Whirlpool Cabrio dryer error code f1 [Fixed]

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Is your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer displaying the error code F1?

Here at MachineLounge, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with an appliance malfunction, especially when you are not sure what it means or how to fix it.

With that in mine, we are going to break down what causes the F01 error code in a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer. 

More importantly, we shall share with you how to troubleshoot your dryer when it throws fault code F1.

Let’s get started.

Whirlpool Cabrio dryer error code f1 – how to fix error code f1 on your Whirlpool Cabrio dryer

Before we start, let me mention that these steps apply to both electric and gas models.

Typically, F1 (F01) error code in Whirlpool dryers points to problems with the electronic control board.

This could range anywhere from a faulty wire harness to a bad relay to corrupted EEPROM and so on.

With that in mind, follow the steps below to resolve the F1 error code…

Reset the washer

This is the quickest yet easiest fix you can try.

Here’s the thing…

At times, there are static/flea charges trapped within the main control board.

It is these charges that are responsible for the dryer misbehaving.

With that in mind, unplug the dryer from the power outlet and let it sit for five minutes before reconnecting it.

If the code persists, do not perform another reset. Instead, proceed to the next potential solution below…

Test the power outlet to the dryer

If your dryer is an electric model, then, this step is for you…

It could be that the control board is not getting enough power hence the error.

Typically, these models require to be connected to a power outlet that has at least 220v AC.

Now, if your outlet is producing less than this, it will not be enough for the electric dryer to work.

Instead, the dryer will power on but instead of heating, it’ll produce the F1 error code.

This is because the power is not enough to power the dryer and the heating element in unison.

So, if your power outlet is producing less than 220v AC, have an electrician inspect the power outlet.

In the meantime, connect your dryer to a working 220 – 240v ac power outlet.

Inspect the power cord

If the power outlet seems to be fine, proceed to inspect the power cord.

Remember that electric dryers normally have a hot wire hence the need for a 220v AC power outlet.

Now, it is likely that the hot wire was not properly installed and it has burnt out with time.

Again, this would result in an inadequate power supply to the control board.

Having said that, unplug your dryer and inspect the electrical cord connection behind the dryer.

If you note that one of the wires has burnt out or is damaged, you will need to get a replacement power cord.

If you have chosen to replace the power cord, we recommend the best-selling 30 Amp 3-prong dryer cord.

On the other hand, if you have a 4-prong power outlet, we recommend the popular cable matters 30-Amp 4-prong dryer cord.

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If the power checks out, you can move on to the steps below knowing the issue is most likely a faulty board.

That being so, here is what you will check out for…

Check the wire connections to the control board

One of the wire harness connections to the control board has likely worked itself loose or it has failed.

As such, carefully inspect all the connections to the board.

If possible, disconnect and reconnect them properly.

And while at it, inspect the harnesses and all connections for signs of potential shorting.

If you note that any of the connection(s) has short, be sure to replace it.

Clean the control board

This is mostly the case with old dryers or dryers in dusty environments.

After several years of use, dust might accrue on the control board.

This will result in the control board malfunctioning hence the F1 error code.

With that in mind, is your control board dusty?

If yes, clean it using a vacuum cleaner and see if this does the trick.


Whirlpool Cabrio dryer error code f1 – more solutions to try

Inspect the control board for signs of damage

Quick tip: before proceeding to remove the control board, you might want to take a clear picture of the wire harness connections – makes reconnecting them much easier. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to control boards, testing them is not as easy as testing for continuity or resistance.

Instead, you will visually inspect the board for any possible signs of damage.

Side note: the board might look ok but it may not be operational.

Now, there are a few things you can check out for.

For starters, inspect the board for signs of shorting or burns.

If there are signs of burning, it is likely that the control board’s relay has short.

When this occurs, it is much cheaper to replace the relay compared to replacing the entire board – you can easily get a relay for around 10 bucks or less on eBay.

That being so, if you opt to get a start relay replacement, use the part number indicated on top of the relay when making the purchase.

This is because you want to get a start relay replacement that is compatible with your control board.

Getting an incompatible start relay will result in the control board either not working at all or it failing down the line.

As regards soldering in the new start relay, the below YouTube step-by-step instructional video will guide you along:

Replace the entire control board

As we have mentioned earlier, the control board may fail yet have no signs of this.

Now, if all the above steps do not fix your dryer, chances are that another part of the control board has failed.

And as a result, you should consider replacing the entire control board to have your dryer up and running in no time.

If you opt to take this route, then, you can order the Original dryer control board (part # WPW10174745) on Amazon.

Again, when replacing the control board, make sure that you are buying a board with the same model number as the one in your dryer.

This will ensure that the board you are buying is compatible with your dryer’s user interface.

Whirlpool cabrio dryer error code f1 – final words

In some scenarios, your dryer will produce the F1 (F01) error code in tandem with another error code such as F28.

If this is the case with your dryer, then, you will find our other article coming in handy: How to fix Whirlpool Cabrio dryer error codes.


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