How to use air conditioner effectively [simple hacks and fixes]

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If you want to know how to use your air conditioner effectively, then read this to the end…..

Our simple tips will help you stay cool in the summer by having your unit run at optimal efficiency while cutting your monthly utility bills.

We hate to eat into your time so let’s get into this straight away:

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How to use air conditioner effectively (how to use air conditioner in summer) – simple tips and tricks

Here is how to use air conditioner economically and to the best of its ability…

You’ll love that some of the ideas are so simple and inexpensive yet they bring a world of difference to your air conditioning experience.

Start with the thermostat

Getting your thermostat settings right will bring maximum comfort to your space while ensuring that you won’t be slapped with a huge energy bill anymore.

Sadly, a lot of people make the mistake of setting the thermostat too low in the hope that this helps the air con to cool more quickly.

This, in fact, causes the AC to run longer to get to the colder setting triggering an unnecessary expense.

So, what precisely do we recommend?

Well, if you must, set the thermostat higher- up to where you feel maximally comfortable- when those bright, sunny months come.

It will definitely cost you less because there’s a reduced temperature difference for the air con to deal with.

Otherwise, just set the thermostat to 78°F (or 26°C) whenever you need cooling.

It barely needs saying that a programmable thermostat will generally make life easier for you here.

That said, do not place items like lamps and TVs close to your thermostat as it might start sensing heat from such devices making it work for extended periods.


Take advantage of the Eco/Energy saving setting

Most modern ACs allow you to choose between Eco/Energy saving and standard cool modes and the former will be a better choice if you’re concerned that cooling is becoming an expensive luxury.

The good thing is that it does an equally good job as the regular cool mode while saving you some bucks.

That’s because it uses temp sensors and integrated algorithms (among other smart technologies) to choose when to shutdown, restart, or ramp up/slow down as the ambient temperature fluctuates.


Use the timer feature

Another thing you cannot overlook if you really want to lower your energy bill is the timer feature (hoping your unit has one).

With the timer, you can set the unit to turn off automatically after a predetermined period instead of having it run continuously, resulting in overcooling and wasted energy, especially at night.

You simply set it and forget.


Be a smart operator

There are other smart actions you could take that could help bring down your energy spending without sacrificing comfort.

Here are some suggestions:

1.   Remove things that could be hindering airflow around the AC

Placing curtains, furniture, and other items around your air con could be making the unit work harder due to insufficient airflow.

This is bad for your end month energy bill.

2.   Offer a helping hand

Have you considered coming to the aid of your AC? You should and you’ll be amazed at how much difference this makes.

Here is how:

  • Add a dehumidifier- a dehumidifier will work on the excessive humidity meaning less work for your air conditioner. At the same time, have extra ventilation systems in more humid places such as the laundry room may be helpful.
  • Put the ceiling fans on – in the same vein, you can try to see if the fans will do the work on their own. Sometimes they do, especially when the heat isn’t too much.
  • Invent some shading The other thing you can do is invent some form of shading near your window air conditioner, for those who haven’t installed theirs in a corner where there’s enough shade. Tinted windows could be a good start. Some people go for plants for installations near sun-facing windows.

Those are just a few practical tips and we have many more coming up.

Keep reading to find out how to use air conditioner effectively including how to use AC with less power consumption


Ensure proper maintenance

We all know that an AC system that is neglected in terms of maintenance won’t cool with the efficiency you would love.

It also goes without saying that this might raise your electricity costs as it may be simultaneously overworking.

You should, therefore, undertake the following procedures when and as necessary:

  1. Clean the air filters if clogged- Dirty filters hamper airflow messing your AC’s efficiency. You have to do this more often if you’re continually running the unit in extremely dusty conditions.
  2. Check and clean your AC system’s coils The evaporator also collect debris over time and this can be a hindrance to airflow.
  3. Comb the coil fins- The fins (on the evaporator as well as the condenser coils) should be inspected too and combed/vacuumed because they sometimes bend, impeding airflow.
  4. Keep the refrigerant always charged- This helps it cool with optimal efficiency too.


How to use air conditioner effectively: Extra tips

So, what else is costing you?

There could be other missteps making you pay economically or by interfering with your comfort.

We look at them below:

  • Window Seals if you own a window air conditioner, you may be surprised that the seal is letting cool air out of the room dragging your air conditioner’s efficiency down. To avoid this problem, check the seal once in a while and ensure good contact with your AC’s case.
  • The curtains Use those drapes, sun blinds, or curtains with caution. Specifically, open them to let the daytime warmth out in the evening and be sure to keep them drawn all day (unless you’re staying indoors) to prevent hot sun rays from finding a way in. That lightens the burden on your unit.
  • Poor installation- Not all installations are perfect as hinted earlier and you could be paying for this in a big way. To be sure, check for and repair all air leaks. Also seal all gaps, cracks, or such openings in your home/building. Again, be sure to insulate the ductwork with proper material.
  • Your home devices Another thing you should be wary of is your PC, printers, TV, etc. You see, while they bring life to your home in one way or the other (you may even want to print some office work), they produce varying degrees of heat further burdening your AC system (and your wallet). The solution is to use them when the environment is cooler, if possible.


How to use air conditioner economically and efficiently: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Should the fan be switched off when the air conditioner is running / should the fan be on when the AC is on?

According to experts, having the fan on when the air conditioner is running can make your space more comfortable while saving energy.

That’s because you’re able to raise the thermostat by a few points helping power efficiency (we already said a higher setting could be beneficial).

Indeed, argues that running the fan in combination with your window AC is a surefire way to spread a nice breeze all around your space without harming electricity use.

Remember, fans never actually cool- and they cause you (and your furry friend) to feel cool thanks to the airchill factor- so it’s important to turn it off when going out.

Is it more efficient to leave air conditioning on?

Any talk about how to use air conditioner economically cannot be complete without tackling this question.

And the answer is quite straightforward: Keep your air con running in the day and put it off as you head to bed.

Of course, nights are naturally cooler and you can enjoy good cooling by just leaving the windows open.

best temperature for ac at night

How to use AC at night – How to enjoy a good night’s sleep despite unbearable heat

What should I set my AC to at night? Best temperature for AC at Night

Overall, you are likely to sleep pretty comfortably if you set the temp between (20°C) 68°F  and (22°C) 72°F.

S0 the first thing you want to do is set your desired temperature for sleeping…

It is best to stick to the above range as it is , in general,  a bit cooler for a good night’s sleep.

Something else:  The electricity bill will not be too high- cranking it up often means more energy consumption.

Remember that you may want to knock the thermostat down just a little from 72°F if the humidity becomes too much.

Speaking of which, you can keep a fan (typically a small one) blowing to keep you from feeling exceedingly stuffy.


Set appropriate fan speed

A word about the AC fan….

Now, you don’t want it to be too loud because it could disturb your sleep.

For that reason, it is important that you adjust the fan speed to a speed that ensures a gentle airflow.

That way, you won’t be woken up in the middle of a dream by a noisy AC fan. 

I’m sure that this is one of the reasons why nearly all air cons have customizable fan speeds.


Change the AC mode to sleep mode

This is a no-brainer: Just use sleep mode (and not cooling mode) if you want to enjoy a comfy night.

Good news: Nearly every modern AC unit I have seen comes with the well thought out sleep mode feature- and I guess that yours is no exception.

But why sleep mode and not any other mode?

Well, for the simple reason that sleep mode  adjusts the temp as the conditions change(gradually, I should say) throughout the night.

That results in much more comfortable sleeping environment for you and reduced energy usage, when it comes to the AC itself.


Best way to use AC at night – More tips

Change the position of the vents

Another thing worth doing is positioning the AC vents in a way they won’t be blowing in the direction of your face/body directly.

That’s because direct airflow can be another cause for nasty discomfort, dryness, and sometimes stiffness when you wake up next morning.

So make sure you re-adjust the vents to have airflow go either upward or to the center(of your bedroom).


Shut windows 

It’s a good idea to shut all windows if your AC is on- it helps your AC cool maximally (no warm air will enter; likewise no cool air will escape)


Does AC noise make you struggle to sleep?

If yes, consider using earplugs.

You can as well go for  a soothing white noise machine – or even a fan to help drown out the annoying AC sound.


Again make use of the timer

If you own an AC with a timer feature, be sure to set (program) it to turn the AC off or cut the cooling effort once you’re in slumberland.

Not only can it conserve energy but it also prevent excessive chilling all through the night.

Quick Tip: Closing your curtains/blinds during daytime can help block out the sunlight hence lower heat gain. Consequently, your AC won’t have to work that hard to chill you at night.


How to use air conditioner in winter 

For many people, using AC in winter can sound counterintuitive, of course, because AC’s are designed to cool spaces when it is steaming hot.

And that’s true, partially however. 


A couple of manufacturers have designed ACs with a handy heat pump- and the primary function of the feature is to help heat the room as well.

So read on if you own a heat pump type AC…….

The following tips will help you effectively use the AC during the cold winter days:

How to use air conditioner for heating in winter (how to use AC as heater in winter)

1. Use Heat Mode

To enjoy heating, start by selecting “Heat” mode.


2. Add heating aids

If you’re not happy about the performance of  your AC’s heating function especially if it’s extremely cold, just add extra heating sources (think of space heaters, central heating systems, etc.).


What else?

  • Adjust the stat

Set your desired temp on your AC’s stat.

For starters, the best temp. range to be comfortable (according to Midea) when it is winter is about 72°F to 77°F- 79°F(20°C to 22°C-26°C) durіng thе dау but you can always adjust the temp to your preference (Room should be wеll іnѕulаtеd).

Meanwhile, аt nіght, try to set thе tеmр to about 15.6°С (60.08°F-) аnd 19.4°С(66.92°F-) fоr аdultѕ.

For babies, your babies will be fine bеtwееn 20°С(68°F) аnd 22.2°С(71.96°F) fоr bаbіеѕ. 


  • Set the fan to “Auto” mode

When it comes to the fan settings, “Auto” mode is typically the most ideal option as the fan can automatically increase/decrease speed to match changes in your room’s temp and the temp you set.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to shut windows and doors tight to stop possible heat loss. Also set the time (if your programmable thermostat) to set the AC to turn off/on automatically (to heat only when necessary)- it helps save energy.


How to use air conditioner effectively -Final thoughts

To wind up our how to use air conditioner effectively guide, perhaps the single biggest reason why your AC is guzzling up electricity and or cooling sub optimally  is because you don’t have a correctly sized unit.

The thing is, installing an ‘over-sized’ room air conditioner mostly results in it working inefficiently and typically make the space pretty uncomfortable during the hottest summer days as it’s unable to dehumidify appropriately.

Upgrading your unit could be the way to go though this is probably a long term solution.

Meanwhile, the above points are worth exploring depending on your situation.

They should certainly bring some difference.

Please let us know if we have left anything out in this how to use air conditioner effectively resource..


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