Best Aerator attachment for zero turn in 2024

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Find the best aerator attachment for zero turn for your needs below..

Zero turns are outrageously good. There’s zero debate about it!

But, and this is really frustrating, your lawn will never be the prettiest on the block, no matter how hard your Zero Turn tries, if the soil beneath it is compacted.

Amazingly, your Z-Turn mower could be the perfect antidote to the compressed soil choking your turf (and your lawn savior)….

The catch? You must pair it with an aerator attachment for zero turn that knows how to puncture highly compacted soils to create room for air to circulate, roots to expand, and water to penetrate much deeper.


You can still be the proud owner of the cutest lawn from sea to shining sea!

Read on to find that magical aerator attachment for zero turn for your large yard needs and budget.

Here are our top recommendations and helpful tips.

Aerator attachment for zero turn – the products you can trust

We will tell you the Zero turn each model is compatible with, the aeration method (plug or spike), working width, and more.

Brinly Tow Behind Plug Aerator, 40-Inch (PA-40BH)- budget option

Brinly aerators have often trounced the competition thanks to their results-first engineering.

And now Brinly has custom engineered this 40-inch beast of a plug aerator for Zero turns.

Take this to the bank: The Brinly PA-40BH aerator is what any insanely compacted garden needs to flourish and shine again.

It’s sturdy, pulls and throws up to 3” plugs out (for a faster job), and is fairly easy to put together.

Which Zero turns does this work well with?

You’ll be happy to hear this: This can be towed from behind virtually all zero turn mowers (comes with a Universal pin hitch).

Summary of features

Aeration Method


Plug (the hollow tines penetrates the dirt to pull plugs of soil out)
Working Width


40 inches


Weight tray holding capacity


150 lbs


24 heat-treated 16-ga steel core_plug spoons




No flat tires (10-inch) for easy mobility



  • The heavy duty steel construction guarantees many years of aeration.
  • Connects quickly and easily to any zero turn mower.
  • Fantastic price.


  • The assembly instructions can clearly be better.

What else should you know?

The 40-inch width works perfectly for the tightest spots even in reverse when trying to aerate those difficult little corners.

Plus, there’s a lever to help you raise/lower the tines when crossing over driveways and sidewalks.

Pro-Tip: Add some concrete blocks (or cinder blocks) for maximum penetration when aerating harder surfaces.

Agri fab 40 in spike aerator 45 0544best spike aerator attachment for zero turn

A zero turn and this Agri fab  Spike Aerator is truly a match made in heaven.
In fact, this could be the best gift for a lawn that is anything but eye-catching, despite your best efforts to fight soil compaction.

We were most impressed by the 2.5 in puncture depth (maximum) even in heavy clay soils along with the 40” working width.

That it makes pretty precise turns when towed by a zero turn tractor makes it an even more exceptional find.

Which Zero turns is this built for?

Well, more good news: You can tow this aerator attachment for lawn mower with any zero turn with a standard hitch plate on the back (is there a zero turn without this these days?).

Summary of features

Aerate Method


Spike (Spike disks slices the ground to force soil to make way )
Working Width


40 inches


Weight tray capacity




10 Galvanized steel spike disks; Folding hitch (for easier storage); Easy-to-use single lever (to engage the transport mode)




Flat-free roll everywhere tires (7 inch)



  • Works nicely.
  • Very well made.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It may be necessary for the knives to go a little deeper than this can manage on some grounds.

What else should you know?

The company is very confident of the quality of the product and actually offers a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Pro-Tip: Like all spike aerator zero turn attachments, this is most ideal for light and moderately compacted soils.

Agri-Fab  Tow Plug Aerator -48-Inch- best for the largest yards


Back to Agri fab.

Now, get this plug aerator if your huge yard has a messy underlying soil structure and you want an aerator attachment for zero turn that makes the soil breathe in no time.

The 48-inch width combined with, listen to this, 32 self-sharpening knives make this the best bet for large yards.

And with the three knife sections rotating independent of each other, the aerator covers larger swathes even while turning.

And oh, the knives slice up to 3” deep for thorough aeration.

Which Zero turns do we recommend this for?

Well, the universal hitch means the plug aerator can be easily hooked up to any zero turn.

Summary of features

Aerate Method


Working Width


48 inches


Weight tray capacity


175 lbs.


Heavy-gauge steel deck (and draw bar); 32 Galvanized self-sharpening knives; 3 independently-rotating welded knife sections;

an easy aerator raising-and-lowering transport handle you can reach from the operator’s seat




9 ¾” x 2 ¾” Flat-free Heavy Duty Wheels



  • Super sharp spikes.
  • All heavy metal construction.
  • Easy to knock soil plugs out thanks to the open design knives.


  • Takes ups quire some space in garage.

What else should you know about this lawn aerator?

The cutters are exceptionally sharp and you should be cautious when working around them.

On the other hand, that is a huge advantage when it comes to the aeration chore because they slice through hard ground like a hot knife through butter.

Pro-Tip: Look up the video instruction guide on YouTube for a more straightforward assembly of this aerator for mower. Also consider asking a friend to help to quicken the process.

Final remarks

Well, eliminating the compaction that is suffocating your lawn might be easier than you think.

All you have to do is pick an aerator attachment for zero turn that best serves your needs.

Of course, it’s definitely better than paying $300+ to a landscaper to aerate your yard every year.

Plus, it takes you closer to your dream of owning the most luscious lawn ever.

Your turn now..



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