Universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers – 3 best picks for any z-turn

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We review universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers in this guide to help you make the right decision when shopping..

There are certain circumstances when bagging your grass clippings is necessary.

A great example is if there are symptoms of an outbreak of turfgrass diseases in your lawn- you will want to collect the clippings to prevent the problem from spreading.

Of course, scores of homeowners do it for aesthetic reasons.

The good news – for those who own zero turn mowers- is, you can invest in a universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers if you can’t get a grass catcher that fits your ZTR mower in the market.

These types of catchers are intended to attach to a broad array of zero turn mower models for quick and easy collection of grass and leaves and can be the perfect solution for zero turns that come without a catcher.

Below we have reviewed the 3 top-rated universal grass catchers in the market to point you in the right direction if you’re shopping for a universal grass catcher for your zero turn.

Let’s dive in:

Universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers – full reviews, pros and cons

These are your best bet if you’re looking for a grass catcher to fit your zero turn mower without major modifications:

CatchPro by Ballard Inc. – Aluminum and Stainless Grass Catcher (4.1 Cu Ft)

This CatchPro bagger Works on nearly all brands of ZTR’s including Gravely ZTXL, Pro Turn, ZTX, Compact Pro, and ZTHD zero turns and is one of the best lawn mower baggers on the market!

It comes with a universal trailer mounting bracket for quick, safe, and effortless transport and storage. The best thing is that the company offers nine (9) different mounting brackets so it can be mounted on a vast range of zero turn lawnmowers.

More importantly, you’ve nothing to lose here: If you’re unsure if it will work on your mower, no problem- just specify the mower brand when ordering and the company will get in touch with you if it won’t work and refund you promptly.

We should add that it is probably the last catcher you will buy – the all aluminum construction coupled with a stainless steel mouth makes it extremely durable!

Plus, there is a quick latch back opening door to make your life easy when emptying along with 3 top handles for convenience when handling it.

CatchPro – Aluminum and Stainless Grass Catcher (4.1 Cu Ft)- frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are its dimensions?

4.1 cubic feet- this is a good size for safe removal and dumping.

Will it come assembled?

No. It however comes with the required hardware and complete installation instructions.

How do I know if it will fit my zero turn?

As mentioned, just indicate the model when ordering- the customer service team will reach out and refund you instantly if incompatible.


  • Lasting construction.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Easy to remove and empty.


  • A bit pricey.


PK-EX4 Large Capacity (4.4 Cu Ft) Grass Catcher

universal lawn mower grass catcher bag

This Steel Grass Catcher precisely fits Exmark and an expansive range of zero turns including Ariens IconX 52, Ariens Max Zoom 60″, Bad Boy – Elite, BOB-CAT zero-turn ride-on mowers, Country Clipper Jazee Pro (48″, 52″, & 60″), Gravely Pro Turn 148 Zero Turn Mower, and more.

The all steel panels form a solid frame that fits nicely and securely (and the tough welded framework makes it ultra-durable too).

Did we mention that installation is a piece of cake? Install instructions are very well written and super easy to follow.

It’s another large capacity universal lawn mower grass catcher bag- the 4.4 cubic feet is sufficient for most residential applications.

Again, the customer service is outstanding and usually issue refunds immediately in case the catcher fails to fit your specific zero turn.

Keep in mind that it does not work on zero turns with stamped decks.

Quick Tip: Your mower’s discharge opening needs to stick out further than the rear wheel (of the mower) for it to fit. In short, this is ideal for mowers whose discharge opening is positioned clear of rear wheel.

PK-EX4 Large Capacity (4.4 Cu Ft) Grass Catcher – frequently asked questions

How do I verify if it fits my mower?

In general, it fits all mowers whose discharge openings stick out further than rear wheel but to be sure, you can either look for your model in the compatibility list (under product description) at Amazon or contact the seller directly using the contact seller button.

What are the exact measurements of the unit’s rectangular deck mount 0pening?

13 ¾” wide by 4” high.


  • Heavy-duty universal lawn mower catcher.
  • Works wonderfully.
  • Good price.


  • Additional brackets are needed to fit some zero turn lawn mowers (fabricate or order from your manufacturer’s site).


Grass catcher lawn mower universal fit 5011sc

universal lawn mower catcher

The universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers is a grass/leaf collection accessory for commercial mowers including nearly all zero turns.

Actually, the universal-type mounting bracket plus an enlargeable inlet means it to be mounted on almost all zero turn mowers except SCAG commercial mowers (different bracket needed).

Overall, it is excellent for grass clippings pick up jobs and will make the task quick and easy.

The improved airflow slots allows it to utilize the maximum filling capacity so it typically accommodates 3 ½ to 4-bushels of grass/leaves.

And thanks to the cylindrical shape, the annoying buildup of clippings at the lawnmower-catcher connection is prevented.

Grass catcher lawn mower universal fit 5011sc– frequently asked questions

Does it come assembled?

No. Some assembly will be needed. To be clear, it takes one person 1 hour (approximately) to install it.

Is all the hardware required to attach it included?

Nope. Two bolts needed to attach it to your zero turn are not included. You will usually require 3/8” by 1” carriage bolts (note that it may be different for some mowers).

The mounting bracket is, however, included.


  • Weighs only 15lb (easy to carry).
  • Large, easy-to-use handle.
  • Passes through brush smoothly – cover recesses into unit (in closed position).


  • The instructions are printed backwards.
  • Fills up faster than its 2 rivals.

Quick Tip: If it won’t work for your mower, return it without attempting to use it -the seller does not issue refunds if the unit has been returned used.

Final words

The most important step when purchasing a suitable universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers is checking the fit.

Fortunately, you can do this by simply clicking the contact seller button at Amazon if you are having doubts about its compatibility with your specific mower.

But that may not be necessary if your mower appears on the compatibility list under the product description- in most cases, this list is updated frequently and is on point.

Over to you!


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