrap up

As with other electrical appliances, you should use caution and common sense when applying the above Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting instructions on your unit.

Plus, it is important to remember that your de’longhi portable air conditioner manual covers many fault situations and it can be a useful resource when repairing most of the issues.

Of course, you should reach out to your nearest authorized Delonghi Repair Service Center not only for some of the more difficult error codes but also for problems that persist no matter the fixes you try.

Note: Delonghi’s toll free number is 1-800-322-3848 for US and 1-888-335-6644 for Canada. Don’t forget to check the closest authorized customer service center from this website.



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    I have a 13 yrs old son that loves to be outside but the summers in the south are brutal and with heat advisoires it is just too hot. We have this unit in a sunroom additon that we had builti 2016, so it has been a while. Does anyone have advice on what I can try before I call someone to fix it? I have tried cleaning the filter and resetting by unplugging ans replugging it in.

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