Universal grass catcher for side discharge – best picks according to reviews

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Looking for the best universal grass catcher for side discharge? Read this!

Bagging your clippings has several huge benefits- it’s faster than raking, you won’t need to mow the yard as often as mulching, it helps to foster healthier lawn growth by thwarting thatch buildup, and more.

Of course, you need a compatible grass catcher for your lawnmower to enjoy all the rewards of bagging your grass clippings.

Now, an alternative when you cannot find a particular OEM grass catcher is a universal grass catcher.

Below we have reviewed the 3 top universal grass catcher picks for lawn mowers with a side discharge- these fit all side discharge mowers and are very easy to attach to (and take off) the lawn mower.


Universal grass catcher for side discharge – best picks according to reviews, pros, and cons

These are your best bet if you want to bag your clippings to create an immaculate appearance and a highly-manicured professional finish after mowing:

MTD 42in. and 46in. Double Bagger for Riding Lawn Mowers – best universal grass catcher for riding lawn mower

This fits nearly all 42/46 inch riding mowers (2010 and after) with side discharge- it fits most Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines, Huskee, Craftsman and Bolens riding lawn mowers with a 42/46-inch cutting deck.

It comes with a handy sight window to let you know when it is full without getting off the mower and a top-hinged hood so you don’t need to flip the seat up when you’re emptying the bag.

More importantly, it does an excellent job of picking up and hauling grass clippings- no grass clumps are left behind.

The instructions are simple enough and it’s actually easy to mount on nearly all riding mower models. This mower attachment removal is similarly a walk in the park when you want to switch to mulching.

The only thing we would have wished for is a bigger capacity -its 6.5 bushel capacity is reasonable but not the biggest.


  • 8″ wide flex tubing helps prevent clogging.
  • Well thought out clear window to help you monitor if the bags are getting full.
  • Easy to attach/detach.


  • It’s a bit pricey.


MTD Grass Catcher Side discharge Lawn Mower Grass Catcher

Universal grass catcher for side discharge nice2 nice 1

Though this is not fully universal, it fits countless LawnChief and MTD side discharge mowers, 1989 and after.

To be clear, it is designed for 21-inch side-discharge LawnChief and MTD units and “3-in-1” walk behind mowers (with flip-up chutes) but can fit tons of other mowers with modest adjustments.

It is made tough- the bag is made of heavy-duty polyester material and the frame from heavy-gauge steel so it outlasts most of the competitors

The bag is extremely easy to use and works pretty fine.

Plus, there is a convenient flip-top opening as well (this is really helpful when emptying it).

The instructions are garbage at best but fortunately, the pictures are easy to follow and should help you assemble the grass catcher without too much of a hassle.

Our major concern is the 1.6 bushel capacity – it just doesn’t hold a lot of grass clippings really so you have to stop the mower and empty the bag on multiple occasions.


  • It is so easy to use on side shoot mowers.
  • Great price.
  • Can be installed with no tools.


  • Grass piles up quickly in the bag.

Grass Bag to fit Lawn Boy w/Plastic Adapter (Bag and  Cable Tie Only)

This side grass catcher fits all lawn tractors with 38inch side discharge decks and 42inch decks (2009 and prior) from Troy-Bilt, Yard-Man, MTD, Yard Machines, Bolens, Huskee, and even some Toro mowers including Toro lx426 mower perfectly.

The bagger- with two easy-loading nylon bags- mounts quickly and effortlessly to ensure that all your grass clippings are cleaned up, leaving reduced thatch buildup for a healthier lawn.

Dumping is easy too- This twin bag grass catcher includes an easy-open lid and built in bag straps for quick emptying.

And oh, both the airflow and venting have been optimized to stop clogging even when you mow too quickly (it features a 7-inch diameter chute).

Like the MTD universal grass catcher for side discharge, this is a 6.5 bushel capacity twin bagger kit.

The package includes 2 bags, hood, chute, mounting brackets (doubles as suitcase weight bracket), and installation instructions.


  • The lawn mower grass collector rarely gets clogged.
  • The grass catcher kit works wonderfully.
  • Assembly proceeds smoothly.


  • Fills up a little fast.

Universal grass catcher for side discharge- Things to Consider when buying

Grass catchers are like any other consumer product in that they are not created equal- some have more eye-catching features than their rivals and they will traditionally be more expensive.

That said, not every feature is important and less is sometimes more.

Here are the most crucial features to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Bag capacity- If you own a bigger yard, you may need a big capacity catcher. A smaller capacity will, of course, mean that you’ll be emptying the catcher a lot between mows.
  • Compatibility- As you may have noted, most of the aftermarket catchers may not fit certain mowers properly including some of the brands marketed as universal. Check if your mower is included in the compatibility list of the catcher you want to purchase before ordering.


  • Airflow– Needless to say, improved airflow maximizes the bag capacity and ensures grass does not get clogged.
  • Ease of disposal- Features such as built-in handles helps simplify disposal.
  • Ease of installation- A design that is super easy to put together and install is a bonus.


  • Full bag indicator- This is a pleasant addition too as it lets you easily know when the catcher is full.
  • Construction- Heavy duty quality bag materials coupled with a sturdy well-constructed frame bolsters the durability.


Wrapping it up

If you love to attach a catcher to your side discharge mower to clean up the grass that is usually left all over the yard, consider the above top rated universal grass catcher for side discharge options.

Ultimately, buying a catcher could be a better investment than spending more minutes raking grass or even buying a new mower with a built-in catcher attachment.


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