Do all washing machines have filters?

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Many home appliances have filters –think most dishwashers, humidifiers (there’s usually a filter of some sort), your furnace, AC units, refrigerators, microwaves, and more.

And yes, even washing machines….but do all washing machines have filters?

Well, here is what you need to know: while not all will have a filter, most washing machines (especially front loaders) use a filter to keep impurities such as dirt and lint (even loose hairs) from collecting in the pump (because these might cause the machine to malfunction)..


Do all washing machines have filters?

Again the short answer is not all have filters so be sure to read your washer’s owner manuals to confirm if your model is one of those that feature a filter (a couple of the latest models come with coin traps and not conventional filters).

Bear in mind that for the most part, washing machine filters need to be cleaned regularly for the machine to continue functioning smoothly.

That said, there are some washers that come with filters that do not need maintenance.

In fact, a majority of the newer, high-efficiency top loading washing machines have a self-cleaning filter designed in the drain pump.

Put another way, unlike the filters that are fitted in most older washing machines(these must be cleaned pretty often), you are not required to manually clean the filter.

It’s worth mentioning that the reason washable filters need frequent cleaning is that the filter gets clogged up with dust, lint, hair, and other debris quite quickly in the course of doing your laundry.

Some washing machine filters are actually disposable hence you need to buy a new one from time to time (instead of just cleaning it).

Another thing: Not everyone is able to access that filter so designers have progressively been trying to create solutions to get rid of the component entirely…

In fact, there are machines that have a drum cleaning cycle added – and you’re expected to drum clean the machine every 6 weeks.


Washing machine filter location (inside the machine)

So, where is the filter on a washing machine?

Now, if you have ascertained that the machine has a filter, you need to have an idea of its location because cleaning it (It makes a huge difference!) usually necessitates accessing the filter.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the filter is not found in the same spot in washing machines so you’ll need to look around and see if you can trace your washing machine’s debris filter..

For that reason, it’s best to refer to its owners manual once more- it definitely should point you in the right direction.

Otherwise, check the following places:

On the front- the bottom left side- there is a little door. The door opens down (you twist the knob) and you’ll find the filter inside there. This is for LG front load washers…

For some older top-loading washing machines, your filter could be in the bottom corner (right-hand) of the washer.

Also, you can check the drainage hose (at the end).

You might want to check underneath the cover (of the center agitator).

Finally, you can also find the filter along the top rim(of the drum) of the washing machine.

Quick Tip: Be careful when handling the filter- the part is typically fragile and delicate and could break easily.


How to tell it’s time to clean washing machine filter

If you don’t perform this crucial preventative maintenance, you will be risking the unpleasant experience of having your washer develop nasty mold and mildew (which will cause the washer to get smelly).

In addition, cleaning your filter at the recommended frequency tends to make your washing machine last longer.

So, when should you do it?

Overall, you’re expected clean your washing machine’s filter at least 3 times a year (once every 4 months).

Also, there are telltale signs that will be signifying the filter is dirty and in need of a thorough clean including:

  • Excessive vibrations in the washer when running.
  • The clothes are still even after final spin is completed.
  • Water draining problems- this indicates the filter might be badly clogged.

One vital thing you can do when you are unsure of how frequently you should do it, make it a habit to inspect the filter for any build up- be sure to clear and clean it.


Do all washing machines have filters?- Recap

No. Not all washing machines will have a filter added.

In summary, filters are less common in top-loading washers and more common (nearly universal) in front loading washers.

Do not forget that cleaning the filter as often as necessary (depending on how frequently you do your laundry) helps a lot.

Otherwise, you could be lucky to have a washing machine that has a self-cleaning filter meaning you won’t have some extra chore to add to your washing machine maintenance list.

Lastly, there are washers with disposable filters- and for these, you will need to replace the part after using the washer for the recommended period (check its owners manual)..



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