Samsung dryer moisture sensor test and Samsung moisture sensor dryer troubleshooting

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Now, one of the common causes of poor drying performance when it comes to your Samsung dryer is a bad dryer moisture sensor – it typically causes the dryer to stop too early (with your clothes still damp).

And often the solution is replacing the part – though you can try to clean it first since sometimes issues occur due to accumulated lint crap.

But here is the thing: if cleaning it does not help and you are considering swapping out the moisture sensor, you will want to be sure that it is actually bad.

And that’s where a Samsung dryer moisture sensor test comes in.

So, how do you test the moisture sensor?

Read on to learn how to perform Samsung dryer moisture sensor test (step-by-step).

Samsung dryer moisture sensor test (How to tell if the sensors are bad)

So, how do you know when a moisture sensor is bad?

Now, there is a basic test that can help you verify if a dryer moisture sensor is working or not.

And the good news is that the test is pretty simple…it’s more of a visual test rather than something technical like doing a continuity check.

So here is how I usually tell if a sensor has gone out..

The sensor bars (remember there are typically two moisture sensor bars in your dryer) can usually get caught on something and ripped out.

They can also get a bit of lint coating on them over time (if this is what I’m seeing I first try to clean them and I only get new ones if cleaning does not get the dryer to begin drying clothes fine again).

In short, I do a visual inspection of the two bars (of course, each looks like a piece of metal) and look for signs that it could be damaged.

But as I have told you above, you might notice other things… it could even turn out that there is an old dryer sheet that is stuck to the sensor bars, causing the dryer to malfunction.

And here you only need to remove the sheet to have it work again.

Now, if everything else appears okay, you probably have a faulty moisture sensor.

Quick Note: Try using the timed dry rather than sensor dry settings and see if the dryer will work- if so, then that can be another sign that the sensor is having serious issues.

Samsung dryer moisture sensor test – an alternative way of  testing the sensor bars

Turn the dryer on then set it to “normal press” and hold  the Mixed Load Bell + Temp for about 3 seconds.

Your dryer should give a beep sound. Once it does that, press and hold onto the “Temp” and “Time” button simultaneously for approx. 6 seconds. The display should now say 0.

Next open the door then put your hand right over the moisture sensor bar- the display should go up to 1. You then take it off. Now it should go back to 0,.

In a nutshell, it should keep switching between 0 and 1 when you place your hand off/on the unit.

So, when are the bars faulty?

If the display is not changing to 1, then try to clean the bars.

You may also want to check the sensor bars connection(it can be  disconnected or loose).

Don’t forget the sensor bars usually connect to their own plug (this goes to another plug -at the  side of the dryer drum- then goes back to the main control board).

If all that looks good, make sure the vent/exhaust going outside is completely clear as well.


A word about cleaning the moisture sensor

If your dryer stops after a few minutes or seconds, you most likely have a dirty moisture sensor.

So, how do you fix this?

Well, your best bet is to clean the moisture sensor.

In the following section, we will look at how you do this.


Samsung dryer moisture sensor location

In Samsung dryers, the moisture sensor is, for the most part, located at the front of your dryer drum on the filter housing.


Samsung dryer moisture sensor cleaning -How to clean Samsung dryer moisture sensor

Here’s how to access and clean the bars.

  1. Turn off your dryer and unplug from the power outlet.
  2. Open the dryer’s door and remove the lint filter.
  3. Remove the screws securing the lint filter housing.
  4. Lift up the housing and disconnect the wires attached to the housing.
  5. Fully remove the housing and look for two parallel and similar bars that look like the ones below.

samsung dryer moisture sensor manual


  1. Using a small screwdriver, ply out the sensors.
  2. To clean the sensors, rub some mild soap on the bars and clean well with a slightly dump piece of cloth. While at this, you should also take the time to clean your lint filter.
  3. Put back the moisture sensors and reconnect the wires.
  4. Screw back the lint filter housing and insert your lint filter.
  5. Finally, plug in your dryer and see if this fixes it.

Below is YouTube video demonstrating the above instructions


When to replace the moisture sensor bars

Needless to say, if cleaning does not fix your dryer, you should consider replacing the moisture sensor.

With that in mind, we recommend the genuine OEM Samsung moisture sensor for dryers.

Note that this part is sold as one so if you want to replace both sensor bars, make sure to order 2 of them.

Additional installation instructions

When installing sensor bars, simply follow the steps above all the way to step 7.

Then in step 8, swap the old sensors with the new sensors.

You will find it quite easy – it should take you around 5 to 10 minutes.


What else can you try if changing out the sensors does not work?

De-activate “Wrinkle Prevent” button

If you have replaced the sensor bars and the dryer still won’t stop acting up, check if the Wrinkle Prevent button could be depressed.

You see, when the “Wrinkle Prevent” option is activated (pressed ON), it will extend the cycle by 90 minutes.

And that can make your dryer not to end the dry cycle automatically when it has finished drying clothes.

So you may want to check and then turn off the Wrinkle Prevent Button (if it is ON).


Samsung dryer moisture sensor test – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can you use a dryer without moisture sensor?

Well, it is not recommended and I believe your dryer could throw an error code if no moisture sensor is installed.

In fact, the sensor dry function won’t work correctly if the sensors are not connected(there will be no way of telling the timer that clothes are not dry when you put them in).

In other words, it would be in your best interest to try cleaning or replacing the sensor.


Can a bad moisture sensor cause the dryer to start running for a few seconds then stop then start again?

No, that is not a common moisture sensor problem though it makes sense to try cleaning the 2 metal sensors- you can do that with a dish wash sponge(the rough side) and see if it will do the trick.



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