Top load vs Front load washers pros cons (which washing machine is better)

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Top load vs front load washers pros cons: Find out which machine is better overall

Question: Should you go for a top loading washing machine or a front loader?

Well, let’s be honest: A lot of people can’t really decide which washing machine is better because there is a lot of information out there both voting for and against each type of washer.

So, to make it easier for you to make the correct choice, below is a look at top load vs front load washers (pros and cons-for both).


Top load vs Front load washers pros cons (which is the best: top loading or front loading washing machine?)

Before we go on, here is the most interesting thing:

Washing machine technology is advancing all the time..

For that reason, the washers (top loaders as well front loaders) of two years ago are not the ones we have today..

The truth is, manufacturers keep on tweaking their machines to make them more appealing to you.

And the first place they start is looking at the cons buyers sound to be annoyed most about when a washer model first comes into the market and changing the design to eliminate them.

So the next release is oftentimes better than the previous version in several ways (and minus the most prominent cons).

Similarly, the following model in the series will likely be an upgrade of the preceding washer.

And so forth.

In a nutshell, what I want you to know is this:  over the years, the old pros and cons of top load vs front load washers have become less conspicuous.

Yeah, that is the reality- manufacturers have made serious efforts to wipe out the weaknesses users found a turn off in the past in either washer type meaning the flaws are barely pronounced nowadays.

So that you can understand what we mean, let’s first take a look at the most obvious pros and cons homeowners used to complain about a few years ago for either type.

(We will then mention the improvements that manufacturers have made since then- and tell you how you should actually decide which washing machine is better).

To get us started, let’s go through the pros and cons of front loading washing machine:


Benefits of front load washing machine (“why front load washers are better”)

When it comes to the pros of a front loading machine, they were traditionally better than a top loader in a couple of ways..

Here are its pros (summarized):

  1. More efficient cleaning (because of traditionally having an agitator)
  2. Top load vs front load water usage: Front loaders use significantly less water (and even power-You can check up their energy comparisons online) 
  3. They spin faster so more water is extracted before you take clothes to the dryer, resulting in reduced drying time.
  4. Unloading- It will be easier to get your cloths out since you’ll not be reaching in to a deep hole.
  5. A little gentler on clothes (some have different genuinely amazing gentle cycles)
  6. If stacking is important to you, front loaders will be more appealing because you can easily and safely stack them.
  7. If you put it on a pedestal, you get an extra storage space underneath it which means it helps you use space a little more efficiently. You can even place a counter (over the top) for more useable space (in case of a small laundry).
  8. Theyare quieter- vibrate a lot less due to superior motors/suspension systems


Disadvantages of front loading washing machine

  • More expensive
  • More complicated design- older non-HE models are not very DIY friendly when it comes to repairs.
  • They can get terribly smelly –they get moldy if you don’t care for it properly
  • They need more maintenance.
  • Bending to unload it can be a pain, if you have a sore back (putting it on a pedestal can however raise it).
  • Not easy to add clothing items mid-cycle (though some have a pause button you can use to unlock the door to throw in forgotten items)


Top load Pros

  1. Simpler design (better for DIY fixes)
  2. Less pricey
  3. Front loaders generally fit more stuff
  4. Reduced likelihood of leaks and water trap issues so less preventative maintenance to do.
  5. No bending to load/unload it
  6. Washes faster


Disadvantages of top load washing machine

  • They don’t seem to get clothes as clean as front loaders
  • Clothes get terribly tangled sometimes (especially if it’s overloaded).
  • Don’t handle large items very well (think pillows,comforters, etc.) since they won’t get immersed fully in the water.
  • Tend to use more water.


Why you should not just rely on the above top load vs front load washers pros cons when deciding

You now have an idea of the old top load vs front load washers pros cons..

However, as we saw earlier, these advantages and disadvantages have slowly disappeared in either washer type.

Here is the situation now:

  • Top loader washing machines with agitators – and there are many of them now- clean as better as front loaders (though some top loaders models without agitators do not perform as well on severely dirty clothes).
  • Some top loaders feature nice gentle cycles these days and myriad ways to control your wash and hardly damage any clothing as a result.
  • You can get a few water-efficient top loaders today (Maytag bravos is a good example).
  • With simple steps, side loading washers will never get the mildew smell (you’ll be good if you run self-clean often and leave the door ajar between loads).
  • Most new washing machines (both types) display error codes to help you diagnose what needs fixing.
  • Capacity has been improved on front loaders.
  • The difference in washing speed between the two washers has come down noticeably.
  • The price difference is not that big.



How to decide

Either machine has its purpose and you need to understand where each fits best before you make a decision.

To put it concisely:

Front loaders are engineered with those who really need optimal water efficiency, stackability (for space saving), and are unable to reach down into top loaders tub (vertically challenged folks) in mind.

Other than that, you are likely to find a top loader washing machine just fine (and remember they don’t have endless problems with mold).

So, just figure out what’s most important to you (or your partner) and pick the best washing machine for your needs.



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