Whirlpool duet sport washer error code 5d [Fixed]

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If you have encountered the frustrating error code 5d on your Whirlpool Duet Sport washer, don’t worry as we will be guiding you on how to fix it.

As someone who has experienced this error first hand, I know how perplexing and time-consuming it can be to fix.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to have your washer running within minutes.

Whirlpool duet sport washer error code 5d -causes and potential fixes

Several factors might cause this – and they are…

Using the wrong detergent

If you use the wrong detergent on your washer, it will tend to produce a lot of suds.

This will signal the pressure sensor that the washer is overly sudsy.

In turn, the washer will display Sd (5d) and it will try to run a suds reduction routine.

That being so, give the washer some time to run this cycle.

But, this springs in a new question: which kind of detergent should you use on your Whirlpool duet sport washer?


Being a high efficiency model, the duet sport washer is designed to use HE detergent.

With that in mind, be sure to use HE detergent on your duet sport washer.

But, before then, run two empty Rinse & Spin cycles to get rid of the extra suds.

Quick tip: if you had used the wrong detergent, be sure to clean the detergent drawer before pouring in the HE detergent.

Using too much HE detergent

At times, you might be using HE detergent yet your washer is overly sudsy and displays the code 5d (Sd).

In such a scenario, it could be that you have measured more than the required amount of detergent.

In turn, this will result in the washer being overly sudsy.

So, what amount of HE detergent should you be using?

Well, this varies depending on your load size and the soil level.

Moving on…

Always measure the detergent by following the manufacturer’s directions based on your load size and the soil level.

Again, to fix this issue, run two empty Rinse & Spin cycles to get rid of the extra suds and detergent.


There are times whereby you will do everything by the book, but, the washer still displays the 5d code.

Or, you have run the two empty Rinse cycles but the washer still blinking the code.

When this is the case, then, it is no longer a detergent problem but a sensor or mechanical problem as we are about to see.

Whirlpool duet sport washer error code 5d – more solutions


The pressure hose connection might be bad

This is the clear tube that connects the wash tub to the pressure sensor.

If this tube is experiencing some problems, it will signal the pressure sensor that the washer is overly sudsy hence the code.

Recommended solutions

First, inspect the pressure hose for kinks along its length – if it has kinks, be sure to straighten them out.

Also, check to see if the hose is properly connected to the wash tub and to the pressure sensor.

If one of the ends is not properly connected or has worked itself loose, simply remove the hose and reconnect it well.

And while at it, be sure to firmly hold it in place using its clamps – you can use zip ties as an alternative to the clamps.

Finally, carefully inspect the hose to see if it has a hole or a leaking spot.

If the hose is indeed leaking, you can opt to either seal it or get a replacement pressure hose.

The washer is experiencing drainage problems

Another potential suspect is the drainage mechanism.

It could be that the washer is unable to remove water from the wash tub.

Recommended solutions

First, inspect the drain hose for kinks (and straighten out the hose if it has any kinks).

Next, disconnect the hose from the washer and the drain sink to check it for clogs.

If there are any clogs, be sure to remove them – you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the troublesome clogs.

Other than that, inspect the drain filter as it could also be full of clogs.

To access the filter, remove the washer’s back panel and rotate the pump filter anticlockwise to remove it.

Quick tip: before removing the drain filter, put a small basin beneath it to trap the water from the washer.

Follow this by discarding any lint that might have been trapped by the filter.

Final solution

Whirlpool duet sport washers are notorious for having drain pump problems that result in the Sd (5d) error code.

The first step to fixing the pump is removing the rubber band inside the pump impeller housing.

Now, run some wash cycles to see how it goes.

If the code still persists, remove the pump and attach it to 120v of AC and listen to how it runs – a healthy pump should run quietly and smoothly.

If yours is excessively noisy, then, it has gone bad and will require a replacement.

With the pump still running, pour in water and see if the water gets out through the drainage part of the pump.   

If water does not drain out, turn the pump sideways to inspect for clogs.

Finally, if there are no clogs, then, your pump might be bad hence a drain pump replacement may be the way to go  

Mechanical friction on the drive mechanism

At times, small clothes such as socks might be trapped between the basket and the tub.

When this occurs, it will result in the drive mechanism creating some mechanical friction between the basket and the tub and this results in the Sd/5d error code.

To see if this is the issue, first separate the wash basket from the tub.

Next, remove any clothes that might have been trapped between the basket and the tub.

Also, if there are signs of trapped lint inside this area, be sure to clean out the lint.

The control board might be faulty

If all the above procedures do not work, there is some likelihood that the control board is experiencing communication errors.

To fix this, first reset the washer by disconnecting it from power for around five minutes.

If the problem still persists, take out the control board and carefully inspect it for burns, cracks or any other signs that might point to a faulty board.

If you spot such signs, it is likely that your board is bad.

As a result, you will need to get a replacement control board.

Whirlpool duet sport washer error code 5d – final words

As we conclude, it is good to refer to Whirlpool’s instructions on HE detergent use in their washing machines.

After replacing an electrical part such as the control board, remember to calibrate your washer.


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