Samsung dryer won’t turn off [Fixed!]

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Appliances do malfunction and the good thing is that sometimes it’s just an easy-to-identify fault causing the malfunction.

And that is pretty much the case if your Samsung dryer won’t turn off after finishing drying –  the causes of the problem are, for the most part, relatively easy to isolate and fix.

So with that in mind, below are the possible reasons why your Samsung dryer won’t turn off automatically and the recommended repairs for every single one of them.

Let’s dive in!

Samsung dryer won’t turn off – why it won’t power off unless you open the door or unplug it and recommended fixes

Below we will look at the most common root causes of the issue from the most likely to the least likely along with their suggested solutions


Check to see if the wrinkle prevention is on

Now, you should know that if you have activated your wrinkle prevent cycle, what will happen is that your dryer will continue running for approximately 90 minutes-80 minutes(after the normal cycle).

So because you want your dryer to turn off, you will need to check if the wrinkle-prevent option is on and deactivate it.


The motor relay is stuck

If it stops acting up after you unplug the dryer and plug it back(in), then there’s a decent chance it’s a stuck relay(on the main PCB).

The first thing you can try is whack the motor relay(on the control) to get it unstuck.

To be clear, you just grab a screwdriver and smack the relay by the handle side(of your screwdriver)…

And be careful…do not be too hard-you will be sort of tapping it (with a screwdriver) with no power on.

You might get lucky and have it resume functioning as it should since it is the relay that gets stuck in, leading to the problem(The relay could be stuck in-the on position).

Does it work?

Well, on the whole, tapping the relay tends to be just a temporary fix- it will make the dryer work fine for only a little while but there’s a high chance it’ll get stuck once again in the future

So, what next?

Now, the next thing you can try is replacing the relay (on the board), which is not a difficult job if you understand how to solder.

Otherwise, you can take it to a convenient electronics repair place and have them remove the troubled relay and solder a replacement in its place


The PCB is bad

Here is the bitter truth: If your Samsung only stops when you open the door opens (and then begins to run again when you shut the door), then you’re most likely looking at a bad PCB (motherboard).

Yeah, that is the commonest reason why these appliances starts ‘refusing’ to stop (it keeps tumbling instead of shutting off after clothes are dry).

Recommended fix

You might eventually need to change out the PCB…

Okay….I know it can sound intimidating if you’re not that mechanically inclined but you need not be..


One, because the control is quite easy to access- It’s generally a couple of Phillips headscrews on the console(towards the rear)

Secondly, since it is a super common repair for the issue, there are several YouTube videos to help to do it (Go to YouTube then search for a good one).

Shop Samsung dryer replacement main control board


Before you order a replacement….

But here is the thing…it is not always that the PCB will have gone out so try the following before replacing the part..

Double check your dryer’s main control board

I recommend you double check the PCB first- you want to be sure it has no loose connections.

In fact, I suggest that you unhook all the cables (once you find the PCB) and hook them back up before anything else.

I recommend so because I have seen cases where the fault is due to loose connections and connecting them properly has solved the problem


Samsung dryer won’t turn off -FAQs

Why does my Samsung dryer keep running when I close the door?

There are a few very common reasons why your dryer keeps running even when you close the door.

As seen earlier, these are:

  • A stuck motor relay(on the PCB)- it can be stuck in the ON position and you need to try and smack it (to unstick it)
  • A bad PCB- the best fix is replacing the PCB with a compatible part.


How do I reset my Samsung dryer that won’t stop running?

Now, the first thing you should do is turn off the circuit breaker and then after a few seconds turn it back on.

Alternative reset procedure:

Carefully unplug the dryer from power and wait about 10-15 seconds then plug the dryer back into power.


Final thoughts

In this article, we have tackled almost all the reasons why your dryer won’t turn off and how to troubleshoot the appliance.

Remember that if you still have your owners manual, it can have some extra troubleshooting tips in there so check it too.

That said, many times it is a motor relay that is stuck/shorted out or main board issue.


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